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    i have a dual-band airport express and i just checked and both bands are broadcasting.

  • CKFROMSG Level 1 (0 points)

    My iP5 has no problem connect to TimeCapsule. But it always connect to 5GHz band. My iP5 has problem connect to router that only has 2.4GHz band. I will find time to put my TC to operate only at 2.4GHz band to test.

  • algrogan Level 1 (0 points)

    Got my phone replaced and problems connecting with wifi gone. Apple store replaced with almost no questions indicating their tacit admission of defect.

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    Hi, i'm on the same firmware but still don't work as well.

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    Im on 6.1.2 iOS and have issues with wifi range. I was try all solutions from this discusion but my wi fi range is 4-5 meter from router.... My personal oppinion is that problem is with hardware connection on wireless antena..

    I read some cases where ip5 had a good reception wifi on ios6 and after update on 6.1 or 6.1.2 problem is started. That fact give me a little hope that could be a software bug..


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    I think I found the best way to demo wi-fi issue in iPhone 5 to Apple representatives. Check this video I have made (sorry for the quality, the video was taken by my small daughter):



    Where all my devices show speed at least 6 mbit/s iPhone 5 shows 1.5 and if I put it on my hand wi-fi is dead completely but still shows signal presence.

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    Extremely frustrating that there hasn't been any info from Apple.  If it is a hardware issue it is widespread enough to becausing this many of us issues and some with multiple phones.  Here is my chronology...


    Upgrade from 4 to 5 about 9 months ago.

    Do it as a back up from iCloud.

    Have the issues with wifi freezing and dropping off; AT&T LTE doesn't kick right in either when wifi drops off.

    Lived with it thinking it was a software issue.

    Multiple iOS upgrades and no fix.

    Called Apple - have me reset settings (all over iCloud)

    Doesn't work.

    Go to store and they replace it (oddly never DFU reset that phone).

    Replacement is set up as new phone.

    A little better but still having the issue.

    Back to store and they DFU it and set up as new phone again.

    Still having issue.

    Back to store.

    Another replacement and setting up as new phone (pain in the butt at this point).

    This just happened today and I've gotten it to have the issue where it stays connected to wifi but freezes already.


    I travel for work and it sometimes happens on hotel and restaurant networks.  It seems not to happen on open/unsecured networks.


    My network at home is Fios router running the network DHCP etc. with Time Capsule in bridge mode as the wifi access point.  I've tried 2.4 and 5 ghz both have the issues.  I've tried my DNS as well as the and Google DNS.  Seem to have better luck with Google.


    On my network at home I have iphone 4, 4s, ipad 2, ipad 3, apple tv, mac mini, macbook pro, samsung tv, samsung blueray, nest thermostat, nook and who knows what else I'm forgetting and the iphone 5 is the only thing I've had this problem with.


    Seriously Apple... you admitted the Maps faux pas... in my book this is WAY WORSE.  Is this software or hardware and what is being done to make it right?

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    Keep up the good work, Apple!!! Ignore these naysayers.

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    I'm finding that I have to "Forget This Network" to get the speed back up after a few hours, but it works.

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    I posted back on p. 250 and wanted to update, in case it helps anyone else. I had an iPhone 5 with wifi connectivity issues -- networks either couldn't be joined or, if joined, there would be only brief windows where data would transfer, and then requests would time out.


    After troubleshooting every conceivable software/firmware issue, resetting the phone, etc., I finally swapped the phone at my local Apple Store a couple weeks ago, and my replacement phone has had no wifi problems.


    So, in my case, this was absolutely a hardware issue.

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    I tested My iP5 to connect to TC at 2.4GHz.

    At 2.4Ghz, the iP5 connected and Speedtest worked well at 1meter from the router, when iP5 is at 2meters away,signal bar dropped to 2 bars and Speedtest only can do Ping.

    At 5GHz, the iP5 connected and Speedtest worked well even 5 meters away and blocked by 2 walls.


    For my another test with old DLink 2.4GHz router, the Speedtest will not worked 3meters away, and connecting speed is worst than TC at the same distance.


    I can't conclude it is HW issue as the antenna used for Transmit and Receive likely to be the same. But it pointed tiwards that direction. And, I am not surprise it shared with the 5GHz. 5GHz required shorter antenna than 2.4GHz. So likely the WiFi is optimized for 5GHz. If this is true, the 5GHz likely to work better than 2.4GHz in all cases. In other words, a slight longer of the antenna or the connecting cable could just resolve the 2.4GHz issue. It more like HW precision issue.

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    I definetly thinking about raplacing wifi antena. (Im livin in Bosnia and we have not Apple store or Apple care). I was talk with one service man and he tell me that is big chance to be problem with antena ( maybe hw connection is week)

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    I think Apple is paying for their mistake.....look at Apple loosing stock...maybe they will wise up and realize the consumers disgust with their product will be the destruction of their empire. No visionary and the lack of consumer trust will eventually cause their business to fail!!!  Keep up the good work Apple...

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    Guys, am back.


    After replaced in the apple store last week. all wifi issues gone.


    However, apple staff even did not recognize how serious this issue, and negative impact to its loyalty customers.

    They tested and connected to in-build wifis named apple demo and apple store, separately and easily. they said my iphone5 had not any issues.

    in order to convince the those staffs. i asked them to set up the hotspot within their own iphone 5. within 1-2 meters, its OK to connect, 3 meters, signal bar drop to level 2 and no data be received. furthermore, if >3 meters, no wifi showed. i have also shared this discussion with them, mostly said they never seen this community before.



    after the test, they decided to give me a brand new iphone5, and 5 mins later, all wifi test passed.


    Before left the store, I had a serious conversation with them:


    Fistly, Apple have to admit that iphone5 is suffing the bad quality (Guessing is HW Atenna problems) issues, those poor quality products really hurt customers, esp those loyalty customers, whom buy apple stuff again and again.

    those staffs said wifi issues was barely seen. only few people complain about it.


    Secondly, as the tech experts and electric gerk (those guys from Genuis Bar), you should spend some time to check out products feedbacks from those public/private BBS, the thread I shared was from Apple OFFICIAL discussion. and it has been discussed more than 250 pages since iphone 5 officially launched in later 2012. you guys even have not awared of this issue?

    (What feedback i got, those PR/communications was in charged by customer services departments. we are just in-build enginers)...really pisssss me off.



    Ok, let us call it a day.


    by Z.T

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    I finally had a chance yesterday to go to an Apple store and get my iPhone 5 swapped out.  (See previous messages.)  I had been having the issue where my iPhone would not connect to certain WiFi networks unless (1) it was about 3 feet / 1 meter away or (2) the WiFi network was fixed on 5GHz.  Apple Care had approved a replacement for me via a phone call, just needed to go to a store to actually get the replacement.


    Summary:  Success (so far).


    Details:  New iPhone had 6.0.2. I tried it at home before restoring my backup or updating the software - no problems at all.  Next, I updated it to the latest iOS (6.1.2) but did not restore.  Checked WiFi again - no problems at all.  Finally, I restored it from back-up and, again, no problems.  Now, my WiFi works at home again, which is great given that I had chosen Apple products for my home networking.


    Had I not called Apple Care and got authorization with them, its clear that I would have had an uphill battle in the store.  My iPhone was less than 90 days old, so was not an issue for me to try this route.  I still am not convinced that it was purely a hardware issue as I think that one of the updates messed up the modem firmware.  Just my thought. 


    Hopefully, my new phone will continue working.  If WiFi breaks again, I'll let you know.


    Best of luck to you all.  Apple really needs to recognize this issue.