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    I'm getting a lot of these same problems too. At some points I wouldn't get any data like everyone else, I'm a huge fan of Apple but I just can't avoid the fact that my iPhone 4 gets way better internet than my iPhone 5. A lot of people say this problem is a hardware issue caused by the iPhones with the Wifi chips manufactured by Apple. And is avoided by buying an iPhone with a Wifi chip that has an Intel Wifi chip in it. I hope this gets fixed some time soon, maybe is Apple starts manufacturing thier iPhones with only Intel chips, or by fixing these issues with thier Apple Wifi chips, or maybe it will be fixed when they make the next generation iPhone. Main point, it doesn't matter, aslong as it gets fixed...

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    I did factory reset and everything works now.  Also had bluetooth connection issue and that also is resolved.

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    I had this problem too with my iPhone 5. Restore didn't work so I went to Apple Store and got refurbished one and now I'm happy with my wifi connection.

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    For those of you who have this problem, follow these steps.

    1. Change your router settings from  WPA2 - AES to WPA - TKIP. This will be the optimal setting for this issue.

    • For those of you who dont know how to do this, google it. If you are using a linksys or cisco router, you can type in your web browser to acess the settings. The user name and password should be admin and admin. Navigate to wireless settings and change security type to WPA - TKIP.

    2. On your iPhone go into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network > Confirm.

    3. For additional measures Update to Latest Firmware on Router and iPhone.

    4. Enjoy.


    General Information on the Issue:

    The issue is caused by the iPhone 5 not playing well with the wireless security incription WPA2 - AES

    No WiFi Security - No Loss

    WEP - No Loss

    WPA-TKIP - No Loss

    WPA2-AES - 70% Loss.

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    I was having this issue too. ATT iPhone 5 purchased in June 2013 and suddenly I couldn't see wireless networks in the menue unless I was sitting on top of the router. Would also lose LTE and/or 4G connection and was on Edge. My battery life was horrible because the phone was always trying to connect to something. Went to both ATT and Apple for help. ATT sent me off to Apple, and Apple had me reset my network settings. I tried that, and the issues continued. I saw on a different forum something about the antennae being in the back of my phone. I had just recently put on an aluminum chrome case that I purchased from eBay ( 9.l2649). As soon as I removed that case and put back on the plastic one, the connectivity issues are gone. The case must have been blocking the signals. I would recommend removing your case and seeing if the problem improves.

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    For those of you who have this problem, follow these steps.

    1. Change your router settings from  WPA2 - AES to WPA - TKIP. This will be the optimal setting for this issue.


    That is not a fix to the problem. For those of us in a coproate envinronment with thousands of devices this is not practical. Besides, chaning to WPA-TKIP is a security issue. That method is much less secure than WPA2 AES and definately hackable.


    Apple needs to step up to the plate and replace the faulty phones or develop a patch that fixes the problem once and for all. This thread alone has 300 PAGES of complaints. It is no wonder their market share is going down with problems like this and no action.

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    I have already solve it


    And i think it is the only thing you can do to solve it for god


    Just Change your **** device !!!


    I sold my junk iphone 5 and bought new one , like a boss , every thing works fine


    Believe me , go and change your device , stop believing that it will get fix any near time from now


    It is apple fault and they should of replace every damaged iphone5

    Good luck   

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    As I have said previously, Apple swapped out my faulty iphone (both had the apple wifi chipset btw) and the new phone is working perfectly.

    The old one also started out this way, but stopped working suddenly for no apparent reason.

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    You got lucky. I am on my third iPhone 5 and I have yet to get a good one.

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    It's really disappointing that Apple haven't bothered to address this. It has been almost a year and still nothing and it can't be too long until we are thrown on the scrap heap of legacy users in Apples product view. I know I will have to think carefully before buying an iPhone again, certainly will be wary about an X number as it appears these are just beta devices and will wait a year for the XS device. That said I'd be concerned about any new iPhone they release next since if they haven't bothered to fix the 5 and people are still getting busted phones straight from the factory they could just continue to ship the same busted technology and spend another year ignoring the pleas for help.

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    How do you know what chip your iPhone has?

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    Use the mac address of the wifi found in settings>general>about

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    Which chip is the good chip?

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    Sweet baby bejebus!!! I've been suffering with my home wifi not connecting to my iphone5 for months! This solved the problem - thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!

    - Christoaster

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    Thanks for this ... I have tried it but to no avail.


    My Iphone5, IOS 6 worked perfectly well on my BT Home Hub yesterday, nothing has changed on the the hub (although I have rebooted it to see if that solved my problem), and won't work today.


    My wife's Iphone4, IOS6 is working fine.


    I'm off to see if it will work on someone else's wifi.