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  • Old Macs Level 2 (175 points)

    Is Apple using the same Wi-Fi technology in the iPad mini?  I just bought one a few weeks ago and have noticed the same problems I have been having on my iPhone 5 with Wi-Fi.


    I have also noticed that my iPhone 5's Wi-Fi has gotten worse as time has passed.  Now I can't even get through a 10 minute video on YouTube, my Wi-Fi strength will lower for no reason, and the Airplane Mode trick won't work anymore.  I have to either reboot the phone or reset the Network Settings just to get the Wi-Fi to work for a short time.  Having to interrupt my usage of the phone to reboot the **** thing is annoying.


    Guess Apple should drop the slogan "It just works" as the iPhone 5's Wi-Fi isn't "just working".

  • MatthijsBaas Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same problem. Mostly I have to open settings and wifi.. Then it starts searching and connects to my allready saved network.. But a few minutes later it is at 3GS most of the time.

  • joe619 Level 1 (0 points)

    Friend of mine just go this email on his wireless list serv: 

    Degraded Wi-Fi throughput w/ Apple iOS6 clients w/ 11n/CAC during BA neg


    Apple clients running iOS 6.0.1 may experience degraded throughput when

    attempting to download media rich content such as video.

    Apple clients running iOS 5.x or earlier do not experience the issue under

    identical conditions.

    Apple support has observed and analyzed the issue, and has confirmed non

    compliant CAC behavior with iOS 6.0.1 software. Apple intends to correct the

    issue in forthcoming firmware updates.

    This release note will be updated with code fix specifics when available.


    Apple iOS 6.0.1 client connected to Unified Access Point at 802.11N data rates

    with Video Call Admission Control (CAC) enabled.


    Disable 802.11N support or disable Video Call Admission Control (CAC).


    This sounds VERY similar, if not my exact same problem.  So Apple MAY be near solving this problem 6 MONTHS AFTER it was reported! 

  • ozsmacd Level 1 (0 points)

    Certainly looks like the duck, smells like the duck and walks like the duck.....just perhaps this might be the issue we are seeing with slow WIFI with Podcast, Video and other large file types.


    I've just changed the configuration on my Timecapsule to 802.11 b/g for my 2.4GHz network to test.  Sadly still slow download, back to my proxy workaround until we see some new code.


    Anyone have any idea how we can modify CAC settings on Apple WIFI equipment?

  • Lvis85 Level 1 (0 points)

    Every morning i wake up with grieve! i would love to stay in my blanket and play around my phone. However, i could not connect to my home wifi at all! the distance is like 3 meter from the router! it's really pathetic, i miss my Samsung S3, unfortunately i have let it go for little of money and add plenty of money to get this iphone 5! i am literally spending gold to buy depress! real sad!


    i really hope we could do some strike or protest on the road and put out issue to the world media, we had to apply some pressure to apple! this is our right!


    planning to let go my iphone5 and get S4, any suggestion? thanks

  • ozsmacd Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't think you are alone, HTC One is also quite appealing.  Was also considering a Windows Phone move, but from what I can see no good podcasting app.

  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,985 points)

    Have you taken your iPhone to Apple to allow them to check it for possible replacement?


    I and several other people I know all have iPhone 5s that work perfectly with Wi-Fi, so it's certainly not a universal issue.

  • joe619 Level 1 (0 points)

    I would disagree....  I have had 5 (YES, FIVE) iPhone 5's and ALL of them have had the wifi issue. 


    On another note, 2 of them ALSO had the sleep/wake/power button issue where it would stop working when pressed on the right side. 


    Quality seems to be slipping at Apple these days...

  • Old Macs Level 2 (175 points)

    I'm honestly getting tired of this problem with my iPhone 5, and come to find out earlier, it has a DEATH GRIP!


    Try this:  hold your iPhone 5 in your right hand, covering the bottom right antenna with your palm, bottom left with your ring or pinky finger and the top right with your thumb.  Make sure Wi-Fi is off and use LTE, 3G, EDGE, whatever cellular connection you can get. The connection will either drop in speed or (most of the time) will still show the the cellular connection, but completely stop communicating with the network.  Is this problem only with Verizon iPhone 5s, or is everyone having this problem?

  • punzola Level 1 (0 points)

    That's it!!! I've had enough. My entire house hold runs off mac include half a dozen iphones from 3gs, 4, 4s and a couple of 5's. Not including the 3 ipads and 2 ipod 4 gen. 1 guess which of the devices can't get a steady wifi connection more than 5 metres away from our router?! YEP our iPhone 5's!!!! I've tried it all! Wep, reset, reinstall, upgrades to firmware on router and phones. Bought a new router!!! Nothing. Times up, tried my father inlaws Galxc S4... perfect. So annoyed and frustrated. Looks like I'll be changing to uncle SAM who SUNG good bye iphone!!! Apple get your act together! Over it!!!

  • FluxArc Level 1 (25 points)

    Wow. I see I'm not alone on this. I've owned every iPhone since the 3G and with the exception of iOS 3.1 having funny Wifi issues on the iPhone 3GS, I have had perfect wifi -- that is until my wife and I got these iPhone 5's. Both are on iOS 6.1.4 and both have wifi issues on a Linksys EA4500. My iPhone 3GS works perfectly, and so did our iPhone 4S's on iOS 6.1.2. I can't believe it's taking Apple so long to figure this out... at the very least, why not disable their stupid 2x2 antenna setup so it functions like the 4S -- the supposed extra speed means nothing if it's unreliable.


    As a total aside, I would never consider Samsuck, but the Nexus sounds appealing. Software upgrades are important to me and Samsung only cares about pumping out phones and filling landfills. Even their GS3 doesn't run the latest version of Android. Only possibility is Google's variant of the GS4 which may stay upgraded for a couple years -- but I don't think it's 2x the price of the Nexus 4.

  • Old Macs Level 2 (175 points)

    I've been reading and looking at reviews, and the Nexus would be the only other phone I would consider.  What ***** about it is the color is way off.  And sadly, for me, I can't take advantage of the unlocked Nexus 4 since it only works on GSM carriers (I'm on Verizon).

  • nexusbrz Level 1 (0 points)



    I've made a discovery (at least with my iphone5), that may indicate that this is definitelly a software bug, and not hw (since i'm with my 3rd iphone5, and all of them with wifi issue).


    please, do the following test, and share results:


    1- open safari or chrome (I use chrome) in your iphone

    2- go to

    3- choose 'download test'

    4- choose 'manual test size' and pick 6 or 12MB, or any other value you think is good for the test

    5- let it finish and note the result (your average speed). retake the test if your download ended too fast (let it last from 30s to 1min, for optimum results)

    6- after you have your average download speed, with a download file size that takes between 30 to 60s to complete, retake the same test (same speed)

    7- THIS TIME, during the test, keep double pressing the HOME button, to bring the multitask application bar. then click on the web browser again, and keep doing this until your speed test finishes



    my result: By having the multitask bar to show up many times during the speed test, my average speed always went up by around 400 to 800% !!!!!!!


    I can't wait for you guys to test it and share results... am I the only one with a crazy iphone that speeds up wifi reception when multitask bar is going on and off???


    tks and regards

  • CKFROMSG Level 1 (0 points)

    Tested Make no different in speed on my iP5. The web said it will get smarter and hence faster. So naturally after some tests, it will get faster.

  • Gnavicks Level 1 (30 points)


    I can also demonstrate on my home wireless network via Wireshark the numerous TCP retransmissions, TCP duplicate acknowledgements and TCP out of order segments captured from my iPhone 5. I also believe something is broken in the iPhone 5 network stack, especially given the decreasing TCP window size issue we have seen that is resulting in slow throughput. I've been tracking this slow Wi-Fi issue since October 1, 2012 when I received my iPhone 5 and finally someone (you) have discovered a reliable workaround that restored my download speeds to normal: simply point the HTTP Proxy setting on the iPhone 5 to a local Web Proxy server!


    Instead of using WinGate, I ended up using Privoxy (, FREE) since it's a non-caching web proxy and an easy install.


    Thank You!