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    I'm using a Westell router with iPhone 5. It would connect to wifi with full bars but I couldnt access anything requiring internet connection. I tried everything to fix it (reset router, reset modem, restart phone, change router security settings), but nothing worked. Eventually, I found something. I clicked the arrow next to the network on my iphone which opens up the network settings. I edited the DNS ip address to match what it says on my router. (I pulled the number by going into my router's settings and into DNS server). Magically, everything works fine now.

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    I have just made peace that Apple royally screwed up with the wifi on the iPhone 5....that's all there is to it.  I'm on my second iPhone 5 after 6 months and it's the exact same. 


    The only time it's an issue for me is if there's a big file i need to download, like an OTA beta.....other than that LTE is perfectly fine. 


    But yeah, this issue is not going away and it's not a software problem. Apple screwed up, just wait for the next phone.

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    NerdofNerdy1 wrote:

    I just got my iPhone 5 swapted out for a new one FINALLY and I went with the thinest case possible because I've been so frustrated with this whole mess.  The Agent 18 Case is as simple as they come.  It's a thin black case and made of some kind of plastic that is easy to grip, but easy to get in and out of a pocket.  If I have another WiFi issue with this thing......I WILL NEVER COME BACK!!!!!

    I also have the Agent 18 Case.  I switched to it from a Maxboost Fusion Case that extends my battery and it did seem to help the wifi connectioni to an extent.  I still think there is something else wrong with my phone, but I'm not confident it is not my case

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    I was afraied it is hardware problem , becuse if it does it means it will be a long seck story of getting my iphone 5 fixed,


    But now i am sure it is software issue


    And the reason is when i go to the office i always conect to my boss rawter very easy and very fast, it is mobaily internet rawter, the big news is i am fully conected with no problem at all even whin i get weeck signal, or only one chart of the wifi 3 charst,


    I mean i am used to get no conection at all at my house unless i am 3 meatres from the rawter

    And when i drop one chart that means no internet , blah


    But at the office i am boosted with full internet youtube and web browsing ebverything with more than 5 mts away


    I would only say that




    Hurry up with your stupid ios7 update

    I just cant stand any more

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    I bought the new Airport Tower and where i once could not get a signal at all in our upper bathroom ( fingered it was the metal pipes) and would watch it flip to LTE; I'm now getting 20-25 mgbs. In general, I'm getting 3-4 times better speeds when I was using a 4th gen Extreme. I still have to extend the network, and am doing it with that 4th gen. My iPhone was made in October and has the Apple wifi chip.

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    ************  FIXED   FIXED   FIXED ***********


    Or at least for me!   I followed your steps CleoTony and the switching to Automatic to a Fixed channel did wonders!  Streams that were dropping out on my iPhone 5 suddenly continued to stay streaming (with only the occassional pause, which I had when I had my iPhone 3G).  My back bedroom is furthest away from the Airport and I had major troubles ever since I got my iPhone 5.  This helped tremendously!



    ************  FIXED   FIXED   FIXED ***********


    The only thing I didn't understand is the part of step 7 that shows other WiFi networks (neighbors).  It did not show anyone else's but mine. But then again, I am running 10.6.8, and maybe it shows only with Lion.  There WERE other networks as they showed-up in my menu bar WiFi drop-down menu, but not in the "About This Mac" screen.

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    Get an app from the Mac Store called WiFi Scanner. It's $1.99, but there may be others that scan neighbors as well for less or free.


    iPhone's aren't allowed to do it anymore. Only via OS X.

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    I know this problem is an ongoing ordeal, and I just wanted to add my expereince. My last two iPhone 5 replacements have had issues where it shows it's connected to WiFi, but when I use a data-intensive app, nothing loads. Also, randomly the WiFi will switch between 4G, causing streaming videos to rebuffer and me having to reconnect to my network. I'm currently going on two weeks talking with AppleCare on getting a new replacement. In the Apple Store, they've run their "diagnostics" and say it's fine, thus denying me a replacement. It is really ridiculous when a 3 year old iPhone 4 has a more reliable WiFi connection than the latest and greatest device. So tired of this mess.


    PS: Has there been any correlation between the different WiFi chips that give off problems?

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    I just bought an IPhone 5 32Gb, everything is working fine except the wifi connection, every time I try to connect I receive the message unable to connect, I updated to the latest version of iOS 6.1.4 and nothing, I still having the same problem, I tried everything a read and nothing... I discovered I have to be near to the router to make it work... big fail apple...

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    Hi everyone. I have had my iPad mini since may of 2013. I have been having random wi fi disconnects. I thought it was my router at first but then started digging around on the net for this issue.

    I even tried other wi fi hot spots for several hrs to test this. And eventually I had wi fi connection lost.

    Same problem everyone else is having. I called apple and every time I call they do not admit to the iPad mini ever having any wi fi issues.

    I was told that I can get a replacement if the store that is a long way away from me finds any issues and if they have the same model number iPad mini.

    I see this as a waste of time because ill get the same model number. Same problem will be here.

    I was reading all over the net about this issue and do t k ow what to believe. Is it a hardware problem a encryption issue or a software issue in this version of iOS ?


    Last time I scheduled a call with apple the guy sounded ******** about anything I was saying. I had to ask him if he was still there several times.

    Some of the apple care people are worthless ! I waited a while for the call & I got a retard !


    I'm so frustrated with this iPad mini disconnecting all the time. I am really considering just getting a bulky iPad. I have not heard any problems with the wi fi on them. I even did search to see and nothing...

    I love my iPad mini ad like I said it was a birthday present. So I'm pretty sad right now !

    Ay help with this would be appreciated. This place is my last straw. I'm down to giving up on searching net now it's exhausting . It's wearing me out.


    So I asked the apple retard also when the new iOS is coming out & he didn't know. I might search for that. Maybe one of ya will message me back & tell me ?

    Well I replied to this because it caught my attention about apple telling people they hear no one complaining about wi fi disconnects all the time.. Well me too that's the answer I got and NO THEY ARE NOT ADMITTING IT disconnecting all the time with iPad mini.

    I did see that this has to do with a batch of iPhones but this does pertain to all the iPad minis too !

    Google wi fi always disconnecting with iPad mini with wi fi I you'll see lots of complaints !

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    I removed a case i had fitted to protect the iphone. This had some sort of metal film in it  and seemed to be shielding the phone from the wifi signal.

    As soon as i removed it i got a really strong signal and it connected straight away. Put case back on then no wifi.


    I tried it with several other cases and they all had the same problem.


    Its the protective case. When I used a clear plastic case no issues at all connected all the time with no drops.

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    I've recently acquired a Time Capsule and started playing with Speedtest, and noticed that I too have this wifi problem on my iPhone 5.  I'm sitting here right now on my MacBook Pro (mid-2010, fully updated, fresh installation), and I get ~50Mbps from speedtest.  On my iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1.4), which is right next to me, I get a measly 2Mbps!  Unbelievable.  I read that you can increase speed by running a download in the background or AirPlay, so I've just fired up my AppleTV, and with AirPlay enabled from my iPhone 5, I can get 17Mbps...


    What is going on here?

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    Same problem with iphone 5, off to Apple Store yesterday, they did some tests and a "firmware" restore, was not convinced that this would make any difference but gave them the benefit of doubt, got home and still the same, poor WiFi signal.


    I have 5 other apple devices and all work anywhere in the house from a Time Capsule setup, all give excellent signal and data speeds. I have gone through all the numerous "fixes" from this thread and others but nothing works, points to a hardware issue for me and as not everybody (I assume) out there could have the same problem then either a batch of chips or production error?


    I downloaded the Network Analyzer to compare some of my devices, continuous ping walking around the house, iPhone5 ping return drops about 2-3 metres away from my base station, then starts dropping packets or taking 100+ ms to ping, on ipad mine / iphone 4 I get 20-40ms ping response anywhere in the house. Even when I get wifi on the 5 the data speeds are very low (never get anywhere near the other devices 65+ mbps)


    So back to the store for whatever the next step is, I guess only a replacement may resolve this as at the moment the phone is not fit for purpose (wifi feature does not work unless you sit on the base station!).

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    In many sets of IPH5, there is a hardware problem of wifi chip. Apple is replacing it once they receive the complaints. Go to Apple store, they will replace your set. Apple lost many customers because of this problem. Hopefully, Apple will rectify this wifi issue in Iph5S.

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    In many sets of IPH5, there is a hardware problem of wifi chip. Apple is replacing it once they receive the complaints. Go to Apple store, they will replace your set. Apple lost many customers because of this problem. Hopefully, Apple will rectify this wifi issue in Iph5S.