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  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    LookIn123: Refund without the purchased period, repair or replacement/refurbished that is normal for apple products. I'd be surprised if you ever got a new one for replacement


    After you device repair, you might want to check the Serial Number to ensure its still under warranty incase they dont update it aganist your records with them


  • LookIn123 Level 1 Level 1

    That is not the point... Point is you are buying brand new phone and that phone has issue due to something wrong in manufacturing process or design process, I don't know what is wrong but something is wrong.... and you will be getting refub product as replacement? This is not acceptable... I would have return it but AT&T is not letting me to return b'c I am out of my return window by few days. Come on don't say us that refub is common for Apple products. Refub is Refub and New is New... If issue is in Hardware than why should I take refub product. This is not the issue generated by my usage but it's build time issue and don't say me to accept refub product for build time issue... It need to replace with brand new only.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    If you can prove some kind of design fault or otherswise in their manufacturing process, Apple would have a major law suite up their backside or something simliar or when they wedre giving out cases for the antennae issue.


    Will Apple give everyone a WiFi device that can guarantee 100 satisfaction ?, doubt it..


    As a consumer you are entitled to a REFUND with a period of time pending contract and your countries laws on the matter.


    Otherwise indeed its a simple replacement with a Refurb. I recently spent over $3000 on Iphone 5's to only experience nothing but inconveniences, i'd personally would be happy to revert back to Iphone 4S with IOS5 anytime


    It sounds like you're a personal consumer for the product, how would companies feel when they use their Tech Funds to invest in hi-tech funds, then later discover they have potential WiFi Issues, try explaining that to a company.


    All in all we're in the same boat, nothing we can do.


    As for the person who said its only happening to a small few out there ?, shows how short-sighted you are for making that comment.


    Im up to a TOTAL of around 6 Iphone 5's bought out-right that are an inconvenience to my company having to tweak around my WiFi devices to get the things workings. I must be getting all the bad batch phones then am i ?. What ever has IOS 6 is less compatible than IOS5.


    I'd like to place a bet somehow if we could ever have Iphone 5 with a choice of IOS5 and see how compatible that would be


    Im over offering tips,suggestions, work-arounds etc i think we've all covered them collectively.


    Im posting facts on the matter we all simply deal with, unless someone has a Hi-Profile lawyer in their pocket who thinks we all might have a standing chance to give Apple a kick up the back side.


    Then again, by the time that happends, Iphone 6 with IOS6 will be out and all problems resolved

  • lemtwo Level 1 Level 1

    I just wanted to let you all know, the replacement iPhone I got today fixed my problems entirely.  I can now join the networks that were not working before and performance seems to be improved on the networks that were functional as well.  Diagnosing this problem is tough because the symptoms are not totally clear.  There seems to be both a hardware problem and a software problem going on here.  Good luck to you all!

  • DJNY Level 1 Level 1

    Don't let your imagination run away with you. You can hypothesize all you want about 'so many more people who are affected but don't know it." That doesn't make it true. Have you actualy counted how few people there are on this thread? There are 157 unique user names, all of who have posted multiple times (usually just complaints). Likewise, the number of views doesn't tell you anything about the size of the problems.


    Seriously folks, just because YOU are affected by a problem doesn't make it widespread. That simply is not the case.

  • gazrose Level 1 Level 1

    3 people in my office of 10 have a business iPhone5....2 of the 3 have the same wifi issue which seems to have appeared overnight (the 3rd user is on vacation and so we don't know if he's got the issue too). Similar symptoms (poor wifi signal) no matter what AP we connect to (home, office, starbucks).


    I'd say that's a pretty solid and 'widespread' issue.


    The question is, do we wait for an Apple software update? (you don't need to answer that)

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    gazrose : Add my staff members of 6 Iphone 5's that i had to downgrade my Netgear Firmware just to get them working


    Add Iphone 4S with IOS 6 of about 4 thus far. Ive tallied about 10 affected so far and on the provision my staff dont upgrade to IOS 6 like ive told them not to, i shouldnt be getting any more issues.


    Just to top it off, i have my MD who went on a trip over-seas, comes back with a Samsung Galaxy 3 shortly after the IOS 6 upgrade caused dramas and he loves to give me a smiling grin that his got no issues and happy he left Apple and made a switch.


    Suffice to say, when Iphone 6 is released, i will be maintaining my current firmwares, then testing the Iphone 6 with the latest firmware on my WiFi devices. If it fails, then thats my last straw with Apple products period.


    I'll be moving to Nexus, Galaxy or looking at Windows Surface solutions as possible alternatives.

  • Flying Pelican Level 1 Level 1

    I finally gave in and purchased a wi-fi range extender (repeater) in order to get wi-fi reception on 4 iPhone 5's throughout the entire house, even though all of our other Apple wi-fi devices were able to work without needing the extender.


    Does anybody have wifi range issues with the iPhone 5 when using the Airport Extreme as a wi-fi router?  I tried 2 different brand routers and saw no significant increase in wi-fi reception in the iPhone 5's.


    Apple might just have accepted that wi-fi performance was going to be worse in the iPhone 5 vs. the iPhone 4s as a compromise to achieve better battery life, smaller size, LTE capability, etc.

  • Laurent Martin Level 1 Level 1

    Flying Pelican wrote:


    I finally gave in and purchased a wi-fi range extender (repeater) in order to get wi-fi reception on 4 iPhone 5's throughout the entire house, even though all of our other Apple wi-fi devices were able to work without needing the extender.


    I've done the same: using a wifi ranger extender (TP-Link tl-wa830re, My iPhone5 and iPad Mini are now working much better all around the house, even if I wouldn't call it a real fix, as the fix should come from Apple not from any other firm IMHO.


    If it's not working for you, ensure that your iDevice connect through the extender, not the Airport.


    Unfortunately, this has created a new problem for me: my ISP router (Freebox Revolution in France, not an Airport router) is compatible with the Airplay/Airmedia technology but I'm not able to use it anymore as soon as I connect through the extender. The icon on my iDevice which let me choose where I want to send the sound disappears when I connect through the extender and re-appears as soon as I reconnect directly to the ISP router (but this means that I have to stay in a very short range of the router if I want to get an acceptable download speed!). Any clue with this?

  • Russ T Level 1 Level 1

    DJNY wrote:



    Seriously folks, just because YOU are affected by a problem doesn't make it widespread. That simply is not the case.

    Fair enough but who are you - the self-appointed voice of reason? All I've seen that you've "contributed" to this forum is rebuking people for their posts. If you're frustrated by people voicing their frustrations, theories (conspiracy or otherwise), possible fixes, and/or anecdotes then do yourself a favor and stop following this thread! Sersiouly - do you have nothing better to do than troll?

  • Fadie Level 1 Level 1



    There is nothing imagined about this issue.  It is very much wide spread when the majority ( 80 to 90 percent ) of iPhone 5s I have seen have some type of persistent wifi issue.

  • Jameson! Level 1 Level 1

    I'm guessing the real answer is somewhere in between.   I manage the wireless program for my company and have about 25 i5's in the hands of users, plus my wife and I both have them.   On 6.02, nobody is reporting wifi issues, but that doesn't mean that some of them may not be having them.   If the problem were with 80-90% of phones, I would certainly be hearing about it.

  • John Capra Level 1 Level 1

    Gentlemen, with all due respect, its not really important how many people beyond this thread (and the 'wifi greyed out' thread for that matter) are impacted as there is already critical mass validating that this is a real thing and needs to be resolved. Speculating on the blast radius is just noise getting in the way of progress at this point.

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    I'm having pretty the same problem everyone of you is describing my iPhone 5 has strong signal i mean router is like in the hallway 6 meters from my room and yet i get 1,67mb download speed and 0,96 upload speed... when my laptop has 17mb download speed and 4mb upload speed ..... so what's the problem i can't understand do i really have to change my router configuration from wpa/wpa2 to wep i mean to much lower security level will it help and why is iPhone 4 or 4s working fine on wpa and wpa2 ? Or do i have to go to apple store and ask them to change my iPhone for a new one.... i thought iOS 6.02 will fix this issue but it didn't fix anything at all ....

  • claralex00 Level 1 Level 1

    I have upgrade ios 6.0.2  has only worsened. first everything worked well. Iphone 5