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    I went back a few weeks ago for my second replacement at Apple.  This time I was told not to do a restore as it could be something in my restore.  Don't know if that makes sense...Anyways this phone seems to work better but still not as good as my 4 for livestreaming music.  So not sure if it's the new phone or not using restore that helped - which BTW is a pain as I lost the data from Apps that weren't backed up on a website.  I'm tired of the trips to Apple and will live with this one.  But next phone won't be an iPhone.  I'm done with Apple.

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    S Hunter - You get that when the post you are referencing has been removed.

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    I know this may be a longshot but I successfully solved my iPhone 5 wifi issues.  Like many of you I was experiencing extremely spotty connections.  My wife's iPhone 5 would connect some of the time, if at all, getting the "Unable to connect" error.  It would only connect if standing right next to the router.  It would connect to only certain networks.  If connected, speeds were slow to nonexistant.  My iPhone 4S had no issues whatsoever.


    In any case, I was able to fix the problems related to my home network by accessing my router's config and disabling all port forwarding entries listed under the iPhone 5.  I'm not sure why/how this happened but the iPhone 5 had almost a dozen port forwarding entries enabled whereas the iPhone 4s did not.  I also followed some of the other recommendations put forth in other posts (airline mode, reset network settings, etc.)  but please note that I did try all of these other solutions on their own without success.  Only AFTER I disabled port forwarding entries was I able to connect the iPhone 5 to wifi.  I don't even pretend to know what this means.  I was just fishing for answers and simply took a chance and it worked.

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    I have about 10 months with iphone 5, from new and since then having issues with very slow or none wifi connectivity at most of places, there are few places that get a decent connection but not as excellent as on other brand phone. I replaced my home and office router thinking router had a problem for an recent models and nothing, returned them and recently bought the latest airport extreme from apple thinking that should be no issues having both apple brand but still same problem, just spend extra bucks for nothing.



    not working with the following router brands cisco, net gear, apple, figured out that

    work well at a friend house, he has one of the old routers 2wire.



    I installed system ios7 thinking that bugs were fixed but same problem.

    is any solution on this?

    I'm so tired of this, it just demotivate me from continue upgrading iphone in the future and change to other brand.

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    Knife01 - the only solution I found was to request a replacement of the phone.  I tried changing network settings on my router, I, too, bought a brand new Airport Extreme, and it refused to work.  I did get it to work intermittently if you go into the Airport settings and force it to use 5 Ghz N versus 2.4 Ghz N, but the phone was sold as being compatibly with 2.4 Ghz and that's what my gym uses.  They tried to tell me that iOS 7 would fix it at the Apple Store, but if that were the case they would have patched iOS 6.


    As long as you are within your 1 year warranty period, you try doing a few things they tell you to, they should swap it out.  I found it easier to deal with Apple phone support, have then set up a case for you and a genius bar appointment, and then going to the store to ONLY do the phone swap.  The network at the Apple Store is the one that works well with the iPhone 5 so you won't have the problems there and they will try and just tell you to reset your network at home.


    Good luck.  It seems this issue is causing a lot of people to question the iPhone, which is terrible because I like it so much.

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    At your home and/or office are there numerous other Wi-Fi networks visible to your iPhone 5, while at your friend's house there are only a few to no other Wi-Fi networks visible? I believe that network interference may be the leading cause to all of our Wi-Fi issues since for example at my house I see up to 10 other Wi-Fi networks, which also explains why at the Apple Store and a few other locations, where there is only one Wi-Fi network, it operates as normal on the iPhone 5. Does anyone have a faraday cage to test this theory out?

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    my scenario is the other way around, at office I see a couple of other access points, at home no other vissible wifi signal, closest house is about 100 meters away, and at friend house because he lives in an apartment I see about 10 differnet access points available.

    I will try other user suggestion to go and push for a replacement. thank's

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    My daughter has had the iPhone 5 for about 5 weeks now and the internet and wifi connection have been poor.  After some research I was given a solution go into settings - general - reset - reset network settings and everything is working brilliantly now...hope this works

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    Just got the 5s 64 GB.  All other wi-fi worked perfectly including my home wifi.  That is until I installed the most current iOS 7 update (I believe it is 7.1 or 7.2).  The phone would recognize my home network, but was unable to connect (even after re-entering the security/password).


    An IT/Helpdesk friend suggested I do the following:


    Go into settings then wi-fi

    Click on my Home Wi-fi/Network

    Click "forget this Network"

    Hard reboot the modem/router (I don't know the brand, but it is from Comcast for Hi Speed) - unplug, let sit for at least 30 seconds, plug back in.

    Once the network comes back up, click the Home Network and re-enter the password.

    This re-populated all of the settings, the wi-fi has connected and has not only stayed on ever since, it is able to find it each time I come home with no issues! 


    Note: this only works for phones that at least recognize the home network, but just can't connect.


    Hope this works for some of you!

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    Dear Joe,


    My name is Juan, intuitionist.  I just received my iphone 5s late last Thursday afternoon, the same type of poor wifi connectivity ocurred.  I browsed Apple forums, and it happened to a whole lot of people.  Many different types of techniques were used with varying results.  I read one technique, it is called hard reset, which means to hold down the start button and the home key at the same time until the phone reboots again.  Let it fully restart.  Guess what?  Problem solved!  From that point on my wifi connectivity was compatible with my 80211 ac Motorola wireless modem/router, the way it was supposed to be.  Good luck!



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    where is this Fix , i have tried all ways to solve this problem , finally i bought Galaxy S4 , its connected to my wifi without problems , I want to tell you Apple iam not going to be a custome for you anymore , you are loosing your customers.

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    I got my iphone 5s tonight, got it home, couldn't connect to my home wifi at all.  Meanwhile, my wife with her brand new iphone 5s connected right away.  After nearly 2 hours of frustration, I turned it on airplane mode and amazingly, it took my wifi password and now is connected.  Haven't had a problem since. 


    I tried every concievable/suggested option to no avail until I came across:



    This worked for me:


    It works!

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    i think maybe is the sim issue , try this ; switch the airplane mode on and then connect the wifi , then switch the airplane mode off and the wifi is connected . It works for ME.. i dunno other will work ... sorry for any grammer mistake.. haha

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    iPhone 5 only connects to wifi if I'm close to a router (in the same room as the router, usually). For some reason I don't think it's router problem as everything else I have connects without an issue (3 MBPs, 2 iPads, 4S, and Apple TV). A clean restore of the phone did nothing. Resetting network settings didn't work. Phone support says to take it to an Apple store and get a replacement. We'll see.