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  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    That is normal for wifi to disconnect when phone sleeps. Always has done that with the older units and iOS versions. That is not a bug its does that by design.

    cocktail5555 wrote:


    6.1 beta 4 helped my wifi that kept dropping.


    6.1 beta 5 killed it again. My wifi gets dropped directly after I lock the phone. This is garbage

  • JanSKay Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    But when the iPhone is awakened it should reconnect!

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Now thats funny! I mean not really but you know what I mean. SO glad you can use SIRI to purchase your tickets though. Just use LTE instead of WIFI

    anthony a.fromwalpole wrote:


    IOS 6.1 didn't fix WIFI. The higher priority was SIRI and purchasing tickets through Fandango, lol

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Correct it should but Cocktail didnt say that it didnt. Just said that it doisconnects when locked which is what its suppoesd to do. Also if is doesnt reconnect, users need to make sure their SSID in not the generic LINKSYS, DLINK, WIRELESS etc. That apparently needs to be a unique name now since iOS 6.0.

  • andrebuba Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The update didn't fix my wifi problem.

    Still the same!

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)



    I UPGRADED the firmware after IOS 6.1 came out and all my companies WAP's work now.


    The latest firmware on Netgear Bombed out, so i had to downgrade.


    As for Netgear, ive posted on their Forum, and logged an issue months ago. They were aware of this issue since IOS 6.


    Prior: I have to DOWNGRADE firmware to 5.1 to make the Iphone 5's and other devices with IOS 6+ more compatible.


    NOW: IOS 6.1 with Firmware 5.03 on Netgear everything is working now.

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    Unfortunately I dropped my 3rd iPhone which was working. The glass broke and i had to have it replaced. The good news is that I have AppleCare +. The bad news is that my wifi doesn't work- again. I went to Starbucks just to try out wifi. It connected at 0.2 Mbps. My iPad 3 running ios5 connected at 33.57mbps. I went back to the apple store and a genius told me that" There is ABSOLUTLY NOTHING wrong with your phone". It is connecting here and it connected at Starbucks. The wifi at Starbucks is just old and slow and there are too many people( 5-6). Starbucks has an AT&T hot spot. I'm sure AT&T will be glad to here that their hot spots are just"old and slow".

    Tonight we went to dinner and I was showing my husband the test results. The manager came over and we asked him how fast their wifi was. Mine was 2.90 and my husband's droid was 32. The manager watched and then said" yeah our chef gripes about his wifi speed and so does our owner-iPhone 5.

    I'm back home and I'm using LTE because my wifi won't connect. Here I go again- but there's nothing wrong with this phone!!!!!

    I am so frustrated.

    I am waiting to download 6.1 to make sure that it doesn't have new bugs.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)



    If you're Apple Device isnt upgraded to IOS 6.1, then i recommend you doing so.

    there is NO need to wait, its out already


    IF it still doesnt connect to your specified sites, then its NOT your problem to deal with.

    It all comes down to "general" copatability.


    Read through my posts and findings


    As for your WiFi at home,... again read my posts, possibly FIRMWARE related.

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    1. To guy who is from Belgium. Go to nearest Apple store. You have in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands. Go where nearest and they must replace your iphone! Thats the point about Apple, wheather you buy it in Japan, or Mars you can (withing guarantiee) fix it or replace for new one in whole f**** world!


    Also, resselers also must take iphone into servis, and if they think its ok, they will change you for new one. But, in apple store you get a new one on the spot (same day) but at reseller you get after 3-5 days. There are resellers in Belgium. iPhone is legally sold in Belgium so resellers (shops which sell apple stuff) must take it in and fix it or give you new one. Take me for example. I am from Serbia, and friend got my iphone5 from Switzerland (we dont have iphone in our country, shame i know). So i will head to Hungary, Budapest which is only 350 km away where i will go to reseller iStyle in Budapest and they will give me new one. I have already spoke to them. So, dont worry you have some Apple rights you can use, for god sakes


    2. About iOS 6.1. I think nothing is fixed with my wifi. But, i cant check in my home since i have bought Time Capsule and now my iphone 5 is doing really great in home wifi. I will check today at office or in some cafee, and will report back. But, i think this is a hardware problem

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    I updated to 6.1 this morning and ... wifi still bad. I did speed test :


    3G : ping 61 ms, download 372.1 kb/s, upload 88.4 kb/s

    Wifi : ping 53 ms, download 7.4 kb/s, upload 0.00 kb/s


    So I made a new appointment with Genius Bar because now I don't believe anymore in an software issue but rather in an hardware one, like maybe connection with antennae lost.


    My trust in Apple products is very weak now.



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    After replacing iphone 5 twice in App Store genius bar. Am still surfing the same problem. (wifi issues, if I walk 2 feets away of Router, the Wifi signal showed 2 bars, but no data connection.).


    1st pairs of iphone5 purchased in early Dec. wifi on mine is not working yet, but my wife' working good. within 1 week, back to App store, asked for a replacement, which already in ios 6.0.2. it worked fine in 3G celluar or Wifi in 1st 1-2 week. and then wifi no working again!


    I have tried all the ways discussed in  this thread "". wifi still no working.


    lucky to see you fix the issue after upgrading to ios 6.1, so downloading & upgrading to latest ios 6.1. wifi still not working yet...


    Am thinking to get back Genius bar ask for another replacement...

    Apple, please do not disappointed us again, FIX issues ASAP!!! been loyal customer since iphone 1...



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    I've had it with all this "it's normal" nonsense. Enough is enough. If you can't reproduce the problem on your end, it's either because you don't udenrstand what it is that you need to look for  or everything works perfectly fine (which is extremely unlikely; I've personally tested 5 different iOS6 devices myself).


    IT IS NOT NORMAL to lose Wifi as soon as the proximity sensor turns off the screen when you hold the bloody thing against your ear!


    I have not been able to use Skype, Viber, or any other VOIP apps since iOS6. My only option is to use it on speaker. Ridiculous.


    Sorry to point my anger at you, but I'm tired of people trying to ignore the issue. Even if your intentions are good (I'm sure they are), you are not helping. I've been an iOS user since the very first version and never have had to deal with such a ridiculous "normal feature".

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    well i'm hoping that this WiFi issue is resolved in IOS 6.1.  I was streaming live tv program to my iphone 5 through my wifi conenction at home last night and lost connection a couple of times.


    Dear Apple, if it were a router issue, i would expect to to affect all wireless devices and not single out the iPhone 5.


    the other annoying thing about iPhone 5.  when in airplane mode, with WiFi enabled, i cannot send an iMessage after a period of inactivity.  I put my phone in airplane mode at night before going to sleep. in the morning, i cannot send an imessage, even though i can check new emailswhich proves wifi connected, without taking the phone out of airplan mode.  this didnt happen on my 3gs.  I


    I will post back on whether either of these are fixed with the new update.

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    Anyone has tried the 6.1 just out? Any better for the WIFI? Thanks

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    Update 6.1 does not solve the issues with iPhone 5 and WiFi.


    Updated iPhone5 to iOS 6.1 and the device will not connect to any local WiFi network. "Unable to join the network "[network_name]"


    Tried a hard reset and soft network reset, iPhone 5 still will not connect to any WiFi. The iPhone is only two weeks old.


    Tried across all types of Wifi - WEP / WPA / etc. Not working.


    Still waiting on a replacement device from O2 - although they are still out of stock for iPhone5's after nearly 2 weeks.


    iPhone 4S and iPad2 are working on the same networks.