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    Well I am sending mine to apple tomorrow for a replacement/repair for this issue. As there are no authorised apple repairers around I have to mail it, meaning ill be without a phone for a week or so. Providing my problem is fixed I guess I'll deal with it, the only other option apple gave me would have cost money, they wanted $39 upfront and an 800 dollar deposit on a credit card to send me a phone first and have me send mine after at which time I'd get my deposit back. I think for this particular issue maybe they should waive that 39 dollar fee, my personal opinion anyway. Hope my phone comes back working they way it was intended.

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    So I had my phone for only 4 days. Once I got it.. Wifi did not connect. It continued to have that "searching spinning" icon. Still nothing. Not at my home router, or my work. My routers are pretty old, but its still able to give wifi to my iP4 and Macbook Pro.


    So I updated it. Still no help.


    Went to verizon, and of course they told me nothing is wrong with it because they've connected it to their "up to date" routers. Thus, not being able to exchange it.


    Now, here at apple, waiting if there is a way I'll be able to switch the phone. If not, then the only hope would be MAYBE buy a better router.


    Such a waste of money and time Apple...

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    Stephen Dawson1,


    On my home wireless network Wireshark shows numerous TCP retransmissions, TCP duplicate acknowledgements, and TCP out of order segments for each of the iPhone 5 replacements I've had. I've been tracking this slow WiFi issue since October 1, 2012 when I received my first iPhone 5 and after three replacements I still couldn't get one that downloads normally over WiFi. Then Wkish over at discovered a workaround: simultaneous downloads.


    I have demonstrated on my home wireless network that by simply downloading a large file via Dropbox in the background while streaming a video that it magically makes all those TCP errors in Wireshark go away. Previously, the streaming videos on (a news server in Moscow, Russia) would buffer around 3 seconds then quit since it was kept busy with TCP retransmissions but now with this simultaneous download workaround I'm able to get the streaming videos to buffer completely and I live in the USA! It's actually quite silly that this method works but it works nonetheless.


    Also, when testing with the FCC Mobile Broadband Test app I notice a correlation in higher latency equaling more TCP retransmissions and thus slower download speeds.


    This has got to be a protocol stack bug in iOS 6.1.2 and needs to be fixed ASAP. I've filed this issue with and I think everyone else should too.

  • MrLuxuryYacht Level 1 (10 points)

    Confirmed. Exact results on my end. Excellent work and info.


    Apple should hire someone who knows about how wifi works.

  • Stephen Dawson1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Gvanicks. Couldn't agree with you more. It certainly smacks of a major protocol stack problem. Over on the other thread you mentioned ( I confirmed that I could reproduce the dual download behaviour, and I've posted this info on the Apple feedback site. On the other thread I've also posted some interesting findings regarding doing Speedtest runs to sites at varying distances and increased pings. I can consistently demonstrate that to sites with higher latency the iPhone 5 underperforms, by a very large margin, an iPad 3. I would guess an iPhone 4 performs similarly to an iPad 3. Be nice to know if others can reproduce this. The other thread might be better for posting findings.

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    People please!  This thread is about "WiFi range" not about WiFI speed or internet protocols. Tnx

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    Got a replacement phone with the model starting with "ND" came in a white box only so that they can send my faulty one back (thats why they told me). Nonetheless it was fairly easy to switch at Apple.


    Came back home. Wifi still not working. I'm really guessing its my old "Westell" router. Ancient!

    Guess it doesn't really depend if its an "ND" or an "MD" model.


    Looks like i'll be coughing up another $100 for a new AirPort Express...

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    its not about model dude, i have MD model, no wifi issues at all

  • buxnaapple Level 1 (0 points)


    You have not wifi issues. OK good for you. .......

    What are you doing on this forum.

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    buxnaapple, can't you see the title of this thread, its Generalize,


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    I have respect to all mothers in the world and im gonna be kind and stop this stupid conversation with you.


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    Hi folks. Here my tests.


    Iphone 5 works fine at Dlink with 5.0Ghz. GREAT

    The same Router on 2.4Ghz. Works OK.


    This is a D826L Wifi Router


    At Street, on stores, some old Wifi Routers, DOESN'T WORK. JUST if i right beside the router, as 1Meter away (***** - Almost Copper Ethernet Cable )


    The problem began when a updated to 6.1.2.


    My test goes to the range to connect to de Wifi. It seems it's about de signal POWER of the WIFI CARD of the Iphone 5 ONLY. It's like the iphone 5 Wifi Card works at 60% of it's Power not 100% at all.



    I have Iphone 4 and IPad 2 and all GOOD at all.


    That's my feel about my tests.


    I Hope could help you.

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    After I replaced my MD model to ND model, the iP5 worked fine for a while with 2.4 GHz router. I noticed that one router (I used to test with MD model) have very strange behavior with iP5. iP5 will connect to this router even at 5meters away, FCC Broadband Test and Speedtest will work with good speed. But after sometime when I start my Mail box for Yahoo account, FCC,  Speedtest or Safari, it will always stay at busy spinner mode. At this time, I check the router on the WiFi receive packet and found little or no packet received by the router. However when I did a PING to the iPhone, sometime it can PING but sometime not. The iP5 still show full signal strength.

    Even more strange, turn off then on iP5 WiFi, or power cycle iP5 will not resolve the issue until I power cycle the router. I do not have this proper with the MD model or my old iP4.

    The iP5 still work well with Time Capsule 2.4GHz.

    Sound like the router issue. I will conduct some tests with iP4 next week to confirm?


    Anyone have any idea what could be the causes?

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    CK: Im sure there are some old posters floating around here like myself since day one; There is no one idea or simple solution. The Iphone 5 is a bad apple, its a case of hit and miss with respect to know compatability issues with various WAP's out in the market there. Unfortunately those who have little tech skills will be left in limbo for subtle work around whilst those advanced tech and tweak routers, firmware etc just to get the edge.


    People have replaced their Iphones 10 times to no prevail, some have changed their WAP's.


    My case was a Netgear WAP i had , the firmware wasnt compatable on the device TILL IOS 6.1 came out as IOS 6.0 was a train wreck for most.


    For those who have tried everything they claimed, have you tried buying a new WAP, a different model/brand or newer version, you may have luck with that, more importantly get one where feedback has been positive with Iphone 5 connectivity.


    Otherwise, everyone can sit and hope and will till Iphone 5s or what ever the call it.


    I'll tell you all now, i wont be rushing to buy them for my company and staff as the DRAMAS i had, i'll be watching for any collatorale damage to unfold of any, otherwise i'll be changing to some new Android phones that have quad core processors, 2gig ram and everything else thats tasty and fruity .


    Apple, may well become a rotton apple if they dont be careful as Sumsung will crush them,


    The only was Apple seems to win, is patent everything and gain profits through law suits

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    I am on my third iPhone 5 and I still have the problem of unable to join certain Wi-Fi networks. We have five other iPhone 5's and they all work great. Changing my router is not an option. We are in a corporate environment (and I am the tech director) with 63 access points and several hundred clients. Our access points and controllers are all Cisco WPA2 AES encrypted. I have done the erase device, forget network settings, update IOS, get a new phone thing all to no avail.


    Bottom line, some iPhones 5's work and some don't no matter what you do.


    I am very dissapointed in Apple with thier silence about this wide spread issue. I don't think our next phones will be iPhones.