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    Anyone of you guys happen to know the emails addresses of Apple seniors????


    time to get busy.....!

  • westango Level 1 (0 points)

    Posted before and here are some updates on my case:


    My iphone 5 was purchased through a local carrier on 22-Dec-2012. The phone worked fine for about 2 weeks and all of a sudden had all sorts of wifi connection issues with many public and private wireless networks. All resets, iOS updates and other so-called fixes didn't work.


    The local apple store replaced it for me on 7-Jan-2013 despite the fact that the phone magically worked on their store's wifi. This replacement unit first worked well on iOS6.0.1, before it displayed the same wifi problems after about 3 weeks. Again, all resets, iOS updates and router settings made no difference.


    I got it replaced again on 28-Jan-2013 and have been using this 3rd iphone 5 without any wifi problem (finger-crossed) for a month now. I have no idea whether it was the software or the hardware that was not working.


    FYR: this working phone is running on iOS6.0.1 and has a model number of ND299ZP. Its modem firmware is 1.01.00.


    Should I run into any wifi issue with this 3rd iphone 5 (which seems like an accident waiting to happen), I've already decided that I will simply take a financial loss, sell this nightmare machine and walk completely away from any Apple product in the foreseeable future -- and I am a multimedia professional who has been making a living using Apple solutions in the past 12 years. I thought the mess with Final Cut Pro X was bad enough but this wifi problem on iphone 5 is even worse.

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    I upgraded to 6.1.2, and it seems to improve signal strength.

    I conducted some tests and found th issue is related to 2.4GHz router. I tested WEP, WAP, and WAP2 with the same router. There were no signal strength difference between the 3 with different distance from the router. I noticed the hone work well in some apps such as Safari, email, slow response with XE currency and Bliimberg, but cannot even connect with GOOD's secure email app. For Public WIFI it work well in newer building (I guess may be it is using 5GHz router), but for older building whenever the signal strength is 2 bars or lower, the connection always drop, as compare to iP4.

    I think my iP5 issue is related to low data rate connection than modem issue. I think iOS gave up retry easier when bit rate is lower or there were too many resent/error packets. I believe there is more firmware issue than HW.

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    I fortgot to ad this:


    With last iphone5 (before swap) at my parents house i couldnot connect on wifi home network if I was 5 meters away from router. WIth new iphone5 i can connect normaly even two levels under, and from the backyard. So now everything works normaly. Definitly hardware problem, nothing to do with system

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    I'm having the same issue and agree (as mentioned in other posts) with CKFROMSG that issue seems to be related to 2.4GHz.  I even replaced my Airport Express for other reasons, but the dual channel does not help either - I need to set the entire network to 5GHz for my iPhone (not any of the other i-Devices or Macs in my house) to work.  Given the consistency of the problem, I wonder whether one of the updates was not compatible with a particular chipset used in some of the iPhones as, I believe, that the WiFi chip is sourced from different suppliers - or maybe even different models of that chip.  In any event, if true, this would explain the behavior on some phones and not others, including why some people see an improvement with a new phone when others do not.


    I still have not had time to trek over to an Apple store to complete my already approved iPhone swap.  Hopefully, this weekend.  Will keep everyone posted.

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    I doubt any software update would solve the issue.


    All we need is Apple to confirm that it is hardware issue and accept replacement with no hassle.


    In the country of my current residence it may not be easy to convince service company for replacement. And this is the only  problem. If we would have a proper Apple Store I would not be moaning and waiting for new software updates. The iPhone a paid for must work the day I paid for it and not sometime in the future.


    Does any Apple representative look in discussions hosted in their web site? We are you gentlmen? Please reply and show us the way to go. Please!

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    Seems like everyones getting this problem


    I bought my iphone 5 at christmas and ever since then the wifi has been presenting me with problems e.g degrading quality while on youtube,browsing the internet and installing apps all end up with the wifi cutting out and not being able to reconnect unless i reset my internet using the bthomehub2.


    I have browsed multiple forums with troubleshooting tips and none of them seem to work and when I came accross a site yesterday saying it is a problem with the hardware (wireless chip) on certain models of the iphone 5 I am seriously considering maybe swapping it for a different model of the phone because it is still under warranty unless i find a solution.


    If anyone has this problem of having to reset their entire internet whenever the phone disconnects and knows a solution please let me know


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    Some Additional info:


    i am on a Dlink WIFI Router - Using WPA2 Personal - AES


    Channel 9.


    using the application Wifi Analyzer :


    if the reception is below 70%-65% i will not be able to connect to my wifi network at home.


    if the reception is from 71% and up i will always manage to connect and the link is stable.



    this behaviour seems to be constant...




    any feedbacks guys?




  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,985 points)

    No issues whatsoever on mine, so if it's a hardware issue it's not universal.


    For some other issues, some people had luck narrowing things down to a particular range of MAC addresses.

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    One thing I've noticed with each of my problematic iPhone 5's is that the WiFi MAC address (found under Settings/General/About/Wi-Fi Address & Bluetooth) is exactly one hexadecimal digit less than the Bluetooth MAC address while other fully functional iPhone 5's like the demo ones at AT&T stores have quite distinctly different offsets for WiFi and Bluetooth. Coincidence?

  • CKFROMSG Level 1 (0 points)

    Gnavicks could be right. My BT and WiFi is just 1 Hex different. In this case, will switching off BT help?

  • ftiryaki03 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same for bt and wifi mac adres only one different.ıs there anyone tell us No have wifi problem and wifi and bt mac adress compare ?

  • iinami Level 4 (1,440 points)

    there are two iphone 5's in my house, both have no wifi problems and both have the wifi and bluetooth 1 digit off.

  • CKFROMSG Level 1 (0 points)

    Is your router running at 2.4GHz?

  • MrLuxuryYacht Level 1 (10 points)

    I have a 5th Gen Airport Extreme, and I'm using the single network, dual band setting. But twice I've had unbelievable trouble trying to get it to connect with my iPhone 5 and end up having all the same symptoms listed in this thread. Each time, I've found the Multicast Rate went back to High. When I reset it back to low, I get amazing wifi throughput anywhere in the house.