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    Well done.  Let's hope people are actually reading our posts which support the fact that it's a HARDWARE issue!

  • JimHdk Level 7 (28,340 points)

    If you actually read the whole thread you will see that many people posting here have had WiFi problems not related to hardware.


    This is just another one of these long threads which contain all sorts of problems. Very few actually read the whole thread except for the last few posts.

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    Yes; you make a good point about differing problems, but many have posted with same 'symptoms', recently, suggestive of the hardware failure.  Perhaps I should stop banging my head on the brick wall in offering advice.

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    what is your iOS firmware ..?

  • iinami Level 4 (1,440 points)

    well i was sitting less than 1 foot from my airport express, using wifi and cnn live tv was horrible, i switched off the wifi on my phone and used lte and cnn live tv was fine...iOS 6.0.2. i am really bummed out. i don't want to go thru the whole exchanging of phones and so on, this one was supposedly built in december so how much better could a new (refurbished?) one be?

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    Try to set static IP address on both your router and iPhone, the set to auto proxy (it seems to be helpful in some cases) and maybe try Google's open dns. With this combo my iPhone 5 works quite well, and seems to reconnect fast when it wakes up from standby

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    *then set...

  • iinami Level 4 (1,440 points)

    Thanks, more details on how to change these settings please.

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    I think there are multiple issues going on with different people here, so we need to respect everyone's stances and be professionals about it.


    People are arguing hardware issue vs not hardware issue.


    Personally for me, I know it is NOT a Hardware Issue with my iPhone 5, because it has worked FLAWLESSLY until update 6.0.2 was applied. At the very moment of being on 6.0.2, I lost the ability to stay connected to Wifi.


    IN ADDITION TO THAT, my keyboard shortcuts no longer work AND my notifications sound level (only) has dropped to almost a whisper. My ringtones are loud as ever. My Waze app crashes a lot, too, but may be unrelated.


    Apple Store reps can tell everyone with a wifi problem (new or old)  that it's a hardware issue (maybe because it's easier for them and less time-consuming than a full diagnosis), but FOR ME, I KNOW it is a SOFTWARE ISSUE.


    It worked on 6.0 and 6.0.1, but the very second it was on 6.0.2, it started choking on the three issues above. This is only for my situation, but I know that there are those out there that NEVER had Wifi working from day 1 with their phone. God help us all!


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    Go to wifi section, type on the blue arrow, type on static then put your network details and the ip the you choose to set as static. Then in dns type, and empty in domain (in my case) then proxy on auto with URL blank.

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    If you are responding to me, Marcofon, I don't want a static ip address and I want to continue to use my network settings that worked before and continue to work for my iPhone 4S, 3GS, 2G (yep), Xbox 360, PS3, computers, TV, ....


    If not, then please disregard.

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    My reply is for iinami ;)

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    Hi, Im in the UK to on Giff Gaff which is 02 and i am having the same problem on my iphone 5 only had it 2 weeks its ok when im on data but when i connect to my router at home it is so slow, yet my family's 3gs and 3g iphones work fine after reading all these messages i'm contacting Apple they can sort it out hope you get yours sorted to.

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    So, it has been a while since I have posted on this topic.  I am on my 4th iPhone 5 and Apple seems to have given up on being willing to replace them and wants to try and figure out what is going on.  They have "escalated" my case and have been really interested in what has been going on and trying to get as much info from me as they can.


    As a recap - I have been having the same problem since the first day the iPhone 5 came out - I can connect to a network the first time, but if I leave and return, I connect but can't retrieve or send any data.  This happens in my office, at Starbucks, my parents' house and other places.  It works great in my house and at the Apple Store.  I have a 64GB Black iPhone 5 (this model seems to have more problems than the others based on what I have seen in real life and on the web)


    So, since my office is the best place to mess around with things, I decided to connect an older Aiport Express to my network and tried to use that as my access point - unprotected - to see if it would work.  It did the same thing.  I then decided to connect a new Airport Express that runs 5GHz and to use that - password protected - and now it works perfectly fine, just like it does in my house (also running 5GHz at home).


    My conclusion is that there is an issue with the 2.4GHz portion of my iPhone 5.  It might be an issues handing off from LTE to 2.4 or something along those lines.  It might be software, or it might be a bad run of chips/antennas, but there is definitely a problem.  It works fine over 5GHz, but falls very short when trying to work over 2.4GHz.


    Apple now had this information and we will see what they come back with.

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    that's what i'm wondering, i'm using a version 1 airport express at home that works perfectly fine for 2 macbook pros and an iphone 4 and an ipod touch 4g,  and used to work perfect for the 2 other iphone 4's we had until we traded those for these 2 iphone 5's. at this point i can usually get way better wifi performance on the iphone 4 we still have than the iphone 5's. i'm thinking about buying a new airport express just to check it out.