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    Good luck then! I've just decide claim my warranty, the thing is I have to wait like 12 days while they put the phone in "study"... so, 12 days without phone... (That happen when there is no Apple representation in your country)

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    "You can say that this is not an iPhone 5 issue by passing the fault onto the communication between the iPhone 5 and some WAPs. However, this is still blatantly an iPhone 5 issue as no other devices have this problem."



    Its not always true that just because one device is having a problem and not others, that one device is the only one at fault.


    case in point: bluetooth 4.0 implementation. It has been acknowledged by car manufacturers themselves (many threads here too) that their own implementation of the older bluetooth standard (v2.1 or v3.x) was faulty in the sense not compatible with upcoming higher standards like bluetooth 4.0


    now just because apple implemented bluetooth 4.0 according to the defined specs, there were some problems in connecting because the car bluetooth receiver drivers were not implmented correctly - this is documented by the manufacturers themselves, who later released firmware updates to correct the issue.


    Now I am still not saying thats its 0% apple's fault - but its also very possible that with the unified chip implementation of LTE + bluetooth + wifi (dual band), the antenna has been optimized in such a way that if there are some minor implementation/handshake faults on the router side, it suddenly manifests itself as a major problem.


    and this would not be a big problem in older non-LTE devices because of the way the antennna must have been optimized in that case.


    If the wifi was really as faulty as everyone in this thread is making it out to be, it would have shown up in testing. also it would have resulted in 80-90% returns, which is not so.

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    To Electronics guy: Seems like we understand each other


    To other's that replied to my post, i wasnt stating its absolutely the WAP's firmware altogether, i was suggesting that you perform that task if posible. If the apple device was working fine before an upgrade of IOS's and now its broke, guess what ?, we have a software communication issue between Apple device and WAP manufacturers.


    And what can fix that. In simple terms, software drives hardware in telling it what to do, thats why we have programmers. This correlates with Electronics guys statement with respect to bluetooth etc.


    my case for example... if you read my posts from yesterday. IOS 5.0 was working like a charm at my companies WAP's across the country im in. The moment IOS 6 came out, it was a disaster for Iphnoe 4's, Iphone 5's for my staff. I discovered i have to downgrade my WAP's Netgear firmware just to make it work.


    IOS 6.01 no good, IOS 6.02 no good, then IOS 6.1 came out, so i quickly upgraded my WAP Netgear firmware again then presto, everything is working fine again.


    I've been with this issue since day one of this thread, i do accept there are other issues out there who arent as fortunate as myself, BUT dont just rely on IOS 6.1 !.


    Worst case scenario, are any of you running 100 year old WAP's, perhaps its time for a newer model OR just change brands, if it fails, just get a refund if your country permits it.


    i'd like an explanation myself as to why IOS 6.1 just "WORKS", but i can be sure i wont be getting one from Apple.


    I laughed when i read the article about what the IOS 6.1 upgrades included,.... Improvements for LTE support and some software enhancements ?, ummm sure about that ?

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    right, ok .....

    i bought my iphone 5 in october , i was not aware of any problems at the time i bought it ,although i suppose i did think to myself that it was not much faster than my 4s. a few days later i noticed that whenever i arrived back at my home the phone connected itself to my router as normal ,but after a while if i tried refreshing my twitter feed or facebook feed in the apps on the ip5 then it would struggle to refresh the feeds, the only way i could remedy this was to power off the phone and turn it back on , then i would work fine again..... mine was never a problem where i could not get any wifi connection at all. i also noticed that during phone calls the call would drop out or the reception was terrible. during all of this i installed all the updates that became available , but to no avail , they fixed nothing ....... i would like to point out that i also have an ipad 2 and a macbook pro , the ipad had ios6 installed with no wifi issues whatsoever and no wifi problems on the macbook pro , so it was not a router issue .


    so yesterday i installed ios 6.1 ..... i have been running my phone for 24 hours , the overall operating speed of the device seems a lot faster , apps loading quicker , safari running quicker , app store loading faster, no issues with the wifi at all , not one single call dropped , no interference during the calls , the call quality is much superior than previous ...... now it all works perfectly and smoothly the way it is supposed to !!


    i noticed a lot of people reporting the same as me .

    i also notice a lot of people reporting that its still not fixed . im wondering if that is because they spent so much time altering the settings on their phones and altering settings on their routers to try and resolve the issues , that if they set everything back to their original settings then 6.1 might just work for them ?


    all i know is mine and many others seem to be working as they should ..... but who knows , we could all wake up tomorrow and the phones will mysteriously be ****** up again ?

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    To Load Runner: I like your last statement .


    Indeed true with respect to the IOS6.1 update.

    For those who have performed the IOS 6.1 update, RESET your network settings and try to reconnect, otherwise WIPE your phone to factory settings, then perform a RESTORE.

    Failing that WIPE your phone to factory settings, then try and manually restore your files, apps etc. A posted from a different thread did this approach and worked.


    Failing these RESTORE processes, i'd be looking at firmware on your WAP as the off chance that changing it might work


    otherwise, you might be unfortunate and still stuck in limbo with no fix since IOS 6 came out with WiFi issues .


    As a LAST restort, you can try and buy an alternative WAP device, if it works then great, otherwise see if you can return for a refund ?. I nearly changed my companies WAP devices as this wasnt acceptable losing WiFi connectivity, luckily for me somehow the IOS 6.1 just worked on my Netgear WAP's

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    Yeah good luck with that because "They have not heard of any wifi issues" lol. Actually the security document has several items that were addressed and one such as follows could be part of the whole wifi issue I suppose:


    CVE-2012-2619: A remote attacker on the same WiFi network may be able to temporarily disable WiFi

    Description: An out of bounds read issue exists in Broadcom’s BCM4325 and BCM4329 firmware’s handling of 802.11i information elements. This issue was addressed through additional validation of 802.11i information elements.


    That is Apple's code  for "WIFI was broken so we worked on it too"

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    Ios 6.1 fixed the problem for me. But I upgraded my iPhone in DFU mode then I restored my backup. Seems a lot faster to reconnect from standby and no connection problem with my router.

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    sbailey4: It doesnt matter how you look at it... It still comes down to how IOS 6 drives the hardware to communiate with WAP devices. If firmware needs to be embedded in to IOS updates for these issues to be resolved then so be it. Apple will always continue to hit n miss with their updates. It looks like they still havent captured everyone with WiFi issues as updating to IOS 6.1 then everything magically works like IOS 5 again ?


    In addition to your article, further reading advised this issue you've made a mention is "supposed to be resolved" by IOS 6.1

    see thread:


    Apples comment:

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    um OK..... I think. Yes Apples driver in iOS 6 seems to have sparked this compatibility issue. As you stated iOS 5.1.1 and earlier seemed to work fine. My understanding from the whole ordeal was the drivers for wifi were reworked due to different chipset, the iP5 supporting  2.4 and the 5ghz wifi  band now, unified wifi,cellular and BT chipset etc etc. Apparently the "new drivers" were not quite ready for prime time as we all saw.


    Anyway the reference above was in response to the lack of wifi fixes information in the release notes that you mentioned.  That was referencing some of the behind the scenes updates that were done but not posted in the main release notes. So clearly wifi was addressed in this update was my point even though it was not on line one of the release notes (as it should have been)


    BTW I am not disagreeing with you

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    Gunner99 - In this discussion, look at the top right of the page, under the banner.  There is a box titled "Actions". Click on "Stop email notifications".  That will stop them for this thread.

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    Yes  Apples support document is where the other fixes were listed that were not on the pretty release notes.


    That is what I was referring to about other fixes that were done but not posted in the pretty release notes telling users how great Apple is by adding LTE and WOW you can now purchase movie tickets via SIRI. All that really cool stuff than makes you want to RUN not walk and get the update!


    I mean what end user really cares about security updates right? And the technical blab.

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    Thats ok, sorry if i sounded that way .


    The WiFi Standards Industry announced a list of Apple devices that have met WiFi Standards, but where's Iphone 5 ?, unless ive searched wrong..


    Sure this isnt why there's Iphone 5 Wifi issues going around


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    Small technical point, Shannon. The link that you provided is not a list of devices that have met WiFi Standards. It is a list of devices that the manufacturer paid to have their device certified. Inclusion on the list is a good thing; not being included is ambiguous. I vaguely recall Apple making an issue of this some time ago. Also, note that only the original iPad is listed, but I have not heard of any problems with the iPad 2, for what it is worth.

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    John: I was wondering if that being the case. Similar to the context of companies endorsing "organic", some are verified, others are not verified but still produce organic products.. A way to ensure validity but at the same time a possible hefty cost to a business to be recognised, hmm i dunno.

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    FYI. Went to the Genius Bar. They wiped my phone and had me go home without restoring any of my data, etc. I went home and was still unable to connect to my wifi. I went back and they swapped out my phone with a brand new one. Wifi works perfectly. Guess it was a hardware problem.