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  • German Wiernik1 Level 1 (55 points)

    Your answer is the central point of all this discussion, as I stated in my previous post, is a antenna failure.

  • JimHdk Level 7 (28,340 points)

    mikeua69 wrote:


    I already have checked my router.  Considering that my other five devices work perfectly fine, it's not a router issue. 


    Just because other devices seem to work does not mean your router is golden. The router may have a bug in a section of the IEEE 802.11x standards that your other devices just don't exercise. There are known examples of routers models that have this problem.

  • Athelas loraiel Croatia Level 1 (30 points)

    ffs, Im getting crazy with WiFi problems at home.

    iphone 4, 4s, ipad2 can't connect to app store, intermittenly drop imessage, facetime and home sharing, partialy get home share songs, with messed up authors/albums...

    what the **** is happening?


    Started a week ago mor often, but it was happening constantly after iOS6 upgrade!!!


    I tried all the things recommended...even restored ipad2 as suggested by apple chatline - worked for 10 minutes, then dropped.


    I can't be restoring my devices every day??


    Is anyone from apple even reading this!?

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    Anybody experienced this?

    I've had an iPhone 5 for 3 weeks and it logs in to the secure LAN with no problem (D-Link DIR-644 V: 4A).

    I purchased another 5 for my wife and it too had one problem getting connected to the secure LAN.


    But yesterday after being unable to complete the Message and Facetime validation I reset her phone's network settings as is recommended when such things happen. Now when trying to log on the "unable to connect..." message appears. All other wireless devices have no problem connecting. Plus the Message and Facetime apps never validated.


    So, I turned on the Guest feature on the router with no security and the phone connected with no problem.


    A bit mystifying.

  • JimHdk Level 7 (28,340 points)

    Glenn_Ha wrote:

    How do you tell the companies, shops, airport, hotel, train, trainstations, bus etc. to do this?

    I've never had a problem connecting to any WiFi network I've tried to access with my iPhone 5. This includes restaurants, hotels, book stores, etc.

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    Then you are very lucky mate. Why comment on this thread then? Knob

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    To CIAGP:


    It seems mystifying from an end user, but Paul Derby explained starting on page 204 [to page 208] why it is happening (a little technical for the non-programmers, though).


    I have the same problem as you have experienced, as I mentioned a few pages back when security is enabled (that's when authentication occurs repeatedly; as in, WiFi repeatedly checking your password and then giving the "green light" to continue WiFi router use.  But, each authentication is not the same info, to my understanding of his post). 


    He explains that downloads stop because of the constant rechecking of authentication, possibly due to the old authentication that initiated the download is stored in memory and not removed, and then that useless old info is reused for the next authentication when in fact [from my understanding] a different authentication should be used; thus, stopping the download because your device gave wrong info.  It would mean your WiFi router's security is working.


    Removing this process of re-authentication (secure or locked downloads) eliminates all that extra computer work and hardware needed (and a much faster download, even when security is working and passed).  A non-secure download will download non-stop without having a new security guard walking up to you in the foyer and asking for your new matching authentication every so many MegaBytes.  (I will admit, I have no first hand programming knowledge of what was explained, but I thought of another way of programming secure wireless communications, because of my memory problem).


    If it is a hardware issue then there is another poster (the one Paul Derby replied to) that could also explain the possible communication problem.  The hardware explanations of various possibilities are too technical. But, it seems you don't have a hardware issue.


    Does that help a little in understanding why non-secure WiFi works and Secure WiFi doesn't?



    Slavko Miladinovic

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    I am having the same problem with my iPhone 5 on 6.0.2. My wifi drops after about 5 seconds of use. I have to manually connect each time too. After which, it again only works for a matter of seconds. My router uses WPA2 (both 802.11 N and G) which my 3GS, iPad 1, and 4S all connect to just fine.


    My iPhone 5 had ZERO problems on 6.0 and 6.0.1. Zero problems!! This update doesn't seem to have been thoroughly tested.


    Is Apple or Verizon going to credit my cell data usage bill for this serious problem??

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    Thanks. I agree with Paul. The issue here is securely logging on with password initially and after the network reset "unable to connect..." even on the first attempt - never get beyond this. It sits there and thinks about it then fails 30 secs later.


    I was trying to avoid a complete reset as a new phone because I suspected there was a corrupted chunck of code that needs to be flushed out. Paul has essentially confirmed what I was thinking.


    Thanks for the heads up. I guess it's time to start over.


    BTW I enabled security on the router's Guest account (WPA Personal) and logged on without a problem.

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    My iPhone 5 was having wifi connectivity issues. It would not connect to my password protected home network or the network at work. I had the phone for 9 days, I didnt even notice it wasn't connecting to the wifi until I checked my AT&T usage and noticed that I had used up 2.4GB of the 5GB in those 9 days. I do use a lot of data normally, but because of the holidays, my data usage was low (so i thought).


    I tried all of the things people on here talked about; switching to WEP, not using password for wifi network, changing channels, resetting phone as new and trying to connect to wifi, resetting and restoring from backup and trying to connec to wifi etc. None of these worked. I did a lot of tests and found that it WOULD join my home network if i was within 15 feet of my router, but if I moved further than 15 feet from my router it would lose the connection.


    I went to the apple store today to see what they could do. They WERE able to connect to the networks there (public and private), so I thought they wouldn't get me a replacement, but thankfully, while i was doing testing, I took photos of my old iphone 4 connected to the wifi and the iphone 5 saying it could not connect, I showed the "genius" the photos and that convinced him that I was having problems. They did replace my phone and the new one works perfectly (knock on wood).


    If you are having issues, just take it in to get replaced.


    Good luck everyone.

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    I got my comapny issued iPhone 5 (Verizon, black, 32gb, 6.0.1) a week ago (to repalce my old 4S). I had problem connecting to my home and work wifi (WPA personal and WPA2 Enterprise respectively). If the phone is very close to the access point it will connect but it is not going anywhere. I have to turn the wifi off in order to browse the Internet. After reading a few pages from this forum, performing all suggestions, including upgrade to 6.0.2, the problem persists. I made an appointment with our local genius bar this past thursday and the young lady helped me said "it is a known problem" but she needs to perform a couple of changes for me to test before they can replace my phone. She turned LTE off, reset networking and "all" settings. I brough it back and the still had problem woth both work and home wifi. I went back to the store yesterday and was greeted another gentleman who cliamed that "he never heard of the proble". He even suggested that I may just entered the wrong credential for my network (for 100 times  :-)). I asked him to talk to the young lady helped me Thursday and he finnaly agreed to replace my phone.


    This new phone is on 6.0.1 and it is working fine with both my work and home network. Even the battery life is superb. it is 3:20 pm here nowand I still have 94% (light use but it is unreal). the iPhone 5 i gave it back would have been down to 60% at best with same usuage. Now I am afraid to upgrade to 6.0.2 which is supposed to fix "a bug may impact wifi connection". The reason I made the trip to replace it is -- 1. some users claimed their replacement phones are working properly. 2. I have a co-worker (the only one) has no problem since day one with his iPhone 5 (received October I believe).


    Long story short, my replacement iPhone 5 is working beyond my expectation so far (hopefully it wont degrade down the raod as experienced by some users on the forum). I'd strongly recommend you make a trip to your local Apple store to get it replaced. Good luck!

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    Spent loads of time researching internet discussions on this problem which I also had.  Phone would pick up wife within the range of an inch - anything further, it would drop connection.  Read lots of bumff re. how it could be because of a phone case (which I don't have), or - scarily - a router, which needed reconfiguration.  No way!  I was not prepared to even attempt such a rigmarole, on principle.  After hours speaking to provder support and Apple support, was advised to take handset into Apple Store.  Problem solved.  Don't be deflected into considering other arcane solutions.  The Apple rep's attitude was that she was quite familiar with the problem and immediately offered me a replacement, saying that it was a problem with the 'wifi card'.  Problem solved.  We pay more than enough this stuff: stand up for our rights.

  • edarlingb Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple Store confirmed it's a hardware issue - faulty wifi card.  DON"T be sidetracked into stuff about phone cases or router configuration.  I was provided with a replacement, no bother.  Works fine.

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    I'm particularly hacked off about Apple. My iPhone 5 is suffering this wifi problem. Won't connect, slow connection, cannot see wifi networks, when my iPad 3 can see and connect to all without a problem.


    I made an appointment in my local Apple store ( Brighton, England) to get the wifi sorted. Was told that as my screen was cracked, they could not fix the wifi problem without a payment of £179.  I find this objectionable. I'm not bothered about getting the crack in the screen replaced, that doesn't cause me to lose wifi connection, I'm fine with that. I want the wifi fixed, which should be fit for purpose. Trading standards say that I should receive a replacement, refund or repair.



    The apple manager phoned me at home to tell me that they cannot repair the wifi without replacing the whole phone, and they won't do that as I have a crack on the screen. That's against trading standards in the UK. I will be reporting this to the Trading Standards in the UK.


    All I want is the phone to work on wifi as advertised. It's not my fault they they are unwilling to repair the wifi aspect of the phone.

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    Your welcome.  Whatever the actual issues are with my phone, it's going to visit an Apple store as requested by Apple's customer service.


    If it wasn't for Apple customer service scheduling an appointment, I would have done diagnostics to see if excessive iPhone 5 heat was preventing data transfer.  If no other devices had ever used the WiFi router in question then I would have also removed the WiFi router cover and placed a strong fan on it to keep it cool.  This would rule out a possible heat issue with the router, since I could not observe the characteristics of another device downloading large files on it at 35Mbps with an extremely long WiFi security key (so extremely long that the fastest that it could possibly  download would be <25Mbps).