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    i think maybe is the sim issue , try this ; switch the airplane mode on and then connect the wifi , then switch the airplane mode off and the wifi is connected . It works for ME.. i dunno other will work ... sorry for any grammer mistake.. haha

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    iPhone 5 only connects to wifi if I'm close to a router (in the same room as the router, usually). For some reason I don't think it's router problem as everything else I have connects without an issue (3 MBPs, 2 iPads, 4S, and Apple TV). A clean restore of the phone did nothing. Resetting network settings didn't work. Phone support says to take it to an Apple store and get a replacement. We'll see.

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    i m also using iphone 5 with ios 7.0.3 upgrated from 7 becoz of the wifi n blutooth problem but still prob persist i have purchased d cell from UK and using in India if u have any solution plz reply me too thnkss

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    i bought new iphone 5s 32gb and i am have week wifi signal problem since first day.. please someone have a good idea to solve it. ?????

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    If Apple Support tells you to take the phone in for a replacement, do it.  That's the only solution to a very specific wifi problem. 

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    Hi Bossing,

    Did you  attempt doing a "hard reset"?, i.e. hold down Power Button AND Home  Button at the same time until phone restarts.  It helped my iphone 5s  gold the same night I received it.  Good Luck!!,



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    I did a hard reset plus everything I said above. Eventually the phone didn't connect at all (at work or at home) no matter how close I was to the router. Took it to the Apple Store after going the rounds with phone/online support. The phone worked perfectly in the store (which I figured would happen). The thing that convinced them of my case was that I took screen shots of what it was doing when it wouldn't connect at every wifi spot I was in. This "documentation" as they called it proved to them the problems I was having and they swapped the phone without an issue. New phone works far!

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    Dear Bossing,


    I am very glad you had the forsight to snap pictures of equipment faliure to function, and that we all are protected against defective equipment.  I do hope you are enjoying you new iphone 5s, I know I am.



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    i have same issue - went to apple store; they did all their bells and whistles, said it was functioning properly according to them.  The tech was nice, but it didn't solve the problem.  My wife has the same phone, connects to every public wifi with full strength while mine doesn't connect at all unless we happen to be near the router. 


    Now I'm running up against my data plan limits because my phone rarely connects to wi-fi. I'd prefer them to swap out the phone because I know they won't pay any data overages...

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    The thing is about this wifi issue is it's the iPhone 5, never had a problem with my 3GS and still working. I can't seem to get this iPhone 5 to work anywhere else except at home which my speed test is very low. I've had 4 exchanges already and I'm sick of dealing with apple about it. They were trying to help and in the end the offered a 100 dollar credit in there store site which I never been able to get. Second they stopped emailing me back after I tryed. So it's frustrating knowing this all was a waste of time and as soon as my contract is up I'm never getting another iPhone. I just went iver my data limit and charged extra cause my wifi fails all the time. They don't care about the customer and no point wasting time to exchange it for a refurbished phone when mine was brand knew. Just a waste people just saying

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    Dear Megachiller,


    If your iphone 5 is not getting decent wifi at home I would advise you to first perform a "hard reset", i.e. hold down the on/off button (upper right hand corner) AND the Home Button (fingerprint scanner) at the same time until the phone restarts.  Let it restart completely, and check for wifi connectivity.  Second, make sure your router is isolated (about three to five feet AWAY from anything electrical (we are testing, if it works you can then place it a little closer to other devices.)  If need be you can try performing another hard  reset, remember your iphone 5 works somewhere else, hence it has got to be your location at home.


    You can even try to isolate the devices to a room where there are NO electrical equipment and then test your iphone.  Let's remember wifi is completely dependant on distance wall materials, in other words if you live in a house that has any masonry exterior, or sheet metal on inside the roof, or anything of taht sort, that is what would be killing the signal coming from outside the house to your router and then weakly broadcasting to your phone.


    I do hope these tips will give you a somewhat workable technique to allow you to enjoy your iphone 5 the way you expect it to.  In my case the same afternoon that I received my iphone 5, I activated it and started noticing very poor wifi connectivity (I have got a killer Motorola Surfboard ac modem router, an Intellinet n access point they do sit close by though), and poor wifi nonetheless.  I got online, went to apple's website, read some forums, and found that this poor wifi connectivity on iphone 5's is common to many users.  People were doing all kind of things with ip addresses, changing routers, etc, etc.  Until I found a comment explaining what worked for him.  Guess what?  Perform a "hard reset" and viola!  It worked for me as soon as I did the "hard reset" the very first time.  I do hope it works for you too.


    Your iphone 5s gold enthusiat,


    intuitionist   aka  Juan L. Blanco

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    Hey, I've done everything that is possible. Seems ok at home like I said but the any open wikis like shaw open never works or anywhere else proper. It says it's connected but spins forever if I try doin anything. So I've done hard resets and did everything I can it just sits and spins. My 3GS loves wifis and strong on them too. I believe it's a design flaw and hate paying for extra data when they told me the iPhone 5 was better than the rest lol. I'm just frustrated. 4 phones same issue but 3GS still better. I mean better with it connecting. I wish apple never abandoned me too. Talk to rep for a few hours trying to send data with it and they can't give an answer why

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    Guess what ???, after getting tired of all this wifi/iphone deal and tried ALL suggestions plus other things from myself, I stop resisting and changed my cel for an HTC one, WOW !!! this thing fly and has no issues connecting to wifi, 3G and LTE also shows more signal bars.

    It was the same feeling when I left BB to turn to iPhone, I resisted a lot but finally did, who else experimented that?, leaving some kool items behind but getting others, no one win all, you have to sacrify something. This time I turned to a new plataform for me (android), which at the beggining seams to be some kind of plain compared with iOS but there are a lot of apps that complete the functionality for your specific needs.

    The lesson of all this, I won't ever replace technology just promptly upgrading when there is a new release, instead will check comments from other people first, there are many online sites where you get reviews from users and see their real life performance with their toys, also will have in mind not to get stick to a certain brand or technology, try different ones, if in future apple fix and improve their issues I may considerit again, why not?  

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    This is a reply to anyone who suggests turning off WPA2 -  BAD ADVICE. 802.11n REQUIRES either wpa2 (not wpa), or no security at all, and I don't recommend no security


    Most of the problems are with the powers mangament in idevices


    Easy fix. Change two things on your router to keep wifi awake and going. Make the change for both bands if u have a dual band router:



    Beacon Inverval=50


    Usually under advanced or professional settings


    Don't go too low on beacon or make too much overhead.


    WMM must be on for N

    But u can turn off WMM APMD AND DLS. Both deal with power management. Killing those won't let a device use power management features in 802.11n :)

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    Unfortunately this was an easy fix. Too bad u had to get a droid