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  • rlow04 Level 1 (0 points)

    How do you check the production week from the serial number?  is it in the phone or is there a website where you can check?

  • OllieO96 Level 2 (240 points)

    rlow04 wrote:


    How do you check the production week from the serial number?  is it in the phone or is there a website where you can check?

    Get the serial number from the phone and enter it here -

  • JamieD95 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm suffering about 1/3 speed on iPhone 5 compare to iPad 1 (which I thought was slow) on a Person WPA2 network.


    Was completely unable to connect to WPA Enterprise network today, often couldn't even pick the network up, even when stood underneath the router. iPhone 4/4Ss were fine.


    Week 37. Now, I do have a week 33 sat on my desk waiting to be returned, could test that, but will it affect the phone's returnability?

  • DjShine88 Level 1 (5 points)

    oh to also speak as well - my serial numer = 35 week (production)

  • OllieO96 Level 2 (240 points)

    JamieD95 wrote:


    Now, I do have a week 33 sat on my desk waiting to be returned, could test that, but will it affect the phone's returnability?

    I highly doubt it will effect the returnability as you could just wipe it again straight after and you would know if its ok or not during set up depending on the speed of that process

  • rlow04 Level 1 (0 points)



    My iPhone 5:

    Production week: 37 (September)

    Factory: DN (China, Chengdu - Foxconn)


    My wife's iPhone 5:

    Production week: 37 (September)

    Factory: F1 (China, Zhengzhou - Foxconn)


    I've made 2 videos that I'm going to take in to the genius store today.  I'll post the production weeks of the new phones and results.

  • JPSilver Level 1 (0 points)

    The last I heard.


    The third digit is last digit of year.

    Digits four and five are the week of the year.

  • fordtruckerman Level 1 (0 points)

    What security settings are you using? TKIP or AES with WPA2??/

  • jjBurford Level 1 (0 points)

    I can confirm it does have somthing to do with LTE.

    When I turn it off my speeds are 10+ times faster on WiFi.

    See video:


    It alse seems to have an issue staying connected to Wifi in general. Cant complete a sync with itunes over Wifi. All other devices are fine.


    I am also getting a ton of Dropped calles. Seems to have some of the iphone 4 issues too.


    They told me to just swap it out tonight. I think it was made on the 39th week?

  • shapetables Level 1 (0 points)

    First, please don't post to this thread unless you have the issue described by the original poster.


    Second, I discovered the problem Friday afternoon (received via FEDEX at 2:40pm) and knew instantly what it was (engineering background) and confirmed it by reading the testimonials on this thread. So on Saturday morning, I went to Apple in Mission Viejo, California and explained the problem was a bad capacitor that only failed under heavy use, such as when WPA2 was enabled on a slow (or sustained) link.  Someone claming to be named Smith took my phone and receipt in the back room where the geniuses scuffed the delicate (mirrored) Apple logo and plastic backing before sending Smith back out demanding I substantiate my claim of a defect.  I had already brought up this forum thread on a Mac and pointed it to him, as well as giving him directions to simply go back and google for "iPhone 5 WiFi Problems" to find it again --at that point, this thread was 7 pages long (and not picked up by all the blog sites).  Smith came back from the back and reported that they were denying my exchange on the grounds that they could not reproduce the problem.


    [To try and reproduce for Apple Store, I had started downloding a pile of apps while doing a speedtest, but the problem would not exhibit because their network was too fast and did not have WPA2 encryption, meaning the RF in the phone did not ever "heat up" enough to trigger the failure.  Someone walked by and confirmed they had a replacement in-stock, but it had 16GB more than mine and apparently Smith didn't even want to offer me the option to PAY the difference (though I should not have had to).  Smith handed me back my scuffed up phone, took my email and phone number and said Sorry, they could not confirm any problem and would not exchange the device.]


    After being denied a replacement in Mission Viejo, I went directly to Apple in Irvine Spectrum where the front-person greeting people told me they were sold out.  I indicated I was there for an exchange not a sale and he went running back in the crowd.  A young girl in a "robotic state" emerged with an iPad to inform me that they had no replacements and I asked to speak with the manager.  A manager named "Matt" came out and informed me they were sold out and that he didn't want to take my unit and send it overnight to Cupertino for analysis, despite my claiming to have a confirmed bad production unit with decades of professional experience and background in engineering to back up my claim which was being repeated by others online.  (I did hang around though and re-downloaded all my apps that I had secure-erased from the phone a few times using their super-fast 37Mbps WPA-less hotspot, since only a moron would run a WiFi hotspot at home without WPA2 enabled.)   I can't really blame this store because they simply didn't have any stock (even a model with an additional 16GB).  The only real issue I had here was that they were at or slightly over occupancy limit.   A few moments later, this thread became unavailable due to "maintenance" on the Apple site.


    Also stopped by the new huge Verizon Wireless in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA but their hipsters had not even seen the new iPhone 5 yet.


    So I still have an iPhone 5 that I did not need this thread to tell me has a hardware issue --I burned through my Saturday visiting two Apple Stores and Verizon Wireless store (despite getting up and ordering my unit online during the first hour a week earlier) and have scuffs on the phone (also leaks light from a crevas between faceplate and silver bar one inch from the upper left corner).  It's going to be returned to Verizon Wireless, the only quesiton is whether their online customer service will be sending me an advance replacement in order to keep me from giong back to my AT&T account.

  • jgonzalezNYC Level 1 (5 points)

    Checked and mine was made on the 37th week. Had the same issues everyone was having that wifi wouldn't stay connected.


    Found this fix:


    Even though it says iOS 6 and not iPhone 5, I tried it and it worked for me.

  • tonthemon Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow. Turning off LTE fixed this for my work network. I was at a 299ms ping/0.10 mbps upload/0.45 mbps download and 30 seconds later turned off LTE and I am at 64ms ping/5.79mbps upload/0.62 mbpsdownload. Very interesting. LTE isn't in use in my state (ATT) so I am fine with keeping that off.


    Clarification edit: Turn off LTE and then renew the lease. Those two things worked for me. I tried the "turning HTTP proxy to auto," but that did not work for me. That gave slightly better speeds than with LTE on, but just barely. When I turn off LTE and renew the lease, I get the wifi speeds I am used to. Sounds like a software issue to me, because we don't have LTE here in Little Rock, AR. It might be trying to active the LTE network even though it should be using wifi. That's where my money is.

  • RICH8888 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks All!


    Is anyone from Apple reading all this???


    I have 2 iPhone5s (one black and the other black), the black one has the same WIFI dropping issue and the white unit works perfectly - called Apple (not a "known issue", they say!!!).  Tried restoring the software - my local telco was helpful enough to carry out the test and it didn't help.  This is not a software problem.  My problem - no more phones to be exchanged and will have to wait for the next shipment.  I live in Singapore.


    I will never hear the last of this from my Android supporting friends if this doesn't get solved.  Uncle SAM.... must be laughing their heads off!!!


    If I don't get a new replacement phone soon - this will probably be the last of my iPhones.


    These phones now have a good resale value in the market...........


    My production is week 36 and factory is C3 - I think it doesn't matter which week or factory as this is not an isolated issue.  On the bright side, at least one of my iPhone 5 works!


    5 million may have been sold in the first week but I wonder how many are 'faulty'?


    Is anyone from Apple reading all this???  I guess not......AAPL now USD 687.40.......

  • DeepFriedSouth Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having this same issue...super slow wifi if connected at all. LTE is fine.

  • Ste_shaz Level 1 (0 points)

    well as im sure most people in the same boat as myself will be eager for updates i've got off the phone to apple:


    After explaining the problem i was told to perform the same previous steps that others have stated :

    - restart phone, restore settings, restart router (the latter I kindly pointed out wouldnt be an option at work - where I needed it most)


    this seemed to work for all of about 1minute before the connection started bouncing about, and dropping again.


    After which I stated that my work colleague had an iphone 4s with ios6 and was experiencing no such problems

    (always get feeling these people hate it when you may have covered the bases before them)


    ...Before adding a line that didnt seem to bode well with the mighty apple co. drones -  "well my HTC is showing a strong signal" haha - I was quickly reminded that apples wern't htc's so a comparison would not be appropriate!

    (.. I agreed to this point in my head, as it was rather insulting to compare my 2yr old htc, which was working perfectly well in the wifi department) to my expensive new iphone 5 - apologies htc !


    Ultimately it seemed that despite being reasonably friendly, he wasn't to aware of the problem, and i've been booked in to my local apple store in manchester for ..... next sunday! :-/

    here's hoping the long wait isnt a direct result of what seems to be a growing problem.


    In the mean time i was told to look out for any updates that may arrise


    Not really very useful now that i look back at the essay i've just wrote!


    oh well, sorry people

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