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    Im having the same issues with a iPhone 5 64GB (white) and its just to much money to live with these kind of WiFi issues. I've tried everything suggested and tomorrow I'm visiting a Apple store to try and get a replacement unit.


    I hope that will be a pleasent experience without to much argument.

  • mikeua69 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been having wifi issues since I bought my phone on the 27th.  At home my connection is spotty and I usually can download at 2-3mbs, while my wife's Droid gets 15-20Mbs.  Also, at my work, the phone connects, but I get no data at all.  I went to the apple store, and my phone connected fine to their wifi and downloaded around 20mbs, so they didn't know what they problem was.  This is really frustrating.

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    Hello all,


    I went to the Apple Store in Montreal with this problem (wi-fi not picking up, the iphone 5 stays on 3G or LTE and never switches to wifi, at workplace, home and big public Libray network.  Network and wifi were working perfectly at the store but still, they gave me a brand new phone (the first one was only 10 days old) and when I got back home, same problem occured (Videotron phone-data-tv modem) with D-Link wi-fi router. Athough the iMac, iPod touch and iPhone 4 are all able to use the wifi, my out-of-the-store iPhone 5 fails to do the same.


    I am now in the country, and the wifi is working here.  I am on Roger's wireless phone-internet modem with WPA config. And supprinsingly, here I am using my old Pc, on Vista, both equipments see the WiFi.


    It's the same phone, I changed nothing at all, didn't even do a reset, it just doesn't respond in the same way to different networks, downtown Montreal and in the country...  How more impossible to solve can this get?

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    1. I had the same problem with my iphone5 not connecting to wifi at home and at work.

    2. I went to apple store today and they exhcange my iphone5 with a new one. According to the guy at the genius bar it's new and not refurbished. He told me to test the new iphone5 for 2 days without putting back my back up on the phone so I can isolate the issue.

    3. Let's wait and see then...

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    Mine worked for 5 days and suddenly stopped today, the only way it will connect is if I stand right by the router and even then it says its connected but doesnt actually work, anywhere else in the house it just says 'unable to connect' its driving me insane and as its new its going back tomorrow for a replacement, however, worried its going to happen again ;-(

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    So I got my iPhone 5 (AT&T 32 gb black) on December 26th. A week later, I got my third phone today and still having connection issues. It loses my wifi signal in lower level of home, goes to LTE then back to wifi if it feels like it, whereas my iPhone 4 never did. I am done, I am returning for a refund tomorrow. Not sure if I will get the next iPhone. And besides, the only real difference I notice from the ip4 is a taller screen, not good enough for 300 bucks if you ask me. Siri is fun, but I see no problem still using my ip4 at this time. This is a hardware issue, not software. Hope this helps people. Thanks.

  • Paul Derby Level 1 Level 1 (120 points)



    It would not be surprising if the WiFi authentication problems happen again.  Some combination of situations tied to power management and data buffer overruns seems to mess up the phone's non-volatile memory.  Hopefully, enough phones have been returned and shipped to the engineering staff that they can isolate the problem and produce a permanent fix.





    If you go to an Apple store to show them your problem, have the "genius" connect to the private network in the store that is for employee use.  That uses WPA2 authentication and AES encryption.  That combination appears to be a big part of the problem.  Wide open, public networks, that don't do authentication seem to work most of the time...


    Thanks to those of you that have swapped your phones so that Apple has phones available with the "problems" they can use to isolate and reproduce the problem.  Apple has never conspired or schemed or desired to deliver anything less than solid products.  Providing problematic iPhones to Apple with will help get all the problems isolated and a solid fix generated.


    The WiFi Org develops the test criteria and certifies vendor devices that are compliant.  The Apple iPhone 5 was certified as can be viewed at this web site:

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    Same issues as described here - went to Genius Bar 3 days ago and they updated to 6.0.2 - still trying to restore via icloud, but staying attached to home wifi is still a challenge.  Just removed the case after reading the article on Gizmodo and it reconnected right away - fingers crossed I can get the restore completed before I go back to the store again and demand a replacement device.

  • electronicsguy Level 2 Level 2 (190 points)

    what kind of case were you using?

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    6.0.2 is not fixing the wifi it became worse..... not connecting to any wifi.. none at home and at work..

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    Griffin 605324-PFBK Protector Case for iPhone 5 - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Black

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    I Went to the original retailer and exchanged by phone for a new one. Home wifi seems to be working better. I will try my work wifi tomorrow. I also tried removing my case on the old phone and still had issues

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    I have just joined this pathetic club.  I've had my iPhone 5 for almost 2 weeks, running iOS 6.0.2.  Everything was fine until 2 days ago.  Then, it decided not to automatically connect to my home network, but would connect when selected.  Now I can't connect to my home router unless I'm within 5 feet of it, and sometimes get no data, though I'm connected.  The phone has no problem with the one public network I use.  Of course, my iPhone 4, which I still have, connects just fine and flies, as does my iPad 2, still on iOS 5.1.1.  My iPad mini seems OK so far, but I don't use it nearly so much as my phone.  One more odd thing is that in my router's attached devices list, the phone shows up, but only as a mac address, no name and no IP address, but that could be a fluke of the router.


    Have tried:

    Reset Network Settings

    Forget This Network

    enter network settings manually

    reboot router (didn't think that would help)

    set router channel to Auto

    set phone Proxy to Auto

    cleared Safari cache & history


    At the moment, things have improved in that I have connectivity, but I've turned off cellular, and haven't left the vicinity of the router.  Will see what happens from the other end of the house, where the iPhone 4 is sitting now, nicely connected, as usual.

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    I Had the same issue with my phone only showing up with the MAC address. I tried manually adding the IP address and it didn't help

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 Level 3 (855 points)

    I just did that too, with mixed results.