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    I just purchased a new Verizon iPhone 5 with ios updates. Phone is not picking up Wifi signal at home. This is rediculous. Apple  and possibley the carriers (who stand to make a ton of money on extra data fees) need to be brought to both a consumer court of opinion and a court of law.


    This 32G device was $400 plus plan changes etc.....It is time to take Apple to task.....I dont want to waste countless time at a Genius bar. Of course the wifi is going to work in an Apple staged environment.


    Apple...get of your you know what and fix this problem immediately. Are there any class action lawyers out there that would care to take this on?

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    I just tried a new re-install and now it does not even seem to back up. The back up is spinning around synching the calendar for several minutes. Apple...what have you done....Steve Jobs is weeping....You are ruining his legacy.....

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    I have been having the same issue on my iPhone 4S.... did a little research what issues people have been facing on all their devices then and what they have tried yet to fix it and made a summary of it...

    >WiFi issues for iOS 6 and temporary fixes

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    This afternoon I went to the Genius Bar and was told that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my phone. The wifi diagnostic test did not reflect any issues and of course as everyone indicated the wifi worked splendidly in the store. When i walked into various stores the wifi did not work and of course when I got home it did not work. The Genius told me that perhaps I should change out my router (get an update). I thought for a moment all my other home devices are working splendidly, my iPhone 4 was working fine; and now I should get a new router to support the 5. Directionally that does not sound right...of course was it not Apple Maps that failed at the launch


    The store did offer to change out my device but I opted to hold off a bit. I am very disapointed in Apple and I suspect that the begining to their end of greatness has already commenced.


    I am really at a loss.

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    Ive posted here last week about removing my phone casing and somehow solved my wifi issues. Ive read in some threads that they removed their silicon or plastic covering at the back of their ophone 5s and seemed to solve the problem.

    I noticed that if i cover the back of my phone about an inch or about two fingers from the top, wifi signal decreases dramatically, losses signal then goes into 3G. And if i remove it, my phone instantly goes back to wifi connection.

    My carrier says it is a software problem and i should just wait for an update, they will not replace my unit.

    I just bought my iphone 5 a month ago, on 6.1.

    My iphone 4s and my 2 ipads just work perfectly, no issues at all and software is on 6.1.1.

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    Update to problem.....I just got an email from a person below....his comment was to try taking off any extra case, and that the plastic/rubber interfere with the wifi signal. I was able to log on to my guest wifi connection but not my private one.


    Progress......will keep everyone posted


    Re: iPhone 5 wifi issues

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    Thank you...I am now getting home wifi. Come to think of it...when I was with the Genious today...he took off my case....and the store wifi was recognized. I was very skeptical.....


    This is good so far....still can not figure out why it will see my "guest" name and not my personal private connection.



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    OK, so, what are the cases people are using that have been found to curtail the signal? I have a black Insipio I got from Rogers Cable here in Toronto. It makes no difference on or off. My issue is that I get moments where the wifi bars, which are usually at two in the bedroom, suddenly go to three bars and that's when Iknow I'll get no Net access for a minute or two or three. Or five.


    It may make sense that cases are an issue for some because a new iPhone 5 shape required a new case, and the manufacturers may have gone off the deepend with the newness of it all.

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    The case i got is from INCIPIO. It has a soft rubber sleeve that fits into a plastic shell...great protrection but must be a wifi barrier....still does not explain why I can't get my secure wifi channel at home. Apple is losing my confidence in general....

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    "The case i got is from INCIPIO. It has a soft rubber sleeve that fits into a plastic shell...great protrection but must be a wifi barrier....still does not explain why I can't get my secure wifi channel at home. Apple is losing my confidence in general...."



    I had the WiFi issues, and I have an Incipio case and I am here to say it was not the case, because I swapped out my iPhone 5 for a replacement, still using the same case and all is working with replacement iPhone 5. I believe it could be a hardware issue that perhaps was triggered by that horrid update.

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    I like a lot of people am suffering from this wifi issue on my iphone 5, my missus is still using the iPhone 4 and on the same iOS her wifi is running fine. What's the suggested course of action? I was reading if you get a replacement phone and the issue isn't fixed they won't replace it a second time. Do I just wait it out or what?

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    Just quickly, to get my Iphone 5 working consistently with the D-Link 655 I disabled PW login (none) and set the advanced wireless network to only accept devices via my specific mac addresses incl the PC. Then I disabled SPI and set channel to 20/40 and band to BGN. Seems to be holding, 8M download from 30 feet away. No drop outs. M

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    I really do not understand all the "router" Netgear is set as follows:


    SSID band enabled

    Channel 11

    up to 54 Mbps



    My guest is only set to WEP

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    D-link DIR 655 settings to work well with Iphone 5.

    Reset your Modem, on the back of the modem press the reset button (use a pen) and hold botton down for at least 10 secs until you see all the blue lights go off quickly then start again. On your PC immediately login password is blank, user name is Admin.

    1. Goto setup page then Wireless Settings

    2. Click Manual wireless setup

    3. Type in your new Wireless Network name

    4. Tick auto channel scan

    5. Channel width 20/40

    6. Auto Channel scan

    7. Visible NO

    Important: Set security settings to None! (You will use instead dedicated MAC addresses see below)

    Click save settings

    1. Click advanced then network filter

    2. In the drop down box select: Turn Mac filtering on and allow computers.....

    3. Type in your MAC address for each piece of hardware you wish to connect wirelessly.

    4. IMPORTANT The first address should be your PC's MAC address. If you dont enter the correct MAC then you will have to restart this procedure again as the DIR 655 will block you out.

    5. Add your iphone Mac Address. Found in Settings-General-about

    6. Once you've added all the MAC addresses click save then save again.


    1. Goto tools then admin

    2. Enter in your Password into all boxes (admin and user sections) for when you want to login into the DIR 655

    3. Click save


    Finally on the same page click system tab on the left and reboot. Wait until it restarts and login with your Password you created. If you cant see the login page when you enter then your PC Mac address was incorrect.


    Do a speed test on your Iphone 3,4,5 and you should find its more stable, and faster. Security is fine as ONLY devices with the MAC addresses you entered can connect wirelessly.


    This process worked for me. Cheers and hope it helps someone with the Iphone 5 and the D-Link DIR 655

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    Just noted: When connecting on your Iphone 5 in settings as youve set you SSID to NOT visible select other-type the name you entered and it should connect (no password is required) as you should have entered your phones MAC address in the allowed only list on the D-Link DIR 655.