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    What released? Is it iOS 6.02

  • patrickredsox Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    Yes, Apple released iOS 6.0.2 a few weeks ago for iPad Mini's and iPhone 5's

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    I don't have any troubles with the wifi. Try going to "Settings," "General," "Reset," "Reset all Network Settings"

  • Austin James Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    If you forgot, Tim Cook apologized himself to the public about the faulty maps application. I you had to design something as complex as an iPhone 5, you sure as **** wouldn't come close.

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    This thread has 560 000 views, that's right over a half a million people, I guess all of them plus the 3428 people that bothered to post to this thread just coincidently broke our home networks at the same time...... Yeh must be that. I understand that buy paying apples prices that they have the right to assume we are all complete idiots without iq, and as true as that may seem and as much as this thread portrays it (nice support apple), its actually not the case and I'm gonna go out on a limb here and take a guess that out the half a million people+ that have been lead to this thread, a few us yes (yes that's right apple, a few of us) might actually.......wait for it.......

    KNOW HOW TO WORK A ROUTER, there you go apple I said it I suggested that a few of your users, MAY, possess the actual technical savviness it requires to run a few home network test, does that offend you?

    Any way even though I code router firmware for a living I am probably wrong, what is far more likely than the iphone being broken is that, all of the people attracted to this thread are just here out of complete random coincidence, that every wireless network I try to use my iphone on is just broken(broken, ie works with every other device except iphone), and that I ,who test routers daily for a living, seem to have forgotten completely what it is I am doing and no longer possess the knowledge needed to connect a device, with as many complex wifi settings as an iphone, to a network.

    Apple you wonder why the iPhones failing.... Maybe try reading and acknowledging notable threads, where 500,000+ people in you're official forum, are complaining of the same fault, shake my head @ you apple, I mean what is this ignore the problem and maybe people will leave us alone, good idea apple I mean its not like any of us actually need wifi is it, it's not an important feature or integral part of you're device is it?


    Any hoo I understand there is no problem with the iphone and its just my network that is broken, but, for what it's worth,  my housemates Samsung s3 works GREAT on our broken network, so if wifi is of any importance to you as it is me you may want to, like myself, consider swapping your phone for an s3, I have a little feeling the s3 will be able to connect to all your broken networks also .... Just a hunch.


    I would wait for apple but as they don't consider anything broken that's risky, if they do consider something broken then Jeez I'm 26 years old, I haven't got 6 months to wait for a reply ever time i ask a question, I mean I actually have other things in my life to deal with bar my iphone, yes apple that's right I have things I'd prefer to be doing than trailing forums looking for a solution or information on why one of you're devices CORE FEATURES is not working, basically my life doesn't evolve around trying to fix a device you sold me for $800, anyway rant over, hope I made my point, all the best..........   Running custome

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    Ibmftw wrote:

    This thread has 560 000 views, that's right over a half a million people,


    I feel your frustration, believe me, but please note that 560,000 views does not equate to half a million people.  I know I have personally viewed this thread (or parts of it) dozens of times, as I suspect most other visitors to this thread have done.  The number of unique visitors is probably *far* less than 560 000.

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    Austin James: is that really the strongest argument you have in Apple's defense?  That if we don't like our iPhones, we should try building a phone ourselves?


    I concede that it's probably really hard to design a phone as complex as the iPhone 5.  It's really hard to do a lot of jobs, and there are plenty of jobs I wouldn't do very well.  But that's why Apple is not paying me to design the iPhone 5, because I would suck at it. 


    What's unfortunate is that whoever *actually does* have that job and *gets paid* to do it, ALSO ***** at it.

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    Seems you are right forum counts repeat hits, well in that case my apologies all, if the number of customers with a faulty product is only a couple hundred....thousand....    then Yeh why even bother that's small fish, it's far more important you concentrate efforts on shipping an iphone 5s out the door, than take care or a pesky couple hundred thousand customers. What was I thinking, only a couple hundred thousand people with this FAULT hardly even worth mentioning, my bad all, my bad.

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    I didn't mean that it wasn't important, just that you can't really make any assumptions based off the number of views of a forum thread.   Every single customer is important.  From the point of view of Apple, each customer may be a tiny part of the picture, but to each customer, their situation is the most important -- and rightly so.

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    Try google "iphone 5 wifi problem" then come back and share your consensus on how many people you think this FAULT may affect

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    My wife and I purchased iPhone 5s at the same time.  I purchased a black model she got a white.  Her white iPhone started having this issue a month after she received it.  Took it to the Genius Bar and they replaced it with another white model, no questions asked (which tells me they recognize there's a problem).  The new phone worked for 2 weeks and now is showing the exact same symptoms, strong wifi signal but nothing downloading and the connection to the network just drops randomly.  We're going to go back to the Genius Bar tomorrow and probably try a black model assuming she doesn't just ask for a refund and go back to her old iPhone 4. 

    I noticed that the black phone and the white phone came from different plants so perhaps it is a production issue.

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    Not really relevant to the IPhone discussion but I had a huge issue getting a refund from Amex for some Amex gift cards that were never sent.  Took over a month and many long excruiating calls to Amex.  So I expect its an Amex issue.


    We are thinking about getting a refund on our IP5 due to the same wifi issue discussed on this thread.

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    guy b ashburn - I urge you and your wife to stick with the iPhone 5 until you get a fully working phone. The risk in going back to the iPhone 4, is that if it is out of warranty, any software induced issues will leave you with little recourse.  A significant number of users with 4's have found their wifi disabled after update to iOS 6.0.1.


    From what I've read (and I've read every post in this thread), the problems are not related to the color of the phone, the model, or the mac address.  All have been proposed, but none proven.  I had to exchange my white iPhone 5 for another, which is fine, but has not been updated to iOS 6.0.2, as a precaution. 

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    Just want to add:


    I have tried these workarounds and they do NOT work with this issue:


    General network reset: "Settings," "General," "Reset," "Reset all Network Settings"


    Neither does changing your router as suggested here:

    Apple products may be unable to connect to 802.11n Wi-Fi networks if WMM (Wireless Multimedia) is disabled.


    Neither does this fix from Gizmodo:


    Waiting on replacement hardware that has been promised from my network (o2) a week ago but they are saying that they are out of stock in all of the UK still a week later.


    Finally - just checked with Google Global Search and this issue has been searched a few thousand times this month in English.

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    Mine can't detect the wifi networks in our office.


    My coworker has a 4S and she can detect 2 of the networks fine. Another coworker has an IP5 that is not yet updated to 6.02 and he can see the networks also.


    But my IP5 (6.02) can't. However, it can detect my home network and other hotspots fine. I wonder if it has something to do with router settings or the OS update.


    I've already done network reset on the IP5 but still no luck.