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    I have been reading these posts since page 147 in one of those older post someone one had mentioned serial numbers. I had an iPhone for 2 hours when I went to update it to 6.01 and it went into recovery mode and neither apple support or the Walmart employee could get it out. Walmart replaced the phone. I happen to get a phone with the Serial Number that the guy had mentioned was good. I was not going to upgrade again to 6.01 I admit it I was afraid to. Now with 6.02 out I have read many post here that it has not helped that in fact some of you it has made things worse. I have had zero problems with my second phone ( although I do think it is slow) but it does find all Wifi. I am still running 6.0 not upgrading to new software until they fix whatever it is that is going on. I must say I am very disappointed that Apple has not said a word. I did fire off emails to all the major news stations when pages reached 167 pages and said you guys need to look into this. How many of you with iphone 5's are having problems. I never heard back from one! 


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    Wow mention an attorney and your post gets edited by the host interesting!

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    Personally, this issue was very frustrating and I think Apple does not fully understand what batch of phones are effected (and how). However, in their defence, I did go to an Apple Store and they gave me a free replacement phone. If I had an issue with another brand phone, I would expect my phone whould be sent off for repairs for a week. (That has happend to me for a Window mobile device before). So I tend to judge companies on what they do when you go to them with a problem. FYI, I have also read that Samsung have had a similar issue with some of their phones, not sure if they give their customer free replacements.

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    Going into an Apple Store and getting a replacement phone works great if you live in a city or even a country with an Apple Store but it doesn't work for millions of the rest of us.


    My worry now is if Samsung had the same problem with the same WIFI chip then we have a bug that cannot be fixed with software. We are unfortunately now stuck with broken phones. Apple hardware dept will have switched focus to the 5S and that will be the fix but those of us with the 5 and multi year cell contracts are doomed.


    Also as others have observed, and I have experienced, Apple are censoring complaints on this forum. Thousands have already complained but who knows how many others have just been deleted. If Apple put half as much time into testing the iPhone 5 as they do censoring complaints then we wouldn't be here complaining.


    On a side note Happy 2013, may it bring us the iPhone 5 we paid for, not the one we turned on.

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    I have had 3 comments removed. It's grand taking pictures with my iPad ! Wink wink

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    Wifi connects properly but when I turn off the screen it losses connection. When I turn on screen it reconnects but no data transfer. I have to turn on and off wifi again and again. I registered for iTunes got charged without my permission and their is nothing in the purchase list. I got the phone 8 days ago.

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    My iPad4 has two bars of wifi and my iPhone 4 has two bars wifi, but my iPhone 5 cannot even see the wifi signal. Wifi does work on the iPhone 5, but I have to be close to the router.  Looks like the same problem as everyone else. I have the latest iOS update. I suppose the only solution is getting it replaced?

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    As many other users I too have serious problems with the Iphone5 WiFi. As my by telenet Issuid cablerouter has double functionalities, a private wireless network with WEP2/WPA encryption and a sepatared homespot (free acces - part of distributed homspotsystem Telenet), I can only see the networks being in the same room as the router, connecting only succeeds to the homespot when being in a range of less dan 2 meters. Connections isn't as it should be (not stable - connection loss as discribed by many other users).

    Error message : unable to connect to the wireless network.


    Previously I had a Iphone4S borrowed from my company wthich had no problems at all.


    Iphone recieved 3 weeks ago - iOS 6.02 installed as soon as is was available (didn't solve the problem !!)

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    Ok, so after a few days of reading this thread and 'messing' I have come to the conclusion that it is the presence of a phone cover/case which causes the poor wifi signal. I have tested the phone with cover in the same room as the wireless AP and the download speeds were what I expected. The same test in another room with cover and download speeds very poor. Taking the cover off in the same room and repeating the test got good results with speeds as I would expect.


    I did similar cover on cover off tests around the house and got the same results. Phone is fine without cover on!


    So Apple, what are you going to do about this? Is it a software fix (I believe it must be as phone has been ok until recently)?


    Taking cover off to post this message!

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    You have to laugh....


    The antenna gate fix was Apple offering free cases!!

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    Now i know what the problem is , data is stopping if u try to stream a video u will see that its loading fast at the begning but then suddnly it stop and it move like snail after that because data trying to recover but it slow as **** when it start over again

    guess thats what happening with downloading app and no problem at checking tiny stuff like photos etc

    the problem is known now but i hope its software problem

    because i don't have apple store near me or any country close to where i live


    For the love of god apple repair this am losing faith already .

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    @gazrose  I had the same issue with the case on my first iPhone5. However, I now have a new iPhone5 and the case is no longer an issue. Now getting full speed with and without a case - zero drop in signal. I suggest you run a test with another iPad or iPhone to compare speeds (possibly also try one with an old iOS). Try the room next to your router (ie. have one wall between you and the router). If your iPhone5 is not getting the same speed as the other device, I believe you have a hardware issue. The case may just be making an underlying problem worse - as seen with my first iPhone5.

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    On my iPhone 5 I reset the network settings and then entered the wifi password again. It seems to be working right now.


    My wifi router is at the back of the house, on one side  At the front of the house (on the other side) is the room I have difficulty with, The main problem is that it is an old house, over 110 years old and the walls are thick and solid. However my iPad4 gets two bars signal, my iPad3 couldn't get a signal at all. My wife's iPhone4 gets one bar and up to very recently my iPhone5 could get any signal.  Now it does, alebit only only one bar.


    My daughter's iPhone 4 gets 1 bar, my son in law's iPhone4S gets two bars, my sister in law's iPhone4 gets two bars...


    I am begining to think it simply depends on the individual phone. While they all should work the same, it appears that they don't!

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    i have same problem with my iphone 5 in Romania i don`t what to do in this case  i tried all  update router...reset all...again and again...  iphone 4S work fine   Apple what are you doing now ?

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    i have same problem with my iphone 5 in Romania i don`t what to do in this case  i tried all  update router...reset all...again and again...  iphone 4S work fine   Apple what are you doing now ?