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    Thanks but we are so far beyond that information. We're not having a general connection issue, everyone is having a problem due to an Apple issue they need to fix. It's either a software or hardware issue or a combo that the 6.01 update hosed up how the hardware works.

    German123 wrote:

  Use this

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    And I've had to go back to hiding the network and leaving it open because WEP was a nightmare.

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    Well a lot of folks have been helped with the new iOS 6.1 but also a lot that haven't. It appears that the iP5 just inherently has wifi issues to some degree with low throughput to sketchy connectivity from all I have read. I would guess the majority of iP5 owners don't have issues (in the grand scheme of millions of units sold) but I believe if I were you I would wait for the next model or get a 4s (cheaper too). Just my opinion. Of course you can try it and return again within your carriers grace period if you have problems with it.

    VivaTerlingua wrote:


    I purchased iPhone 5 in October and returned it because of the wifi problems.  Other than that I liked the phone.  I'm wondering if Apple has corrected the problem, if it would be safe to give it another try now.  Dose anybody have problems that's purchased a phone in the last 2 weeks?

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    My iPhone 5 was getting a range of .05Mbps - 0.7Mbps at home wifi, work wifi and any public spot i would take it to.   My old 3GS that I purchased back in 2009 was averaging 7.0mbps-9.0Mbps.  This was ridiculous for my new phone to be so sluggish on Wifi!!!!! 


    Steps I took to fix my own issue (to no avail):

    1. Turned off wireless encryption on router

    2. Replace router with brand new one (no encryption either)

    3. Restarted my phone

    4. Restored my phone (from backup)

    5. Restored my phone (as new phone)

    6. Took it to the Apple store and showed them my wifi test (speeds speedtest app)

             - Luckily the guy was cool and saw the tests and realized how sluggish the phone was after a new restore as a new phone

              - The guy swapped out the phone for me and now i have a new iPhone5 that works 14.0Mbps-19Mbps consistently!   Although they just replaced my phone, Thank you Apple.


    I'm posting this so people can see however you try to fix the problem... it's probably not software and just take it in and hopefully they'll exchange your phone out for you (if you are under 1 year factory warranty still).





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    German.. This article should be made as point of referenec before anyone mentions they have WiFi issues on here, however its a good article to point out, nice one


    I like the reference about the WiFi device might not be compatable with certain IOS devices, which i thought was entertaining as i fitted in to the category "nearly"


    The Netgear WG102 was known to have connectivity issues since IOS6 came out i discovered.

    My WAP's in my company wouldnt accept the passkey, then IOS 6.01 came out, useless, then IOS 6.02 came out, useless, then IOS 6.1 came out then i had to throw a party, Apple must of done something right


    I also like to add, i was on the latest firmware for my WAP up to the RELEASE of IOS 6.0, then it bombed out on me. I had to DOWNGRADE firmware to get it working again, go figure


    I re upgraded my companies firmware on the WAP again and works like a charm on IOS 6.1.


    In short, if you're having password / encryptions issues connecting to yor WAP, im placing my cards on the possibility of being a hardware/software compatability issue with your WAP and the IOS device.


    If it cant be addressed with firmware changes on your WAP, then you have to sit n wait for more apple IOS Releases.


    Failing that, its probably time to buy yourself a new modern WAP device.


    Thats my companies experience shared.

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    Sinec Apple has been fobbing people off at the stores early, maybe they have enough "workable" iphone 5's to re-distribute now ?

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    I am sorry if i was no help

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    German: That article was a good refresher for those who simply write My Wifi not working since i updated my IOS type of statements. Good Article

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    I already had my 6.1 no doubt it is a little bit better but it is not totally fix yet.. I have not done a reset to my phone yet. Do i seriously have to reset everything? Well i used to connect 2 meters away with 6.0.2 now 5 meters away i guess. I see some people got it fixed with 6.1 so can i conclude mine as hardware issue and go ahead with my replacement? Any suggestions....

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    Hi Mich, maybe do what others have done, compile some video evidence for comparison and take some screen shots proving that device A is working and Device B is not side by side.


    The again as German pointed out in the article, have you considered firmware etc on WAP device regardless IF everything else is working fine, as they might ask that.


    If your phone connects to a different WAP, it "might" not be hardware, hard to say, BUT if you have evidence to show it doesnt work on another WAP device, sounds like it could well be hardware.


    PS: Germans article by apple makes reference to possible compatabilitiy issues with WAP devices ?

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    Hi Shanon, thanks for answering me... it is connecting just don't understand why the coverage is so small.. same happen to both at home and at work. The wifi is ok i've been using older iphones. I can connect a bit further with 6.1.. that makes me started to think of the wifi receiver, i mean 'hardware' that is wrong.

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    I had the same problem when I bought my iPad 3 on launch day. Duff Wifi chip couldn't even get past setup, they swapped it for a brand new boxed one no bother.

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    I managed to get by iPhone5 iOS 6.1 worked with increase distance from router, from 4meters to 6meters.

    However compare with iPhone4 iOS 6.1, it is iPhone 5 is 1-3 meters shorter range.

    I believe it more like design problem than actual electronics components problem. The thinner design, the aluminum back case are the major contributor to poorer receiver range. Connection timeout on WiFi connection is another contributor as a result of lower receiving signal.

    I believe boost the receiver gain could help bot will drain the battery faster.

    With iOS 6.0.2, removing the Mercury case increase the receiver range but not in iOS 6.1. I think IOS 6.1 has basically boost the receiver gain as I notice my battery drain faster.


    However, I will choose boost the receiver gain and drain the battery than no wifi connection.

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    Yes that would be the really only option Michiko87

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    As I found that it was the iOS 6.0.2 update that started the WIFI issue on my phone (as seems to be the case for a couple of others), I was wondering if anyone has tried downgrading the phone to iOS 6.0.1 or 6.0 to see whether this fixes the issue


    what I experience:

    -no problems when I'm on an apple configured network (router = timecapsule)

    -strange connectivity when I'm the network configured by my ISP: optimal speed and connectivity throughout the house, even 20 meters away, but no connectivity at all on certain spots, although less than 5 meters away from the router (other iOS devices on iOS 6.1 or below work flawless on those very same spots)

    -when at work: perfect connectivity and speed within a range of 1 meter from the router, one meter further: everything is ghone (noting but air between myself and  the router). It has nothing to do with the router: all other iPhone 5's, iPad's, iPod's connect as they should.