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  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Fadie: This is partial reason as to why there's Single Band, Dual Band wifi frequencies 2.5Ghz, 5Ghz and others in between based on your WAP, coupled with Wireless a/b/g/n etc. These assist with strength, speed, stability just to name a few things. Then on top of that you have your encryption tkip/aes etc. This is partial to why these wifi problems exist, it was would be extremely difficult to hit the nail on the head so to speak and expect all Apple devices perfectly connect to all WAP's out there.


    Another aspect to consider is when you see WAP products with Dual Band etc and make a mention of have 2/3 antennaes, id bet $1 to stay clear of WAP's products that have their built internally and go for the External antennaes so they are broadcasting as their best.


    Just a little off rant there

  • Healz4u Level 1 Level 1

    Fadie: You missed my point completely. A weak iPhone wifi antenna, a router antenna operating on the low end of the specified power spectrum and the iPhone wifi antenna's inability to deal with external interference could very well lead to lower speeds. The fact that the iPhone has an inferior antenna design could be the cause of your poor throughput.

  • SamAust Level 1 Level 1

    @SleepingJohn and everyone else who wants to blame their case. The case is not the problem. The case just highlights an issues with the phone. i had an issue with my first iphone with the wifi. It was inproved if I removed the case, however, I was certain my wifi was bad and tests comparing it to other iphones (3/4/5) confirmed this. I had my iphone replaced and got one with no problems. I can now use any case and currently have one with an aluminum insert and still get perfect wifi. If you need to remove the case - I think you may have a phone issue. Possibly try the case on a phone that has good wifi.


    It would be like having a car that could not tow a trailer. But everyone else with the same car could tow the same trailer. You don't just just blame the trailer. Your car seems to be under powered compared to everyone elses!


    In this instance the case is highlighting your wifi antena is so weak it can not even go through a case, let alone a wall or a window, which it should be expected to do.

  • SleepingJohn Level 1 Level 1

    Perhaps you should read my post if you are planning on replying to it.

  • MickMatt Level 1 Level 1

    SJ - I think I spoke too soon.....


    Reception certainly improved with case removal, but it is not nearly as strong as it is for my iPads and for my 4Gs, and the 4Gs has a silicon case.


    Had not the wifi speed been so good on the 4Gs, I probably would have considered the 5 speed tolerable.

  • SamAust Level 1 Level 1

    I did. In your own words....... " I recommend that one should seriously consider removing cases and/or screen protectors.


    If you read my reply, the case should not be seen as the problem. I am pretty sure you are suggesting people should remove their cases.

  • SleepingJohn Level 1 Level 1

    You could not have possibly come to that conclusion if you read my comment.

  • SamAust Level 1 Level 1

    @SleepingJohn I cut and paste the comment from what you wrote above. They were your words not mine.


    Or is your issue that you started talking about an iPhone wifi issue and went off on a tangent and talked about touchscreens on palms and kindles - and then concluded to remove the case? There must be millions of people that use cases everyday with wifi devices with no issues.


    My only point is.......


    In some instances the case is highlighting a weak wifi antenna on the iPhone5. Wifi should be able to go through a case, a wall or a window. My original iPhone5 did not work properly with a case, only slightly better without. I had my phone replaced and it now works perfectly with a case on.

    People could possibly try their "bad case" on someones phone that has good wifi - I am sure it would be OK.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed Healz4u: Hence why to try an compensate any given reason of poor quality signal strength, always go for External Antennaes with WAP's


    As for cases, protection covers etc, those theories always crop up, you can never get a definitive answer to how much signal reduction occurs, its just like locking yourself away in a square brick wall confined space expecting to get full signal to a WAP device outside those walls .


    Indeed it would improve signal having no case at all, i use a simple leather covered flip case and inside has plastic corner points that my iphone 5 sits in to. I dont really notice any signal difference having if off.


    My WAP that sits less than 7 metres away from me at my desk is showing full strength with/without case and my telcos providers signal strength is still the same.

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    I got the iphone 5 as a christmas gift, it worked fine for a while and then the wifi would go on and off and randomly work. my bill was chargered an extra 15 dollars for every time i went over data. I went to the apple store and all they did was replace my phone. The next phone was doing the same exact thing. I was thinking maybe it was my router but my whole family has iphone 4s and they have been having perfect wifi.


    I called apple instead of going back to a store and they told me to restore my phone as new. I did that and it still did nothing so they told me to go back to the store. I went back to the store and my internet worked perfectly fine there, they told me that it was either my router or my ghost armor screen protector and there was nothing else they could find. I called the router place and its not them either.


    This Iphone has caused me so much problem and money. If anyone hears anything different that could help me please let me know.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Lily, you havent made a mention what you've tried by fixing it yourself ?

    Iphone 5 with IOS 6 out of the box can have potential WiFi compatability issues, try updating to IOS 6.1 that is now out


    As for iphone 4s, in my experience.. on the proviso is had IOS 5.0 then it worked like a charm, IOS 6.01, IOS 6.02 was a train wreck, then came IOS 6.1 which gave a breath of fresh air to some of us that can now breath again.


    As for your router and screen protector, i wouldnt be inclinded to suspect screen protector as thats a typical fob off answer just to get you out of the building *i could of slapped that person myself if they said that to me lol*


    As for you're router, its possible though not a "problem" with the router, but you might need to upgrade/downgrade firmware to make it more compatable as thats what i had to do BUT ....... Before u do that, UPGRADE to IOS 6.1 as moving forward, my companies WiFi is back to normal working operations now.


    Hope this helps..

  • Stephen Dawson1 Level 1 Level 1

    Dangoverts, I have only tested download speeds using an iOS 6 version. My tests are always using Dropbox. IPad 3 with an iOS 6 version seems fine though, only the newer devices with the dual band wifi seem to have slow download speeds for me.

  • dangoverts Level 1 Level 1

    @Stephen Dawson, @ozsmacd


    Stephens iPad 3 w IOS 6 is fine.


    Ozsmacd's iPhone 4 and iPad 3 are fine.


    As far as I understand, between the two of you, you only experience problems on iPhone5 and iPad mini.


    My iPad2, iPhone4 and iPhone5 at IOS 6.1 are all equally slow. Except actually I should mention that I tested video streaming and some smaller file download from Dropbox last night. And it seemed to be fine. I am still only really experiencing slowness when downloading podcasts.


    But I find it strange that we see these differences.


    Maybe I should mention that my devices have been bought in Europe and may be different from some North American configurations. I do not know where you guys are from.


    Perhaps it also depends on how the different device models interact with different network settings....


    I am getting in way over my head here. Perhaps someone else has a theory...

  • MickMatt Level 1 Level 1

    One final update -


    Had 2 minute appointment at Genius Bar today.  Yong, the Genius, said the problem was with the chip, which also serves as the antennae.


    In less than 2 minutes, I had a new handset, that is now updated to 6.1, and so far connects perfectly to wifi.


    Yong suggested that the composition of the case, being silicon, should have no impact whatsoever - if it is a dud chip, then it is a dud chip !


    So, try everything, then change the handset !  Due credit to Apple for not squabbling over this.


    Good luck to all

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Mick: For those who it might assist, can you please provide the site location, tech name, your problem etc as much details as possible, the possibly others can use your situation to prove their experiences are the same and thus hopefully get a replacement or something from their own local Apple Store.


    If you got a "new" handset, then im guessing you were fortunate to be within your agreed return policy period however long that was ?, otherwise id be surprised if  you've had it for a few months and simply walked in then they gave you a new one.