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  • Dafada3 Level 1 Level 1

    My iphone 5 started having wifi issues as soon as I did the software update to 6.0.2. After a few hours of crying into the phone to tech support And resetting everything in my router and phone it worked great for about 20 minutes, then back "not able to join wifi network", so I called back and they set me up to get a replacement, then at the apple store they said the problem was due me importing all my data and settings from my iPhone 4S. The genius said I put the engine of a Honda in my new Ferrari :/, so we did a hard reset completely restoring all the software. Worked great in the store...not anywhere else! Now I have to call again to get a new phone mailed to me, needless to say as you already know, this is totally unacceptable from a tech giant like Apple. I'd rather have my 4s back :(

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    I'm having the same wi-fi issues with my 5 (on Sprint), but with a twist.  Since about the time of the 6.0.2 update, I can connect to 5 GHz networks, but not normal 2.4 GHz networks, regardless of the security type.  I know the issue is my phone because my old 4S, wife's new 5, her old 4, daughter's 3GS (all on AT&T), and multiple iPads, Macs, and PCs all connect without issue.  It just took me a while to realize the extent of the problem because fortunately, I have 5 GHz networks available at home and in my office.  (This is vitally important because my employer has stuck me with Sprint in an area with their usual bad coverage combined with not even having a plan for LTE coverage!) 


    I have also gone through and tried to make sure I wasn't always stuck in situations where it's a router capacity issue.  While that could easily be the case at my house, I have tried at work with only 5 people in the office and no laptops on wi-fi.  I have also tried at hotels, restaurants, and other public hotspots at times when those places are not crowded.  My wife can sit right next to me and log in on her 5 and I can't, so I know it's the device.


    So here's where I'm confused.  The 2.4 GHz networks are supposedly stronger but slower.  If it's a hardware issue, wouldn't the stronger 2.4 GHz networks work through the limitations of the antenna better than the weaker 5 GHz network?


    And I would like to echo the oft-repeated sentiment that it is absolutely unforgivable that Apple hasn't responded to this issue.  My wife and I are both on our third iPhones and are generally Apple people, so we know that better stuff is possible.  If this were my first iPhone though, I would have abandoned it immediately and gotten the Samsung or Windows phone.  Any friends who are looking to make the switch now, I advise to get a 4S, wait for the next model, or to get one of the competitors' phones.  The iPhone 5 is like a combination of Windows ME, the Ford Edsel, and New Coke when it comes to bad ideas thrust hastily into the marketplace.

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    Michiko87, I just checked and I also have the Model 1429.   This is my first iPhone, so I don't know whether or not my battery is draining faster than it should.   I keep wifi off (for the reasons discussed), bluetooth on, and have allowed Location Services for certain apps.   After being charged all night, my battery is usually at roughly 25% by the end of the day.   Coming from a Blackberry, that seems really bad.   But then... there's nothing to DO on a Blackberry other than make calls or send email, so that probably gave the Blackberry a bit of an advantage.


    BTW... I haven't tried taking my case off to see if that makes a difference on wifi... and I refuse to do so.   I should be able to use whatever case I want (it's the Incipio Duo Pro).   I also use the Glas.T screen protector, and refuse to take that off as well.   The wifi should work with any reasonable case or screen cover.

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    Hi, I am in the Uk have iphone 5 same issues i'm waiting for Apple to get back to me they sent me a replacement while they look at it and it has the same problems as the first one also they are the same model number, i have tried numerous advice on these forum's and none has worked if i don't get a decent phone i want my money back i am on pay as you go bought the phone out right! I have a 3gs and 3g that are totally fine.


    (Sorry not shouting at all you people)




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    JK_MI wrote:


    And I would like to echo the oft-repeated sentiment that it is absolutely unforgivable that Apple hasn't responded to this issue.


    They may not be out waving flags about it, but they *have* responded.  That's why iOS 6.0.2 was released.  Granted, it didn't help (or even made matters worse in some cases), but the point is that they wouldn't have released it *at all* if they weren't aware of the problem, especially with 6.1 in the wings.  (I would guess that the WiFi issue is probably also behind the slow release of 6.1, but that's purely a guess on my part.)


    Also, I don't think the model number has anything to do with it.  Replacing the phone solved the issue for me, and the working phone is the 1428 model, not the 1429.

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    I too have a problem on connecting my iphone5 on my wifi at home and at the office. "unable to join the network" is stated on my ip5 whenever i try to connect, sometimes it cannot detect a wifi. But if you r near to the router the wifi connection is available and ready to use. Why is that happen?? I thought the wifi is 802.11b/g/n?? I've experience this just yesterday, but before yesterday i used it normally. No problem everything works normally. Apple need to address this issue regarding the wifi connection

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    I am having the same iPhone5 wi-fi connection issues and the model I have is an A1429. When I got the phone, it was on 6.0.1 and the wi-fi did not work properly then. After an upgrade to 6.0.2, it still could not work properly! After several rounds of calling Apple Support, they advise to have it replaced. Unfortunately, I live in a country where no Apple Stores can be found and I had to take it to one of the local authorized service centers (not owned by Apple), who then asked me to surrender my iphone and wait for 7 days for a replacement! It is absolutely absurd since the nano-Sim that iphone5 uses, is completely not applicable for any other second unit phones I own! According to the service center, this is Apple's standard procedure. No new replacement devices can be ordered by the service center until the broken one is surrendered first! Absolutely appalled, I decided not to surrender the phone and keep it a little while more until Apple can fix this issue with an update.


    The wi-fi connectivity issues I had was very similar to almost everyone. Connection will only work when I am 3 feet away from the router. Any further will show a failure to connect. Once connected, I couldn't move another few feet away without having the connection dropped. With this wifi issue a nagging problem at home, I decided to switch every **** Airport Express units I have to 5Ghz with the Extreme on dual band mode just to see if it works better. Amazingly, that works! Connections were stabilized and I can connect from a greater distance now.


    All I need to do now is to convince the entire world to swtich to Apple's Airport devices and serve the wi-fi mode to 5GHz. Great work Apple!! We can definitely see how this iPhone5 issues is bringing you closer to Steve's current location. Get cracking at that update before it's way too late!

  • Wallace UA Level 1 Level 1

    I had a problem to surrender the phone, but then purchased an adapter nano-to-micro sim by a speculative price though. ($9) but regular price of such a piece of plastic is $3. So find it in your country and have the phone repaired, as I did. Once again I state that my problem was resolved by a simple Ukrainian guy, no desperate waiting for an Apple fix.

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    I think its a hardware problem. If i hold the iphone up I have no wifi problems. But when you turn it and hold the finger above the antenna (upper left corner) wifi gets slow and speedtest tells me 0.5mbit and not 30mbit ...


    Check it by your own. I dont think we get a solution via software :-(

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    Coincidently, I too have a Incipio Duo Pro case. Yesterday I removed my case for another reason and since I was curious myself if that would make a difference I left it off. I'm almost afraid to say it outloud or even type it out for fear it'll reoccur, but ever since I removed the case the WiFi connection hasn't been lost! I think it's so weird due to it wasn't a problem until a few days ago. What the heck changed to cause it to have the issue with the case on!? Before removing the  Incipio Duo Pro case I'd have to keep turning the WiFi off and back on for it to connect, but it'd stay connected for a short time before I'd have to do it all over again. If that is the case (pun intended) it's a real bummer that the case all of a sudden starting causing a WifI connection issue. Pretty lame the iPhone 5 is having issues such as this, because it was bad enough the other wifi sync issue exists, too with the latest update(s).

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    Hey Guys,


    So I have expereinced all of the above issues in regards to the wifi connection. One day it just stopped connecting even though all my other devices were connected and the iphone 5 showed full wireless strength. Some times it would join the network but nothing would load or would just drop to 3G. I tried absolutely everything from hard resets, restore and everything else. Nothing seemed to work so finally Apple sent me a new iphone. For 2 weeks all was good and then BAM, it happened again. I was so frustrated to see that there appeared to be no real solution.


    Today I called Apple support and went through all the basic steps everyone has already gone through. But then the guy suggested something new and it worked! Now I can't guareentee it works for everyone but it has worked for me and haven't had any issues with it at all. Apparently my router had a setting on it then may be the cause. Here are the steps:


    I logged on to my router on my computer


    From there, click on the wireless tab


    You should be able to locate the channel section (mine had a drop down section beside the word channel with numbers 1-11 and auto)


    Now my channel was selected to "Auto" - He said that this may be the cause to showing a connection/dropping connections, etc as it bouncing from channel to channel


    I changed it to channel 11 and hit apply.


    After that it was working! I have played around trying all the channels to see which one runs the fastest and so far it is 11 but everyones may be different.


    Again, I dont know if this is everyone's issues but it seem to solve mine so if it is set to auto try changing the channel and see what happens or if its set to a practicular channel try a different one as maybe it is being interrupted.


    I hope this helps as I was so frustrated with this issue for so long!

  • Stephen Dawson1 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for testing, mark_mark896. It's all very strange. As I've said before, downloading a large file from Dropbox for me simply crawls (on 4 different iPhone5s, even ones swapped out by Apple and also on 2 different iPad Minis). Sigh.

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    I've not had a problem with our iPad minis or iPad 4 or any of our older devices. Only the first ip5. This replacement seems to be working well. I think I got lucky on my replacement.

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    My iPhone 5's wifi connection was working just fine up until last week, when I installed the new software upgrade. Now it doesn't work at home, it doesn't work at the office or any other place whatsoever. It is celarly a sofware issue and I hope they find a solution as it is very frustrating to run the internet on cellular connection all the time!

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    Brand new iPhone 5 and continous error when connecting to wifi = "Unable to join the network [wifi-ID]". Tried re-install, clean install. Tried router reboots, WPA/WEP combinations and different routers. Same issue - no fix.


    Sending iPhone5 back for replacement hardware. Will post result.