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    I have hungs. But I face it periodically, not always. It not depends on router or any wi-fi hotspot. But no 30 sec. The most of day wi-fi works normal

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    I have had so much trouble with my wifi in the last week I finally broke down and went to the closest apple store on my way to school 1 hour from home 2 hours from where I stay while in school so a little out of my way but I figured it would get fixed I was wrong. got to the store at 4:20 had an appoint meant at 4:45 at the genius bar, the guy says he need to wipe the phone and reinstall everything so I say what ever you have to do to make it work. so after he does the reinstall I out my icloud info in so it can restore my photos and contacts its working so he said hang out here while all your photos load and then finish the app's when I get home, because by this time its 6:30 and the store closed at 6 so i go out and as soon as they locked the door my wifi crapped out and will not log onto open or secure networks so no I have to go back to another apple store in a few days VERY FRUSTRATED APPLE USER. and my old 3gs can be right beside my iphone 5 and it connects and my 5 says cannot log in

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    And 1.


    Fine connection on old 3g phone.  4g too.  Both my 5's and my iPad 4 (all on 6.0.2) are having issues.  I can connect, but download speed is unstable.  I have "full bars" but I cannot stream any youtube video without waiting several minutes for the whole video to load.  Kindle Fire has "zero" issues.  Video streaming and audio are not an issue on that device.


    No love with anything mentioned here.


    Rotten Apples.

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    Estou com o mesmo problema no meu iPhone 5... Nao conecta a nenhuma rede wifi... O que fazer ?

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    Very similar issues with my iPhone 5.  I can see my home wifi network, and it seems to accept my password via my phone, but then the spinning wheel appears next to my network and it never quite connects -- no data, no wifi showing up at the top of the screen, nothing.  I've tried resetting my phone a few times, but nothing seems to work.  For now, I've turned wifi off completely so as not to drain the battery, but I haven't yet been able to backup to iCloud. 


    Please, if anyone has a solution to this, post it here.  Thanks (in advance)!  

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    After a couple of weeks with my new Iphone 5 my Wifi connection became severely degraded.  Only would work if I was in the same room with the wireless router.   All my other IOS devices running 6.0.1 & 6.0.2 continued to work as expected with no issues - therefore ruling out the Wireless base station or interference as the issue.   I went ahead and reset the router and the network connection on the Iphone.  No change in operation.  Next I visited the Apple Store and was able to show the the associate at the Genius bar that the Wifi connection was not functioning properly.  They agreed it appeared to be a hardware issue.


    They went ahead and replaced the phone and we restored from Icloud.  New phone is now working as expected with no connection issues.  Wifi range and performance is now the same as my other IOS devices.

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    So far i dont have any problems with my iphone 5, wifi is stable in connection and can even join other hotspots. Maybe, theres something wrong with the wifi hardware itself with the phones you bought.


    Some best practices i used when connecting to a wifi internet:


    1. I disable my cellular data when connecting to any wifi spots.

    2. I turn off my location services settings when using wifi.

    3. I also disable my 3g/LTE settings when connected to any wifi.


    Hope this helps out you guys,


    So far i'm only having problems connecting to a 802.1x/WPA2/AES/EAP wifi connection, but after a few tries it can connect normally.


    I suggest also download some apps that can be used to connect to a wifi spots.


    have a good day guys!

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    I bought my iPhone 5 at a local internet store since iPhones are  not officially sold here. Haven't used it for a couple of days because I was busy finding a nano-sim card for it and changing a mobile service plan. So just 10 days after purchase I discovered that my iPhone was not connecting properly to home wi-fi: indicated only 2 bars or just a spot of the Wi-fi indicator, the connection lost after a couple of minutes surfing. I became very upset cause it's quite an expensive model 32GB, full European price. I read all the thread concerning this issue, tried most of the fixes proposed but got no results.

    Interesting, that one can find in Russian-language Internet  a hardware fix. Some guys persist that it is a hardware problem due to improper wi-fi module soldering. So they suggest to heat up a specific spot on the device case near the rear camera. Some did it with the help of a hair-drier, or even professional drier for stucco works)) And it helped)) As they say...

    Because the local store offerd their own warranty for Apple devices, I came to the "service centre" (small workshop in a den of a Soviet block of flats) and gave it for "repair". The counter guy just took it without saying much and told me "We will call you".

    They called in a week, I came and picked up the device and it was working perfectly. I mentioned no changes in the sofware, still iOS 6.0.2., and no visible physical changes to the device.

    Being so expert after spending the hours on forums about Wi-Fi issue I asked what specifically they did to the iPhone, they just said "We fixed it...".

    So I believe, it is a hardware problem. Something simple and stupid like bad soldering of the module.

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    Same issue with my iphone. Bought it last week in Germany at Vodafone. I can connect to my router or wifi access point within a circle of 2 meters! With wider range connection is lost or i can not open any site in Safari. Battery looses power very fast (1% each 3 minutes without any activity). After wake up from sleep there is no automatic connection to wifi.

    My Iphone 4 and any other wifi device (e.g. my Acer notebook, my gilrfriends Samsung Galaxy S3, my sons Nintendo 3DS and so on) works fine in our complete house.


    Perhaps i have to plug in a 50 meter ethernet-cable to my access point and carry it with me when i am moving in the house :-)


    Hey...Apple!!!!! Fix it!!!!! Immidiatelly!!!!

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    +1 here.


    Wifi connectivity fast when it works but only limited to within 5 meters of the AP hotspot.


    Also connectivity is difficult at times.


    Waiting for a hardware replacement.

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    +3 here.


    2 times 64GB iPhone 5 (1 black / 1 white),

    1 times 16GB - all "german" GSM-LTE-Version (2 times "T-Mobile", 1 time "vodafone").


    Worth in total = 2.477,- Euro!!!


    Latest iOS (6.0.2 = 10A551) and the same wifi-problems.

    One phone has been allready changed - didn't solve the issue.


    Router update, SSID-change all done - no solution to the problem!


    So far no comment by apple - this is so annoying!

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    YAY! Thank you so much, you have helped me big time! Clearing cookies and history and then rebooting my phone seemed to do the trick!!

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    Ok, so this problem isn't just something I've been experiencing.  I'm not 100% convinced it's a software issues. After the most recent update my iPhone 5 connected to my home/work networks without issue.  That was a few weeks ago.  Now, it's a different story.  I either have to reset my phone or renew my wi-fi lease whenever I switch networks.  However, my roommate has my old iPhone 4 (and the most recent updates) and has never experienced this problem.  The people at the Apple store say there's nothing wrong with my phone.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do. 

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    kevinosity - Document everything you have done so far, and go back to the store.  Demand a new phone.


    For what it's worth, I found this clip I had saved from an old thread about iOS 5 problems:


    "I have no WiFi as well after iOS 5 update on a 3GS and 4, it was working fine before, now only works if I'm right next to the router (and even then it's not full bars), and when I start walking away the bars drop and the network is lost (it won't even show up on the phone, neither will other networks in the area it used to pick up). I've restored, re-set network settings etc.

    How do I know it's not a router problem? B/c my router is up to date, reset it and internet, and all our devices work fine. My Macbook can even pick up the signal clearly out back on my dock on the water. iPhones can't pick it up 6 ft away "

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    For my iPhone 5, and probably the manufacturing lot that it belongs to, my iPhone 5 worked perfectly on wifi on iOS 6.0 and 6.0.1. I streamed Pandora on it all the time and never experienced ANY problems until the iOS 6.0.2 update.


    So from a hardware perspective, it was perfect until the update. It was definitely and obviously a Software issue for my phone. I literally experienced wifi connectivity problems immediately after rebooting from the 602 update. It would connect to my router but would drop after about 5-10 seconds of use (actual data being sent/received.)


    Along with the wifi issues, my keyboard shortcuts stopped working and my notification/alert sound levels dropped to almost being inaudible, while my ringtone and alarm levels remained unaffected at whatever level I had them set on at the time.


    The good news is that I now have wifi working again but have to perform this "fix" below anytime I reset my network settings as detailed by others above. This is a combination of things people in this GIANT thread have recommended.


    My fix is this:

    1. On your ROUTER, go to the wireless settings and ensure it is using the "AES" cipher type. "TKIP" and "AES/TKIP" DO NOT WORK for my iPhone 5. It needs to be "AES" only. This applies to WPA or WPA2 encryption. If you're still using WEP, it is time to change to WPA or WPA2 because simple hacking tools can hack into WEP in a matter of seconds - literally! If you do not want to share your network bandwidth with the entire world, including those who could be downloading illegal software and videos using YOUR network, then stop using WEP immediately. Rant concluded.

    2. On your PHONE, perform a Reset Network Settings from the Settings, General, Reset menus. You will need to add back all of your remembered Networks after this step but it is necessary.


    3. Add back the wifi network onto your phone that you want to connect to.


    ** This next step is also critical - Don't blow it off as unimportant like I did at first.

    4. Do a hard reboot of the phone by holding down Power+Home together for about 12-15 seconds until you see the booting Apple logo appear. Let go of the buttons at that time.


    Once I did these four steps, I was able to use my wifi at home again without any issues. If this was a hardware issue for me, then I would still be unable to use my wifi or wifi anywhere else.


    I hope this helps others.