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    2x iPhone 5's sitting side-by side. One works on wifi, one doesn't. That's 50%. This is my last iPhone. This crap, along with the really broken backup-restore experience and the UI basketcase that is iTunes. Never again.

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    MY SOLUTION (and cause)


    Origin: iphone 4 connecting to wpa2 router comtrend

    Transition: new iphone 5 based on the backup copy of the iphone 4

    Problem: iphone 5 not connecting to wpa2 router comtrend

    Solution: factory-reset iphone 5 and do not load the old backup copy, set as new

    Source: genius bar at "gran plaza 2"

    Root cause: corrupted itunes backup (at least the networking part)

    Soft: both iphone 5 and 4 running 6.0.2


    Good luck

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    This is what worked for me at my home WiFi:


    I went into the router settings, disabled the security, then changed the wireless channel one by one until my iphone finally began receiving data on channel 4..


    I hope apple fixes this soon, the iphone 5 is **** without connectability..

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    Can you tell me after you did a factory- reset how did you put all you info. back? Set up as new iPhone back up from iCloud or you computer.

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    Contacts, etc. from iCloud, purchases from iTunes, passwords from my password sheet.

    A big task of password harvesting and in-app backup/data export (when available) is needed.

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    @patsywright.  I just did a factory reset to my iPhone 5 that has/had problems with wifi (inconsistent connection abilities, drops , slow )  I did  the restore all through iCloud and it was painless!   I got all my photos, passwords, free & paid apps AND my mail settings from 3 accounts.  (A couple apps I had to re-sign in). Had previously upgraded to 6.1 but still had intermittent connection problems after 36 hours. 


    Has it solved my problem? Still testing but in 3 hours I haven't had a dropped signal in my home.  The transition from LTE back to wireless after walking outside happened automatically when before I would *sometimes* have to toggle wifi on/off to get a connection.   So far, so good. 


    Here is what I did-

    1) cleared history & cookies.  ( had never done that before- AT&T tech suggested this whole process)

    2) backed up iPhone to iTunes on the pc. ( I went ahead and upgraded to latest iTunes first just incase)

    3) took screen shots of my apps as I was told the free apps would have to be re-downloaded from the App Store (turned out not to be the case- all restored via iCloud)

    4) wrote down my email routers/settings (exchange account tech folks not open on weekend and I needed to have easy access to work email- but hooray- all transferred via restore from iCloud and access was seamless!)

    5) set-up my iCloud back-up- selected all to back-up except ones I had to open a new icloud email address/account (notes & mail; because I did not select back-up mail I thought I would have to re- set-up my gmail & exchange accounts but they were there upon restore- guess they are in the settings)

    6) so then it was time to back-up to iCloud.   A bit tricky- takes 4+ hours so after fiddling and researching I decided to do it while I slept- your iPhone  must be hooked up to power, be on wifi,  and the screen locked ( so they say) My phone said 8 hours to back-up bit it took 1/2 that time based on the time stamp on the back up record. I did worry a bit during the night that my wifi would drop during the night and I obsessively checked it first thing when I woke up.  Pleasantly surprised all was complete (because I actually slept less than 8 hours)

    7) time to erase -  Settings_General_reset_erase all content and settings.

    8) set-up as new phone. 

    9) restore via iCloud.  Pretty painless-settings very quick but auto install of all apps took a couple hours.  I could still use the phone- email, web, apps as available. 


    VERY HAPPY  with iCloud process. 


    Here's hoping wifi is fixed!

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    Hello, i just wanna ask what did you do to fix this problem??? i am having the same problem with my iphone 5pls help tnx

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    I tried this and OMG OMG OMG it worked I was about to the point of pulling my hair out. THANK YOU so very very much...

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    I as well have unfortunately experienced WIFI connectivity similar to many in this forum. Another member in my family, however has an iPhone 5 which works PERFECTLY when connected to the same unsecured WIFI network. This makes me believe this is infact an iPhone 5 hardware based issue. I wanted to share this & have included a link to a brief video below that clearly shows this.


    After unsucessfully attempting to fix the defective iPhone 5 by resetting the network settings & updating the software to iOS 6.1, I proceeded to the "Genius Bar" at my local Apple store. The defective iPhone suprisingly worked just fine when connected to the Apple store WIFI. An exchange for a replacement iPhone could not be made because the iPhone appeared to be working fine with "no defect". The Wifi connectivity issues persisted when arriving home as well as other public wifi hotspots. So I decided to make the video below to show the folks at Apple what is really going on. Hope it helps others who run into a similar issue:



    A WORKING iPhone 5 side by side with a DEFECTIVE iPhone 5 VIDEO:


    iPhone 5 Wifi Issue copy.jpg


    A defective iPhone 5 (Model: MD638LL/A), seen on the right side of the screen, looses connectivity to a wireless router after moving back just 40ft. The defective phone does however stays connected to a WIFI network if it is 15 feet or less from the router.  A working iPhone 5, seen on the left,  is shown as a comparison, & successfully connects despite the 40ft distance from the router.


    After unsuccessfully attempting to fix the defective iPhone 5 by "reseting network setting" & updating the software to iOS 6.1, I proceeded to the "Genius Bar" at my local Apple store. The defective phone surprisingly worked just fine when connecting to the apple store WIFI. An exchange for a new phone could not be given due to the fact that the iPhone 5 appeared to be working fine. The WIFI connectivity  issue persisted when arriving home. The same connectivity issues occur on public WIFI networks, other than at the apple store.



    The working iPhone was purchased from an AT&T store during the iPhone 5 release. The defective iPhone was purchased from the same AT&T store in December 2012 (Model: MD638LL/A), (Modem Firmware: 3.04.25)

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    Using Speedtest on the iPhone 5, I was getting a solid download for about 2 seconds (on another floor away from the TimeCapsule/Extreme) then it would stall. Every single time, about a third of the way through. Upload is always top speed regardless of the stall. Sitting next to the TC/E there was no issue.


    So I tried the no password thing and it worked.


    Then I read that it was as simple as changing the password. So I put everything back to WPA2 Personal because I was uneasy about having an open network. Back to the stall during Speedtesting.


    Then I read that WEP will work. Had to select "b/g Compatible" instead of "n only" to get WEP, entered the joyously long 13 character password I came up with, and it's all back to working.


    MY GUESS is that Apple (quietly?) fixed the hardware on newer models to deal with this issue. Or, it's a sloppy bug they can't yet find a fix for.

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    I have the same wifi problem! For doing my iCloud back up I connect my iPhone to a radio app and it stay connected to wifi! It is not the ideal solution but I could make my back up! Hope this tip helps others!!

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    Hi all, i've been following this thread since the very start.


    I'm from Melbourne, Australia and got the iPhone 5 when it was launched in September. WiFi worked fine initially until i updated it to 6.01.


    I wasn't able to connect to any wifi networks at all (had the Unable to join 'xxx' notification every single time to my existing home, office and public networks).


    I had my first Genius appointment at Chadstone - the iPhone5 was able to connect to their local wifi. The bloke asked me to reset all settings and do a restore. I was naive enough to believe him so i went home and did what was recommended but the phone was still not able to connect. I jumped online to seek help and came across this thread.


    I tried everything including downgrading router firmware, changing WEP to WAP, trying AES, TKIP, removed security, tried all 13 wifi channels, tried several other routers..... like i said, literally everything. It still did not work.


    I then had a second Genius appointment at Chadstone - again the iPhone5 was able to connect to their network. They guy told me to do a DFU Restore. Again - i was naive enough to go home and give it another go. I did the DFU successfully, but was still not able to connect to my existing networks.


    Update 6.02 was released and i was very optimistic but it didnt help. I decided to soldier on an rely on my data plan to provide connectivity, in hope that 6.1 would fix it.


    Last week, my patience paid off with the release of 6.1. Unfortunately, it didn't help either and that was the last straw for me.


    I had my third Genius appontment at Fountain Gate Mall - the Apple Store had two networks - Apple Demo and Apple Store. It could connect to Apple Demo but could not connect to Apple Store. The Asian dude was really nice, i told him my story and he understood my frustration and after 2 minutes, offered to replace my iPhone5!!


    He said he had to download all my diagnostic data into the Work Authorisation File to process my warranty claim. All iPhone5's have a full 12 month warranty - i had about 250+ days left on mine. Similar to ehartman5007, the replacement iPhone5 came from a small, slim white box which had just the iPhone5, no manual etc. I asked him if it was a common problem - he said there was a handful of similar cases but he Apple was not able to pinpoint the cause / origin of the fault due to the complexity of the phone. He said it is a combination of software / hardware.


    Hope my experience helps you guys out there. My replacement iPhone5 works great now with reasonable speeds. Try and get your phone replaced asap!

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    Hi Randy.. Im from Sydney Australia. I totally relate to your situation, my case was like yours however IOS 6.1 fixed my companies wiFi connectivity issues, though i still have reservations about the phone that i feel are still not right, but im just putting up with it as i mostly rely on wifi connectivity where its most important and thats the workplace and home.


    Happy you got a replacement.


    I hope EVERYONE can come to Chadstone in Melbourne VIC Australia to get a Iphone 5 REPLACEMENT.


    I'd like to re-interrate that

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    1 of 2 new iPhwn 5s we bought did not work on home wifi. The soution ... after much debate the faulty one was replaced. Now we have 2 that work. I just remembered that the iPhwn 4S I bought previously had to be replaced after it took 4 visits with a "genius" for them to finally learn that it was broken (3G on that one).


    In both cases it worked in-store - probably because their in-store systems are misconfigured or 1 ft awy from you.


    Universal solution: get them to replace it or get a refund - it's the law (in AUS).

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    @Stephen Dawson, @ozsmacd


    It looks like my test results on iPhone 4 and iPad2 were not reliable.


    Although I very often get slow download times for podcasts (20-80 kb/s) on those devices, I have discovered, that I do occassionally get a "good connection" with download times over 1.5 MB/s.


    It is pretty rare or at least random, but it happens.


    On the iPhone 5 I only ever get 20-80 kb/s for podcasts.


    Sorry for the confusion - but it seems that the problem is at least more prevalent on the iPhone5.