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    For anyone interested in trying to solve the issue themselves for the time being, these steps may be worth looking at. I was experiencing extremely slow/unusable WiFi speeds at work and at home, and followed these steps yesterday. Ever since, my WiFi speeds have increased ten-fold and I am experiencing normal speeds.


    • On your router, go to the wireless settings and ensure it is using the "AES" cipher type. "TKIP" and "AES/TKIP" DO NOT WORK for my iPhone 5. It needs to be "AES" only. This applies to WPA or WPA2 encryption.


    • On your phone, perform a Reset Network Settings from the Settings, General, Reset menu. You will need to add back all of your remembered Networks after this step, but it is necessary.


    • Add back the WiFi network onto your phone that you want to connect to.


    • Do a hard reboot of the phone by holding down Power+Home together for about 12-15 seconds until you see the booting Apple logo appear. Let go of the buttons at that time.
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    I set my Iphone 5 up strictly by wifi--i had no problems--but i then connected it to my computer went to itunes set up from previouly owned phone and it works perfectly---no problems--it put my contacts and everything on and i did upgrade it to 6.0.2


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    I'm on 6.0.2

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    Sorry it took so long to get back to you.  We were out of town, and I had lousy internet service (not related to the ip5 wifi problem).  We were in the boondocks skiing.  Anyways, this morning I put all the video and pics I took during our trip into the dropbox and transferred them to the computers around the house.  Took very little time.  Video files were all about 40MB.

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    It's still a problem when we don't have access to router setup (e.g. any public or semi-public routers).  This needs a fix.

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    You should return it for a refund and wait until this issue is resolved. Or get the 4s which seems to work fine. I wouldnt keep a device I unboxed and had problems with since day one. Especially if you are locked into a 2 yr contract OR paid a lot of hard earned $$ for.  Just me.

    Sahkolihaa wrote:


    New iPhone 5 owner who's been having this issue ever since getting the device last Monday. It's pretty irritating as 3G in my area is pretty poor (1mbps while Wifi gets 21mbps).

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    Got this as a Christmas gift from my wife (so for some reasons I'm also having problems dealing this with her)


    These are some of the problems I discovered with my iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.2, model 1429:

    - iMessages can't send messages as fast as possible; if ever successful, it's done after many tries and is delayed.

    - Wifi is way weaker than my Android (with only Gingerbread version!)

    - When my iPhone is on standby mode, wifi seems to be off. How do I say this? When I wake my phone up, its just when the wifi phone appears. ALSO I never get updates from facebook, twitter, iMessage, etc. I need to manually go to facebook and see that I have 4 unread messages or notifications. (PS. Facebook notifications is not turned off)


    Btw, just a question.. Are there a lot who always having trouble with the keyboard? I type well with my wife's 4S yet I always get irritated with mine because I tend to press the wrong keys. Thanks guys.


    Hope Apple will fix this nonsense before 5S comes.

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    I am in Australia and purchase Model 1429 direct from Apple - same issues as everyone else!  Weak wifi, slow download etc.

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    Model A1429, didn't have any problems with WiFi until 6.0.2.  Basically cannot get on to any hotspot wifi - it either fails to join the network, or drops/locks up within a few minutes and the lookups are the most annoying, the phone stays on wifi but no data is being transferred.  I've tried all the fixes I can find on the web, tried downgrading to 6.0.1 but it won't install.  The only thing I haven't tried is disabling LTE, as switching stuff on and off as I move around is not something I want to do.  So I'm waiting for 6.1 and if that doesn't fix it the phone will be going back.


    Strangely though, wireless performance in my house has noticeably improved yesterday and today... Oh and I do have an Apple Time Capsule and I still have the problem.  My wife's iPhone 5 which was bought at the same time seems fine (she hasn't complained) but is still on 6.0.1 and I'm not going to upgrade it.

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    Iphone 5 and whatever else is attached to IOS 6 is doomed for that matter. I cant believe word still hasnt got around to tell everyone "avoid" IOS6 based products, you're only asking for trouble !


    No-one needs to post fixes etc, i think we've covered them all ?


    Either Apple wll fix itself with Iphone 6 and what ever else is in the pipe line, otherwise Android will go far and beyond taking over Apple and we'll starting seeing Apple just rott away

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    Thanks, mark_mark896. So you put the files on to dropbox from which machine? And did you then try to download, say, one of the 40MB movies from Dropbox to an iPhone 5 using wifi?

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    Swooperz, for me the 6.0.2 update seemed to have caused the issue.   During the short time that I was on 6.0.1, I don't recall having any issues at all, connecting to multiple wifi networks.


    So I suspect this could be a software issue, and will wait for the upcoming 6.1 release to see if that fixes the problem.  If not, I will demand a new phone.


    Also... I read an article suggesting that using OpenDNS could address the problem.   No luck with that "solution" either.

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    Ingleberg, I think exactly like you. I'm waiting for another better update otherwise I'm going back for a new piece. The only thing I'm a little bit lucky was the battery drainage didn't happen to me. So * fingers crossed.... I'm too fast putting it to 602 thought it was a fix but..... 601 was ok. Btw I'm with A1429.

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    Yeah one of the videos was taken with my wife's ip4. I transferred it with Dropbox to my phone and starred it Nd saved it in my photo library.