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  • haroonansari72 Level 1 Level 1

    i keep on interacting so many people in office, work place, playing areas and even home. The weak connectivity of wifi on IPhone5 has become so big that its bothering everyone except few. Why Apple users are being bugged despite spending so much on Apple IPh5. People are adopting all techniques by updating, resetting, router setting and if few people resolve it for one router at their homes...still face problem with other routers in friends houses, airports and fast foods whereas people having IPh 4, IPh4S, Samsung Galaxy3. Note1/2 dont feel any problem . Why dont Apple give permanent solution to this serious issue. Apple must come up as quite frustrating for all users of Iph5. I am also having same problem that my wifi doesnt connect once i go away from router where my wife ahving iph4 and brother ahving samsung galaxy2 works perfectly with the same router and same distance. Similarly i am unable to connect once i visit to restaurants or airports where all others having iph4 and samsung gallaxy dont face any problems. Why this botheration is there. What i think there must be some problem of wifi chip which needs to be replaced on all problematic iph5s thats why refurbished IPh5 have less problem as Apple might have replaced this chip. Or if there is some other problem then people must come out rather APPLE must speak RATHER THAN SITTING QUIET.

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    I may have found a partial solution to my problem.


    My DD-WRT router (simul G and N) had a TX power that was beyond the recommended value of 71. Even the slightest increase to TX affected the iPad and iPhones' throughput drastically. By putting back the default value of 71, I was able to more than triple my 4-7 Mbps to 12-25 Mbps on both devices (this on my N). It's still a far cry from the 30-35 Mbps I get on my MBPr, so idk wth is wrong w/ the thing.


    I've also made adjustments to the G and N transmission speeds to their respective max output (54 for G and 300 for N). Finally, I also turned back on WWM.


    From these tests, I can conclude what some have already deduced. The wifi chips on these devices are inferior to those on the more premium machines.


    For those still having trouble like me where the speed discrepencies are huge between devices, I suggest revisiting your advanced wireless settings. Trial and error.

  • ozsmacd Level 1 Level 1

    Perhaps we can all take the 5 minutes to provide bug feed-back to Apple about this?


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    Mac OS X

    redshiftbr wrote:


    My iPhone 5, when connected to my personal wpa2 secured wi fi network, works normally for web navigation but has a very bad performance when connecting and downloading apps from Apple Store.


    The Apple Store has been a bit slow as of late on iOS and OS X; I suspect they need more bandwidth on the server end.


    As far as Wi-Fi, I know it doesn't help anyone, but for my iPhone 5:



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    Why does pointing the iPhone 5 WiFi to a local proxy server fix the slow download issue?

  • Megachiller Level 1 Level 1

    Well I got my brand new 5 from china yesturday.I've concluded that after 4 ip5s it's a problem with strength on there part. I talked with apple care to tell them that the problem is all to do with wifi strength and range. I've compared my old 3GS with ip5 and the 3GS is better. They told me the ip5 is better and faster and stronger . This has not been the case with any ip5 I've had so far. I'm truly disappointed and angry. I've done wat I can and don't think ill ever ever get an iPhone after my term is up. They lost my trust and I'm just done with it. So my next one will prob be a windows phone. Apple needs to look at there wifi technologies and ask themselves what they did wrong. Cause if it ran like my 3GS then I wouldn't be on here complaining or getting replacements all the time. It just *****. If I call again it's just a waste of time. I'm done period

  • Megachiller Level 1 Level 1

    Ps. Got 2wifi bars on 3GS and nothing no wifi on the 5 ***

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    Iphone 5 WI-FI was slow at home, but it was fast at apple store, then slow at home. It is slow at the gym, coffee shop, and at work. If you want a fast WI-FI service in your brand new phone, just hang there at the apple store.

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    Megachiller wrote:


    ...  I talked with apple care to tell them that the problem is all to do with wifi strength and range. ... don't think ill ever ever get an iPhone after my term is up. ... So my next one will prob be a windows phone.

    Because everything is better on a Windows phone. 



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    exactly - we all may complain but when I think about the alternatives, going back to a windows based product I have flashbacks of nightmares. I do not want to return to those days. I got to the place I could fix anything on a pc but didn't think a person should have to know that much info so I switched to Apple. I do not regret it, even with the wifit issues of late.  I truly think Apple's ultimate goal is just to have everything work in the cloud so this is just not a priority.

    robertk1 wrote:


    Megachiller wrote:


    ...  I talked with apple care to tell them that the problem is all to do with wifi strength and range. ... don't think ill ever ever get an iPhone after my term is up. ... So my next one will prob be a windows phone.

    Because everything is better on a Windows phone. 



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    I'm yet frustrated, using up my data plan cause I can't get wifi service. It's just the *****.

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    This actually worked!   Been beating my head against the wall for weeks now.   I kept on getting the "Unable to Connect" message....When I changed the router settings from Channel 1 to Channel 11, (had to also change from Automatic Channel selection to Manual to allow me to change) the wifi began to work!



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    WilliamK – Many of us are seeing full speed network download when testing with, however it’s the download of large files that trigger the slow download issue.


    iphone5wifiistooslow - I also found the same issue, when I went in store to sort the issue out, they couldn't reproduce with the in-store WIFI (I could with my Sierra Wireless MyFI, they offered to replace the handset, however since it has already been replaced for other reasons no point).  Just to make sure I've run tests at home with open (no auth) WIFI and also WEP/WPA/WPA2 on both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands and also forcing 11/54 etc etc data rates.



    Gnavicks – My guess is that it’s related to the packet capture that I posted a little while ago, I can see clear TCP re-transmission issues that lead to an ever decreasing TCP window size.   At this point each packet can’t carry much payload at all, hence slow throughput.  By moving to a proxy, the iPhone no longer speaks directly to internet hosts for web traffic, as a result the proxy server is able to speak properly and get full speed downloads……..obviously the iPhone talking with the local proxy server doesn’t trigger the fault, result is a speedy download.


    THIS IS STILL NOT ACCEPTABLE, Apple aren’t showing any desire to understand or fix this issue (I’ve been to the genius bar twice and left feed-back a few times via the web site)……I know that I’m not alone.


    It’s worth noting again that this issue only happens with my iPhone 5 (not on my iPad2, iPad3 or wifes iPhone4) & I’ve tested on multiple networks from multiple data sources, using different applications, different versions of iOS blah blah blah, the iPhone 5 is the only common element & this problem can be reproduced at will.


    Good luck everyone, no matter what your WIFI issue I wish for you a stable and speedy connection.

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    i sent my phone with my friend to USA Chicago Store.Genious bar said the phone have no wifi issue.Yea no issue, my phone cant see my router in another room.How can this be i dont understand.They dont replaced my phone and my phone still not see any wifi only 3m near in router otherwise it cant see anything.I hate this phone.In my country apple dont have a store.I am really dissapointed

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    So guys...

    This issue has been dragging for long time.

    Can someone confirm if this is a hardware problem or just iOS related issue?


    For my case, i put my iphone 5 side by side with my ipad 2.

    My iphone has no wifi bar but my ipad has 2 bar.

    When i activate my other phone to create wifi tethering, my iphone can connect easily.

    I put my other phone right beside iphone.


    This is frustrating issue.