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  • michiko87 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've tried everything I could to reset network and to forget network. It is still not working. I tried to reset my modem it connects like 5mins and DC. My ip4 at home still working properly with wifi. Please apple you have to resolve this as we are your kind supporters.

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 (855 points)

    I have a low end router that I got for travel.  It's a breeze to set up, so I may just give it a try when I have a chance.

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 (855 points)

    michiko87 - No point in talking to Apple, as they don't read the user forums, but you can send them feedback:

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    Sk8Dreams : Welcome to WiFi Failure. its a shame you didnt read my New Years Resolution post advising everyone to NOT upgrade to IOS 6 due to these issues. If ALL was working on IOS 5 and now no longer working, its simply due to your Wifi device no longer communicating correctly with IOS 6.


    Try upgrading/downgrading firmware, if it fails, then you're stuck like everyone else


    The only solution to to buy a new WiFi device OR maybe wait till Iphone 6 or IOS 6 comes out and hope for the best

  • michiko87 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks ill try to do that too

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    Hey guys. I have a recommendation I ran across today when my wifi router went belly up this afternoon. Not just with iPhone but entire wifi network could not be contacted from any device. During my troubleshooting and after reflashing and restoring the firmware/router I ran across a few  items. One lots of folks have mentioned their particular DLINK routers randomly stop broadcasting wifi but wired works fine. Long story short what I finally figured out was if I left the channel width as the default 20mhz it started working. My device has always been on wireless g/n mode with Auto 20/40 mhz channel width.  I  had changed to auto 20/40 way back when. Once it was back working my bandwidth increased on all my devices as well, Also now I get the best results ever with my iPhone 4s.


    That lead me to further research regarding wifi settings and such that I had just taken for granted. Apparently the 40mhz channel width in the 2.4 ghz band creates total chaos when there are other wifi ,bluetooth cordless phones etc such as in a suburban neighborhood. I have probably 15 neighboring wifi networks around me. Anyway Apples document, explains in simple terms (see channel width section).There are more extensive documents available further explaining the whole deal. Anyway I would recommend you guys take a look at your routers to verify you are set to 20mhz channel width only if using the 2.4ghz wifi band. This is less of an issue in the 5ghz range but still could impact if close to others.


    As I said iI have been running that way for a while and maybe 2 times prior had the same issues and rebooting and reflashing and fooling with the router for an hour or two seemed to resolve it (not sure why really) but today nothing worked until I made that change (on two different routers too) I pulled my spare after about 45 min and it would not work either. Then when I stumbled on that I tested with my spare and sure enough whenever I set it to Auto 20/40 i could no longer see it in the list of networks to connect to but when set to 20 mhz it showed up every time.This is probably due to other neighbors getting new wifi routers for christmas or more powerful routers and we are all stepping on toes now in the crowded 2.4ghz space. Hopefully this will help some of you out there.

  • SLAVKOiPhone Level 1 (0 points)

    That's what I forgot to mention; the WiFi's security was off whenever I used the 2Mbps WiFi router. 


    But, who wants to keep their WiFi router turned-on without security in an apartment building?  Or having people park in front of their house for some free 250Mbps high-speed internet? 

    (It exists: ckages&Pricing&gclid=CNm7ldLrzbQCFQpgMgodemwA2g)


    Turning the WiFi router ON&OFF as needed might me a temp remedy, and a practice Internet Service Providers of rental WiFi routers would love to see happen, since their units will not burn out as fast because renters will no longer continuously have the WiFi router turned-on to heat the place.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    sbailey4: That article is a good refresher for those who are not aware, however for my case my WiFi WAP device only have the 2.4Ghz range as per below



    1 2.412

    2 2.417

    3 2.422

    4 2.427

    5 2.432

    6 2.437

    7 2.442

    8 2.447

    9 2.452

    10 2.457

    11 2.462


    13 2.472


    Mine is set to 13 at the moment, however as per the 2.4GHZ section with its comment below

    "In addition, choosing a subset of the available modes may cause interference with nearby legacy networks, and may cause nearby legacy devices to interfere with your network."


    I was pretty sure i went through all these in testing, BUT i will go back to AUTO on my NetGear WG102 device running V5.0.1 firmware to see if my Iphone 5 connects still, then i'll UPGRADE my firmware to 5.03 back to normal and i'll get back to a response shortly

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    Sorry, i just reconfirmed from my initial findings after adjusting channel settings and firmware, still no luck. Maybe good for others to be reminded that its a suggestion to run at 2.4Ghz

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    SLAVKOiPhone : If you ever run out of download, should come to my complex, 4 unsecured wireless networks to choose from, free to download at your hearts content


    Also managed to access the config settings of these WAP devices as well to see whose connected !

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    Shanon.Roberts, okie-dokie!  I was about to use a 2.25 square foot super antenae to catch a fast food restaurant signal.  (It has more square footage than a cell tower antenae and am told it can be used for transmission/reception measured in kilometers, supposedly it was used for urban rural internet)

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 (855 points)

    Shanon - The iPhone 5 comes loaded with iOS 6 and there is no way to go to an earlier version of iOS without jailbreaking.  I did not update the OS on my iPhone 4 because I have been reading this forum for a few years already and have been aware of the various wifi problems.


    One iota of progress - I decided to see if Find iPhone could find the iPhone 5 while on wifi with cellular off.  The answer is NO it could not.  Nor could it find my iPad Mini, also on wifi, no cellular.  Both devices were reported as "offline".  I sent the command to play a sound on both devices, with no result.  I turned on the cellular on the Mini and it was found, and the alert sounded on it.  Doing the same for the iPhone 5 had no result, so I rebooted it, whereupon it was found and sounded the alert. 


    Things are better now on the 5, but still not satisfactory.  While near the router, it is now blazing fast ( shows 11 Mbps down and 8 up).  Moving out of the same room as the router, doesn't even get a ping.  Also interesting is that the 5 now appears in my router's attached devices list with all info, as opposed to just the mac address.  Finally, I used the 5, while on wifi (near the router) to find my iPhone 4, which only has wifi, as it is no longer active with a carrier.  No problem.  So the conclusion I draw from all this is that even though the iPhone 5 shows the wifi symbol and claims to be attached to a network, it is not really, or with some sort of broken linkage, and that happens with a distance of maybe only 10 feet from the router.


    If I have time tomorrow, I'm going to replace my Netgear N300 WNR2000 with a low end engenius that I keep for travel.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    Sk8Dreams : since you pointed out having a Netgear Wifi Device, they are well aware that certain products of theirs are having issues with IOS 6. They might be able to provide work-arounds but no solution.


    My work-around was downgrading my firmware as opposed to tossing out all my Netgear WAP devices in my company.

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 (855 points)

    Shanon.Roberts - That's interesting, and you just gave me an idea. My problem started after I connected thru a Netgear range extender. One of the problems with the range extender is that a device will connect, but then have no access, so we stopped using it. I foolishly turned it on to have a little better signal in my kitchen. I thought of the possibility right away, but I've chased many a coincidental red herring, and figured this was probably another one, but now I'm wondering if some internal setting in my router was altered when the phone went thru the range extender. My iPad mini is also on iOS 6.0.2 and has no problems. I have a backup Netgear N300 WNR2000 that is already configured except for the access list and pass code, so maybe I'll try that one first.

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    Update - I am at work now with my replacement phone and my wifi is working fine.  Getting good speed too - 10-20mbs.  It must have been a phone hardware issue.