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    I can appreciate your thought but doesnt always work for many people like me, 1.5hrs from nearest genius bar and to spend 4-5 hrs to roll the dice on replacement costs me money. Every day was something different, wifi,crashes, apps wouldnt always refresh or freeze, less than stellar 4g performance..... totally unreliable. It's not a ipod. So the possibility of swapping the phone in exchange for another issue that might arise at anytime makes no sense to me. Nope I simply took the phone back and traded in to buy a 4s. Sounds crazy but believe me when I tell you I am 1000 percent happy I did. Absolutely no issues, wifi is faster, 4g is faster, apps look and work better..... I've always said... when the agravation factor gets greater than the appealing factor..... get rid of it!

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    So you did swap out the hardware, just for the previous model.   I'm glad it solved the problem for you.

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    Sure did as there is a AT-T store just a few miles from me. I stay with Apple because I do like the products, but will probably wait until the next gen phone release to upgrade again. Plus the app ecosystem just can't be beat. Hope all get their i5 issues resolved !

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    I purchased an AT&T iPhone 5 64GB before Christmas, originally on iOS 6.0.1 & then over-the-air updated to 6.0.2, and had been having the same issues with wifi I've seen reported here: Intermittent connectivity, slow speeds, etc.


    I backed up my contacts to Google Contacts, did a restore from DFU mode & set it up as a new iPhone when prompted by iTunes, and re-synced my contacts ba k from Google. That seems to have fixed it.


    I don't know if it was something in the backup from my previous iPhone, or something in iOS 6.0.1 that wasn't properly overwritten/fixed by the incremental over-the-air update... I just wanted to share my success in the event that it might work for others.


    Best of luck!

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    Finally got round to going to apple store and lo and behold it worked fine on their wifi. They checked diagnostic data and found numerous crashes on all apps that use Internet access (Facebook, Eurosport, sky sports etc)

    Guy said he was happy that phone was ok as wifi was connected and rich pages like bbc etc were loading quickly. Also told him that I had restored as new, reset network settings, updated router firmware and tried various wifi networks with same problems


    But when I mentioned that I cloud backup would not complete he seemed too change his tune. He attempted to do an iCloud backup which failed as usual. After that happened he immediately said he would replace the phone. 


    Here is what was on my invoice.



    Problem Description/Diagnosis

    Issue: Wifi connection intermittent, also unable to back up to iCloud even when wifi appears to be working

    Steps to Reproduce: Restored, router firmware updated, tested on multiple wifi networks.

    Proposed Resolution: Replace handset.

    Work Authorization: Replacing as customer service, not because I believe it is faulty.



    Restored from my latest back up when I got home and so far so good. No hanging in loading pages in safari and loading app updates. So fingers crossed .

    Incidentally it has come with ios 6.0.1 so I think I'll leave it until 6.1 is released before updating.

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    Hi guys,

    I just got back from at&t with a new iphone5 replacement.It works just like it should,wi fi and all.It came with sys.6.0.1 and I'm leaving it that way untill they come out with 6.0.3.Hopefully it will adress this issue.By the way it matters where you purchased it.30 days guarantee at apple,14 days at at&t store.I've read on this link some have exchanged them 2 or 3 times till they got it right.

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    this worked so well immediately!!!  saved me more hairloss!!

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    annsherm wrote:


    this worked so well immediately!!!  saved me more hairloss!!

    what did you do????

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    I have had constant problems with wifi with my iphone 5 since updating to IOS 6. It almost never worked unless I was right next to the router, not in restaurants or on the street. Then half an hour ago I removed the third party semi-metallic case I had fitted around the time of the OS update and now it appears to work perfectly. Have yet to test it out of the house, but just walked around the house with iphone 4 + 5 both in hand and got identical signal strength on both..both for cellular & wifi. Could be the solution..?

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    My iphone5 is able to connect to router with WEP security or using MAC address. I am unable to connect some public hotspot which I have no control on the router. The iPhone4 and iPad2 has no problem connecting to the same hotspot.

    Some post said it could be 5GHz issue. Anyway we can turn off 5GHz in iPhone5?

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    since upgrading to ios6.0.2 on my iphone 5 I cannot connect to my college campus' wifi which runs a captive portal.  my other device running 6.0.1 and my laptop have not experienced any problems.  The network is visible however when i try to connect it says "unable to join network."  Anyone else having a similar problem?

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    This is absurd. I'm reading so many complaints about wifi even after the 6.0.2 update and not a single peep from Apple. Apple, where the **** are you on this? I swapped my first Iphone 5 and still have wifi issues. I've done everything your tech support and geniuses have asked me to do and nothing. I have two other iphones in the house and never had an issue with them. Please let us know something. If I wasn't so locked in to Apple stuff I would've smashed this POS against the wall already. ****! I'm mad bro.

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    Why did you delete my post? I really have the same troubles and really dissapointed by iphone 5 as update of iphone 4s. Annoying situation. Is wi-fi hangs software or hardware issues?

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    Same problem I am facing .

    Not able to connect Wifi in my brand new Iphone 5   for more than 30 sec .

    As I know other guys suggesting to reset the router WAP settings to resolve this but I am in  a Hotel and cant access router settings :-(

    Its really frustating issue .

    Apple is not opening mouth on this

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    I'm on my 2nd handset with the same problems. Apple trying to tell me its normal. For users in the UK, lets try and get Watchdog involved.  Tell them here -


    Perhaps they can get a response from apple