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    CK: Im sure there are some old posters floating around here like myself since day one; There is no one idea or simple solution. The Iphone 5 is a bad apple, its a case of hit and miss with respect to know compatability issues with various WAP's out in the market there. Unfortunately those who have little tech skills will be left in limbo for subtle work around whilst those advanced tech and tweak routers, firmware etc just to get the edge.


    People have replaced their Iphones 10 times to no prevail, some have changed their WAP's.


    My case was a Netgear WAP i had , the firmware wasnt compatable on the device TILL IOS 6.1 came out as IOS 6.0 was a train wreck for most.


    For those who have tried everything they claimed, have you tried buying a new WAP, a different model/brand or newer version, you may have luck with that, more importantly get one where feedback has been positive with Iphone 5 connectivity.


    Otherwise, everyone can sit and hope and will till Iphone 5s or what ever the call it.


    I'll tell you all now, i wont be rushing to buy them for my company and staff as the DRAMAS i had, i'll be watching for any collatorale damage to unfold of any, otherwise i'll be changing to some new Android phones that have quad core processors, 2gig ram and everything else thats tasty and fruity .


    Apple, may well become a rotton apple if they dont be careful as Sumsung will crush them,


    The only was Apple seems to win, is patent everything and gain profits through law suits

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    I am on my third iPhone 5 and I still have the problem of unable to join certain Wi-Fi networks. We have five other iPhone 5's and they all work great. Changing my router is not an option. We are in a corporate environment (and I am the tech director) with 63 access points and several hundred clients. Our access points and controllers are all Cisco WPA2 AES encrypted. I have done the erase device, forget network settings, update IOS, get a new phone thing all to no avail.


    Bottom line, some iPhones 5's work and some don't no matter what you do.


    I am very dissapointed in Apple with thier silence about this wide spread issue. I don't think our next phones will be iPhones.

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    I found a video on youtube that fixes it. It has nothing to do with DNS. It is posted on on the TECH page. It is explained and a workaround is shown.

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    OK I just updated the list of Fixes there are on the internet and on these forums (none by apple though)

    WiFi issues for iOS 6 and temporary fixes (updated March 2013)

  • Tech Singh Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    OK I just updated the list of Fixes there are on the internet and on these forums (none by apple though)

    WiFi issues for iOS 6 and temporary fixes (updated March 2013)

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    Another user discovered the simultaneous download "workaround" depicted in the youtube video. The discussion's over at I'd say everyone has the slow download problem, but doesn't know it, because it only affects performance to sites with a larger latency (ping).

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    It´s not a Router problem. It´s a APPLE PROBLEM. Imagine if ALL OF THE WORLD need to change their WIFI ROUTER. It´s seems a BAD APPLE on the Street. APPLe MUST deploy any IOS UPDATE to solve that problem. IF It´s not a IOS PROBLEM so, CHANGE IT ALL.


    This is a BIG REAL PROBLEM and APPLE is giving **** for that. So disapointed about it.


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    I fixed it!

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    He probabley replace iPhone. No other way  i think

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    My another theory :

    My iPhone is GSM +CDMA it means he working on difference frequention LTE from GSM.  Is possible that made confussion behind networks and wifi signals.

    Anyone with wifi issues and only GSM model?????

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    That is what happened with me when I went in for the weak signal. It is my replacement IP5 that suddenly refused to pick up home wifi. I've reset, tried powering off, attempted to disable cell data but its as if in airplane mode bc no wifi. It already had LTE disabled for signal purposes in order for the phone not to get "confused", a quote directly from AT&T. I've never had a brand new apple device AND replacement that I had to constantly force to work as it should!! I'll keep watching posts for a fix, and make another appt with Apple. This phone has taken SO much time on the phone and in the store. This forum has been most productive troubleshooting since I've gotten it. Thanks everyone.

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    CKFROMSG &amp; buxnaapple - DYNJ is a troll.  He's been a nuisance here for a long time. His phone, if he even has one, has no problems. Ignore him. Please do not feed the trolls.

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    @Sk8Dreams Tnx man :)

    Do you all have GSM +CDMA or somebody have only GSM with this problem.  It may be trouble with these type of iPhone because working with many frequentions then GSM models. I was reading something about that on the net. Its another theory or just another one insinuattion

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    Buxnaapple - From what I've read here, I don't think that matters. 


    Quick tip regarding other users: if someone seems snarky or claims to know the answer but isn't telling, take a look at their level (below the user's avatar at the left). Level 1 with zero points means that user has never been credited with helping anyone.  Plenty of people with no points can be helpful, but if they are clearly not trying, think "troll".