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    Shannon - had the phone for one week !  Issue was loss of wifi reception after 2-3 days - had updated all software, reset networks, hard restarts, down graded software, cover on, cover off, reset routers both home and at my business - in the end there was no dispute by Apple that my hand set was faulty - symptoms: would only connect to wifi if within 2 metres of wifi point, at 3m it just wouldn't connect

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    The problem is that when I went to the Apple Store, they have got such powerful WIFI signal that i worked. But only there. So no swap to new Iphone... Apple is disappointing me day after day more and more.

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    Dont let go, for Christ sake. You take some android and your iphone5. Put them together and connect on wifi with your android. Then with camera take a pic of both phones where you prove that android can connect but iphone cant


    I have made several images:


    1. One in cafe where iphone4 could connect but my iphone5 could not
    2. One at parents home where iphone 4, motorola fire XT and galaxy advance could connect but iphone 5 could not
    3. One restourant where iphone4 could connect but iphone5 could not


    And with those "evidence" go to apple store and ask for replacement. They have to replace it.

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    I have same problems. Heading next week to apple store, hope that new iphone5 will not be defective also. IT is definitive a hardware problem, not software

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    Bad luck bigabiga, I took my iPhone 5 back today and found the same problem. The Apple store wifi is unencrypted and mighty powerful. You try to show how it can't connect and you look pretty sheepish when it connects without a problem. I ended up being lucky and so far this replacement iPhone 5 appears to connect throughout my home in spots that the last one simply wouldn't. I still need to see how it works in our office environment though on Monday. The replacement came with 6.0 so if that works, I ain't never gonna upgrade until their is firmware that is widely agreed to fix this issue. Although I did get a positive response from Apple genius today, what worries me is that they seem to be in total denial about the problem. Good technicians ought to be listening to the customers and starting to feedback the symptoms to Cupertino to see if there is a pattern. What's the serial number? What wifi chip set provider? What encryption? How long is your pass phrase? How is DHCP set up? Right now, I might have well had said that aliens were abducting my wifi. I'm pretty sure that there IS a hardware problem that is only manifested on a % of phones. It's amazing how Apple genii profess to "never having seen this problem before", when this discussion is on to 244 pages now.

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    Don't despair.  I had the same problem, went to the Apple store and told them that I can't connect, or signal locks (shows its connected but no data transfer) or drops altogether - even at home where I have Apple wireless equipment.  They poked at my phone for a minute and replaced it with no further questions even though it had a good connection in store.


    Good luck.


    For me the Apple customer service experience was as it always has been, no nonsense, no fuss and a quick, helpful and friendly solution that solved my problem first time.

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    I took my iPhone 5 in about a week ago to the Apple store, I had wifi issues, and battery issues.  Even though the phone connected in the store and worked great, they replaced it without questioning me.  I have had my new iPhone5 (iOS 6.0.2) for a week now and it has been working as it should.  I get full 20Mbps at home, which is all I pay for.  The battery life is better, but still not great.  It is about equal to my 1.5yr old iPhone4.  Maybe thats just because of 4G or bigger screen, I don't know.  The "genius" at the store said he never heard of this issue before, which was a bold face lie, since I could clearly hear other people in the store talking about the same issues with other geniuses. (I hate that they're called geniuses) genius-meme.png

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    That's correct, dangoverts, I've only seen my issue with iPhone 5 and ipad Mini - slow downloads for podcasts, large dropbox files and Evernote. But Speedtest shows full speed most of the time. Sometimes it freezes for a few seconds though. Frustrating that there are so many symptoms!

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    For everyone that is able to get their iPhone 5 swapped at the Apple Store and the replacement is working as expected on WiFi, did the Apple Genius open a brand new retail sealed box with product advertising and accessories or just the standard plain white box with only the replacement iPhone 5 inside because when I swapped mine it came from this standard plain white box and I still have the same sluggish WiFi problems as before.

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    I got mine replaced at Verizon. They brought out a brand new one in the retail box. They just gave me the phone and I kept the original phone's box and charger and earbuds.

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    Interesting mark_mark896, then you most likely got a recently manufactured one while I got a refurb. AT&T wouldn't swap mine so they directed me to get a replacement at the Apple Store, which I did but now I'm thinking I got a refurb with the same problems as before. The Apple Genius told me at the Apple Store that there is a chance of getting a refurbished iPhone 5 since Apple will take said "broken" iPhone 5 and run some tests (probably against their super-fast WiFi, which never experiences issues) and if all checks out they package it up in that standard white box and send it back to an Apple Store for another victim. What is the model number of your iPhone 5 (Settings->General->About->Model)? Mine is ND642LL/A.

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    When I got my iPhone5 replaced at the Apple store, it came from a small white box, with just the iPhone5 in it.  Like I said previously, so far it has been working for one week.  My model is ND293LL.  I don't know what my old model number was.

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    Mine is MD664LL/A. I wonder what the difference in the MD vs ND IS?

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    Btw, Verizon didn't give me any hassle. They said since I pay the monthly insurance on my phone it was no big deal.

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    I just had horrible experience from an Apple store in Bethesda, Maryland. As a new customer with Apple product, their product defects and horrible service  make me feel that this iPhone 5 will be the last thing I ever purchased from Apple. No more!


    I got iPhone 5  about a month ago, and it works fine with my home wifi, but has issue witt wi-fi in office building. Two colleagues with iPhone 4S, another with iPhone 5, they have no issue with wifi connection when we literally put phones side by side.


    Tech Rep from Apple helped me go through the reinstallation process, and the issue remains. With scheduled appointment to local Apple store in Bethesda Maryland, their serice was as ugly as the store manger's face.


    As many users have experienced, they said first that the phone had no issue to connect to store WiFi, then told me they can replace it with another iPhone, but only once, if the problem continues, Apple won't do the replacement again. Ok, I decided to bet my luck. What really offending me was that they gave a phone which I clearly saw the paint was already peeled off from phone's aluminum frame, an obviously second-handed phone. My phone is just one-month old, brand new.


    I now believe that a proportion of iPhone 5 come with build-in hardwire detects for WiFi connection. While I am continuing to fix this issue,  my trust and respect to Apple brand and products went to zero.