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    Any word on what's going on or how to fix this wifi issue? My iPhone 5 and 2 iPhone 4S 's are all having the same issue. Phones are locating the network, but not connecting-just the spinning circle next to the network Id. I have tried EVERYTHING. manually entered, toggling all sorts of stuff, turning off after I toggle this, turning back on and toggling that, forgetting the network, changing the http proxy to auto, entering  dns address someone suggested in another thread, AirplAne mode, renewing the lease, resetting the network settings, restoring, restoring as new, seriously-everything. And nothing is working, but it was fine this morning. I checked the router, updated firmware, ***. The weird thing is that my iPad mini and MacBook Pro are totally fine. Anyone else try something I didn't and have success? Pleases let me know! I made a genius appt for tomorrow, if it isn't working by then-and I don't care if it magically works on apples open network in the store-they WILL be replacing my phone. I spend too much money there, I am a loyal customer. The fact that they have t addressed this issue in what looks like MONTHS, nor have they fixed it really ****** me off. Anyway if anyone has any suggestions I haven't already tried hit me up email style jenn at @ Thanks!

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    Oh it's thousands of people for sure there are a ton of threads like this one. Def a lot of ppl having the same issues-which confirms that it isn't our routers, modems or signal strength/firmware etc. it's a hardware/software/apple issue. Which ***** bc they haven't even begun to address it at all-in months-some ppl have even having this issue since the original iOS 6.0 launched-what are we at 6.1.3? Unacceptable and totally ridiculous. I expected more from them, and am disappointed.

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    Someone will have to Fix allot of things over there...


    Is Apple Looking For A Replacement For CEO Cook?


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    Lots of wifi issues lately.


    I have a Time Capsule 4rth gen at home and both our iphones 5 drop the wifi connection way to often.


    I am on a 100mbit fibre optic connection and surfing on wifi with the iphone 5 can sometimes really crawl. I have to turn wifi off to enjoy, the sadly, higher speed of my mediocre 3G signal.

    And sometimes the connection drops altogether and I have to restart the phone or turn wifi on and off.


    Do something!

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    Hey guys I just found out why my ip5 was loosing wifi.? It was the cover as soon as I remove it wifi is constant n strong and no problems even with 3G after that I've checked it now a 100 times problem sorted its the cover! Trust this helps.

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    Give us a link to the cover you bought. My cover makes no diff.

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    the cover should not make a difference.  however you may just be one of the few lucky ones that removing the cover solves your problem.  the rest of us have to keep having these issues!  i am on my 3rd replacement iPhone 5 since buying it brand new April 11.  Right out of the box I immediately noticed the wi-fi problem.  got a replacement 3 days later.  wi-fi issued fixed but had other issues.  just got another replacement on saturday and this one feels good!  strong wi-fi and no bugs so far!  keeping fingers crossed!  funny to hear other iPhone 5 users at the Apple store complaining about the lack of wi-fi and hearing the apple store employees tell them this is the first time they ever heard of something like this!


    stay persistent!  don't let Apple tell you this is normal for the iPhone 5!


    good luck!

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    Model A 1429 designed by apple made in chine Luke!! I'm sure now it's the cover the previous cover which broke was not having problems with that on, changed to the current one 3 days back and problem started.

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    Yesterday, I set the wifi on my router too AS well 2.4 and 5 GHz. Suddely my iPhone made contact to the System with excellent bandwith. Could it be that the iPhone 5 has been optimized for 5 GHz N-band wifi with a loss of connectivity in the 2.4 GHz?

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    Iphone 5 is using Dual band Wifi Antenna for 2.4G / 5G reception.


    i already read on some forums that the latest update of iOS 6.1.x fried the WIFI Antenna...


    Anyone can confirm this?



    i've already ordered Iphone 5 OEM Wifi Flex Cable and i will replace it myself.


    i hope this will fix it...!!!




    anyone can confirm what is the root cause of our WIFI Problem?





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    Same wifi issues for my iphone5!


    I did all the possible things I have came across the various forums for the slow wifi issue:

    - Updated my Netgear DGN2200M firmware to the latest firmware (V1.0.0.35_1.0.21WW)

    - Set my DNS on the iphone to

    - RESET my iphone

    - Set my wifi connection's proxy on the iphone to AUTO

    - Set my router's security to WPA

    - Set a fixed IP address for the iphone on the router


    and guess what? My wife's new Galaxy S3 solved ALL the wifi issues!


    She would not dare get an iphone due to my wifi issues. Her phone works perfectly, no glitches, easy to use and flies on our wifi.


    Even the kids are no longer fighting over the iphone for their games, they want the Galaxy as "daddy, it works".

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    This is a very basic thing....


    Apple is counting on our very short memory ... As soon as iPhone5s or IPhone6 is out we will all forget and just upgrade to the new one...


    They just forgot who we are... We are the customers ... and we can't forget... Buying a 600-700$ piece of paper weight..

    And still there is a complete silence from apple direction..


    the only thing important now is to understand how to fix this so I can sell this iphone5 and buy Samsung Galaxy s4...

    my Samsung galaxy S2 is working perfectly now with wifi... Easy life !!!!


    Food for thought.

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    MrLuxuryYacht wrote:


    Give us a link to the cover you bought. My cover makes no diff.


    I just got my iPhone 5 swapted out for a new one FINALLY and I went with the thinest case possible because I've been so frustrated with this whole mess.  The Agent 18 Case is  as simple as they come.  It's a thin black case and made of some kind of plastic that is easy to grip, but easy to get in and out of a pocket.  If I have another WiFi issue with this thing......I WILL NEVER COME BACK!!!!!

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    Same here. I got my iphone 5 last week and have little to no wifi all this time and this my second phone in a week. My wife's iPhone 4S and my ipad 3rd gen are fine. Switched to wep (yeah I know not hugely safe) but it doing trick so far.


    Does iphone 5 have trouble with wpa? And will apple acknowledge it?

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    Just to add, if this was just a compatibility problem with certain routers why did my wifi on my iphone 5 work fine out of the box only to then not connect within a few hours.


    This happened to both handsets I've had this week.