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  • Gnavicks Level 1 Level 1

    The fallback to cellular issue that eats up data plans sounds a lot like the "WiFi Plus Cellular" feature that apple removed in iOS 6 Gold Master, however, it seems like they just removed the menu item but let the "feature" turned on for us. I thought Verizion fixed that issue through a carrier update, have other carriers like AT&T not released a carrier update yet?

  • SWATCOP Level 1 Level 1

    I recently discovered an issue with wifi and iphone 5. It's connected to wifi and I can surf the Internet on safari, but running any speed test app knocks out Internet. I have to turn wifi off and back on to get Internet again. Ironically I'm using an AirPort Extreme. I've already received replacement phone although that did not fix problem. I did restore from backup. Will try dfu restore as new phone and see if that works.

  • Tm5 Level 1 Level 1



    parctically i've tried every trick / workaround on this thread:


    1. DFU Mode restore

    2. Restore to a new Iphone

    3. Restore and backup

    4. Reset Network Configuration

    5. Reset all Configuration

    6. Try to join a WPA2 Wifi network manually

    7. Push AirPlane On an Wifi On then try to join

    8. Push 3G / Mobile Data off and then try to join Wifi network



    nothing Worked....!


    WPA2 Wifi network will work from 1-2 Meters of the WIFI Router and this is the Max Distance.


    from the living room to my sleeping room 3-4 Meters and WIFI Network is gone!


    I am living on a country without a local Apple Store - so a simple operation of Iphone 5 is impossible


    The Only thing left now is to wait for IOS 6.1.4 or to make sure it is a HW fault.




    any suggestions guys?





  • buxnaapple Level 1 Level 1

    Last option:

    I will detach battery for hard resetting and check fisikal connection of my wifi antenna into iphone week.

    I really think that is HW problem

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Tm: If you've done all that, then there's a couple of things left


    get hold of a spare WAP device and set it up at home to see if it connect to that.

    If you cant, id be taking the phone back to the Apple store with your evidence to show you have done these things, otherwise chances are they'll send you packing.


    Although Apple wont come out and say there are WiFi issues, certain WiFi Vendors "are" aware of connectivity issues with Apple devices that are using IOS 6.0 or higher.


    I also dont see you mentioning that you've tweaked your router ?, what about changing firmware on it ?, its something to consider as a workaround, 'cause u wont be getting a fast solution and thats realitiy.


    Ive been posting since day one here, helping others out such as yourself.

  • Tm5 Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Shanon,



    Thank you for your response.


    i am sitting 3-4 meters from my WIFI Router at My parents home. i am holding my new Iphone 5  (2 months old...) and my work's Samsung Galaxy S2.


    Samsung is connected to Home WIFI WPA2 on 48% reception.


    Iphone 5 will never connect - only if i am sitting on a chair in the same room with the WIFI Router.


    this will be the same also back at my own home.


    Tweaked the WIFI router (both of them on both locations...) to transmit on 100%.


    Back at my home - Samsung GS2 is connected perfectly from 3-4 meters while Iphone5 will never connect.


    one important thing to note - The Iphone 5 was working perfectly when i first opened it with IOS 6.0.2 and registered on Itunes.WIFI problems started after updating to IOS 6.1.x.



    the only thing we need to understand - if it is a HW problem that raised after the IOS update or it is just a very problematic SW update?????





  • alphred08 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm think is a hw problem. I'm on 6.1.3 and wifi works fine. Apple send me other iPhone after report the same issues than you. 

  • Dark Dave Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue here. Since I have updated my iPhone 5 to IOS 6.1.3 the phone stopped working properly with wifi even if the connection level is perfect. Sometimes it works for a little while but I can be sure that this will soon be over. I tried a lot of things like resetting the network settings and restetting everthing else and reinstalling but nothing worked.


    I agree to what many of you said. This must be a big wifi software bug because every other device in my network like my playstation 3, MacBook Pro, Panasonic TV, the windows laptop of my sister and all samsung smartphones of my family do their job pretty well.


    So their Apple software engineers. Please fix this wifi bug with the next update.


    ps With 3G everything is just fine!?!?

  • Greg Gallant Level 1 Level 1

    I spoke to  3 or 4 AppleCare reps n the past few days and each one has claimed that I was the only person they spoke to that reported the problem with wifi since updating to 6.1.3.    It's frustrating to say the least.

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    My wifi is a messed up as the rest of you, but has been since 6.X. I had to get an extender ,which solves the problem for me here at home, but of course not while out and about.


    My question again for all of you -- I suspect I am having cell connection issues as well, I cannot get signal in places where my old phone worked just fine. I may even be showing robust bars, but still be unable to connect.


    Are any others experiencing this DUAL connectivity issue?

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    i have completely same issue with you i have also done everything you mentioned but all to no avail! sigh! its affecting my life, i work at home and i only can use my i5 in the living room only, toilet and my bedroom could not connect to wifi !! and FFS, sometimes i use back my iphone 3gs!! Apple, please help!

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1



    The Iphone 5 could have a hardware problem, however im referring to changing the FIRMWARE of both you're WAP's , either downgrade or upgrade the software on it, this has been known to resolve WiFi connectivity issues. It seems like your last choice, other than buying an alternative WAP, but that would be a very last option.


    I'd go for a iphone5 replacement.

  • Wellington Manor Level 1 Level 1

    I don't know if my experience helps.

    I bought and iphone 5 in the US in January for use in the UK and so I had to wait to get home for a microsim, hence I didn't know if the wifi ever worked or not.

    As soon as I was in the UK, I went onto Vodafone 3G and again, this meant I never knew if the wifi worked or not.

    I flew to Washington on 23 March, wifi wouldn't work at the airport or any of the public places - very annoyingly and much to her amusement, my wife's IP4 worked beautifully.

    So I arranged to visit the Apple store in Charleston where I had bought the phone.

    Two things.

    1.  After a 40 minute session with Matt - very helpful - he ruled out a hardware problem and said the option was a complete clean and reboot.  It failed.  He offered me a replacement.  I asked whether it was reconditioned.  Having been advised on the words to use, he rattled off a set phrase, the shortened version of which was Yes, it is reconditioned.  This was both an impossible and an obvious choice - walk out with a device that didn't work, or take the reconditioned one?  As the phone was less than 3 months old, I was very unimpressed at having to take a rebuilt one, but there really wasn't a choice.  It has worked fine since and I am now back in the UK and it has connected to my house wifi no problem (I had never checked before as I never used it in the house).

    2. The lady next to me brought in an Ipad and there were wiffi issues.  Her customer service chap explained it was connected to Apple's wifi in the store and it was a problem with her router and send her home to sort that out.  This may or may not help others.


    In summary, 1 worked for me because it was convenient to do so and if you can get to an Apple store, go in and ask for a replacement.  The fact that I paid a load of $$ for a new phone and 3 months later I am given a rebuilt one p*ssed me off - the original price $$ was too much and I get a rebuilt one that cost a lot less $$.

  • jdgober Level 1 Level 1

    Problem Solved

    My wifi issues were (on all my wifi clients - iPad3, iPhone5, PS3, Sharp TV):

    1.intermittently lose connection

    2.connection slow, then fast, but mostly slow wired connection was very fast so the problem was only with wifi



    I had a 2 year old Netgear wnr2000v3 router and tried tweaking every setting possible, I downgraded the firmware, upgraded the firmware, changed locations of the router, etc etc. After 2 years of just dealing with it I scoured the forums and found a post by a user who solved his issues with an Asus RT-N66r router. I went out and bought one and have completely solved the problem. Now my wifi speeds are comparable to my wired speeds (26mbs down 5mbs up) and connection is solid. The router cost $170 but it was worth it, its top of the line and powerful. Now all my clients have excellent connections.


    Some home networking routers are just junk, spend the money for a good router and you'll be very happy.

  • Seedl Level 1 Level 1

    ehhh. I have the same router. Still get crappy wifi on my iPhone.