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    See, that doesn't sound like an iPhone hardware issue, other than it's lousy. It sounds more like an interference of the signal problem. What I found was when my router was set to channel 11, and no one else around our house was on 11, iPhone was fine. When others around us were on 11, it dropped maybe a tiny bit. But when a neighbor was suddenly on channel 10 a few weeks back, it resulted in a TERRIBLE wifi signal. If that neighbor was on 6 or 1, no issues. It's was only when their automatic channel setting used a channel other than 1, 6, or 11.

  • Dan Barnby Level 1 Level 1

    Definitely not that, it happens everywhere not just at home.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Mr Luxury, I believe the Apple Wifi troubleshooting advises to leave the channel on auto, however yes you can adjust to see what best suites your environment as one size doesnt fit all. Its just a fortunate circumstance whether it works or not, but not a solution for everyone.

  • Dan Barnby Level 1 Level 1

    I should also mention that my Bluetooth is also faulty. I don't know if this is connected or not and since my last restore as a new phone yesterday my battery performance has diminished considerably.

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    Dan, There's always been concern for Battery drainage and bluetooth. I have to switch mine one/off a couple of times to get it detected. Think of the iphone 5 being Windows Vista, thats what im doing


    just dont rush for their new one coming, just see if any carnage unfolds first

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    We should NOT have to tweak routers to get a WiFi connection unless person has an antiquated router.  From the history of the 267 pages, it more than likely IS a hardware issue.

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    Hi Jan, I partially agree, however the fact of the matter yes you do and its also part of Apples Troubleshooting for WiFi issues and out connectivity problems. Its not a case of one shoe fits all, hence the tweaks required to be compatable. if you're Apple device was more compatabile on IOS 5, then came along IOS 6 and above and you've been having issues, what does that tell you ?.


    Apple is only partial to ensuring as much as possible is compatable, but if WiFi vendors dont come to the party and give what ever coding is required to Apple to embed in to the IOS updates, then whose at fault ?


    If you're IOS 5.0 was working fine, and now after these new upgraded things are falling apart, have a think where the issue is ?


    It always takes two to tango


    Im by no means taking Apples side here, check all my postings since day one, ive had my fare share. I was having major connectivity issues in my company and staff, compared to a single person/family in a house-hold.

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    Sure, people could have different problems with their iPhones I'll give you that, but for the discussion if you've kept up with every post in 267 pages it pretty much sounds like a hardware flaw for the vast majority. It tells me, as many of us have discussed, that the software update triggered a hardware flaw in those iPhone 5 devices with the said flaw. Like a weak spot.


    Tweaking your hardware to get on WiFi is perhaps an entirely different WiFi issue.


    If it is the same issue, but many are just having different symptoms, just make a note - I have an "Apple" Time Capsule, which I've kept updated, and it's a new "Apple" time capsule, and I had the problem after 6.0 update. Once Apple replaced my device the replacement iPhone 5 connected as soon as I walked in the door after I returned from Apple. If in fact it was a router issue, that wouldn't happened.  Also note, in this same location 2 iPhone 4s connected, as did an iPad, iPad mini, iMac and Macbook without an issue. If all those connect without a hiccup one shouldn't have to tweak for 1 device especially when made by the same company "Apple".


    Just sayin' ....

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    Thats true Jan. I did point out before, if all you're devices are Apple, then you're in a world of pain and only have Apple to blame for issues. Apple should have onsite techs to fix any issues and see how they go.

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    Router settings are irrelevant if you can't switch wifi on in your phone settings.

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    I was also having issues with iPhone5 (production date 2012 week 44)  and Wifi. I was able to connect to Wifi without any problems as long as I was close to the routers (ZTE220 or Netgear 3700), but any further than approx 5 meters resulted in either very slow speeds (0.1-1Mbps) or no connection at all.

    I've tried pretty much everything:

    - Reset network settings

    - Resetting router

    - Reinstall iPhone as new w/o restore from iCloud/iTunes

    - Turning off Wifi security or set it to WEP instead of WPA2 (this did make some difference, but not so much to be actually usefull. And obviously you don't want to keep your Wifi unsecured as a perm solution)

    - Upgrade router firmware, even installed DD-WRT on the Netgear 3700. Cool new options in DD-WRT for overriding power output/amplification but didn't help much.

    - Switching Wifi router to other Wifi channel (verified using inSSIDer, no other people using the channel)

    - Sitting next to the router -> yes this solved the problem!


    Finally I've decided to have my iPhone replaced via the 'express replacement' option. I received my new iPhone5 today (production date 2013 week 10) and all is working fine straight away! Wifi performance is now on par with my previous iPhone4s.


    My guess is that there is just a faulty batch or a batch which is using different Wifi antennas that is causing these issues. I wouldn't count on it to be solved by an iOS upgrade.


    One thing is for sure, I'm happy my iPhone has been replaced by a working one but I'm not sure that I will ever buy another iPhone again after this experience.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Indeed, some have placed like 10 times or such just to get one thats working, feel sorry for those.


    Im not totally happy with mine, i still think the LTE speeds drop in an out and the transmission whilring bar goes around and around doing nothing at times, im just grinning and bearing the fact i have connectivity.


    I can assure everyone, i wont be rushing to get the new Iphone 5's for my company, i might just hold back and see what happens, otherwise Samsung galax 4 looks good and i hear there's Nexus 5 in the pipeline umm 3gig ram possible ?, snap dragon 800+ to boot, it all sounds druuling .

  • Crack O'Deal Level 1 Level 1

    Finally replaced my iPhone 5 in Cyprus. There is no Apple Store in Cyprus but authorised service company instead. It accepted replacement of my faulty unit with no argument and the new unit is of model ND and works as expected.


    End of story. I suggest you all better go to a nearest Apple authorised company to claim for a replacement.

  • Gnavicks Level 1 Level 1

    Crack 0\'Deal,


    What "issue" were you having that the replacement fixed?