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    This is my situation; wifi is functional for the most part. No problems of service cutting in or out. When I noticed a problem was Watching a video on YouTube it had to stop Buffer a s load. (This might be elected on 3G or whatever) but I realized I wAs at home and it tested 5down and 1 up ok (normally faster) tested my computer a second later it go 11 download and 1.5 up. So the wifi speed is about half of what it would be at home wi test other places to find out

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    Same thing was happening to me.  Wouldn't connect automatically.  I have a Linksys router on my network. 

    Go into the router and be sure that your router network name is exactally the same as the rest of your network.  My router still had the factory setting of "Linksys" and my network on my computers had a different name.  I changed Linksys to the correct network name and everlything works perfect.

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    Just got my iPhone 5 today and am having wifi issue with it. 


    Restoring from iCloud took longer than it should have.  Re-installing all the apps went SUPER slow, and hung most of the time.  Meaning the little blue bar would NOT move while downloading apps.  I would have to click on them to get them to continue downloading. 


    Exchange calendar sync to gmail would not work properly.  My calendars would show up, but only a small portion of the data would actually sync. 


    Finally I setup my guest network with no encryption, and exchange synced ok.  Apps also started to download, but I'm actually still having wifi issues, even on a non encrypted network. 


    I called into Apple support, where they told me they hadn't heard of any iPhone 5 issues.  They then proceeded to try and find any excuse in the book they could to explain the issue.  From maybe you are too far from your wifi AP, to maybe apples servers are just slow right now, to maybe google doesnt have their exchange software up to date.....


    It ended when he wanted me to wipe the phone, and set it up as new to see if I could reproduce the problem.  I told him, I wasn't willing to go that far, as my setup is quite complex, and it would take hours to set everything back up the way I have it.  I just don't have that much time to be their guinea pig. 


    Plus I mentioned others on this forum who already tried that, and continued to have the same problems. 


    My point is, that everyone needs to call into apple support about this issue until they can't deny this is a problem anymore. 


    Good luck!

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    Some more clues I found fascinating.  When the iPhone is waken up. I see it attached on my router under attracted devices. As soon as it goes to lock mode or I lock te phone it drops off the wire. When I press the top or bottom button on the phone ..... I see it on the router .


    Almost looks like it does not stay connected to wifi when the phone locks.


    Anyone can confrim this issue?



    I have a netgear r6300 wireless router and connectd via 5ghz connection.

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    Having problem with internet connectivity on WIFI - anything that depends on DNS for data whether it is a web browser or an app while using WIFI.  I call this problem "WIFI Lockout".


    This happens on iphone 4, ipad 2 and ipad 3 that has been updated to iOS 6.


    I am not talking about the issue of the missing apple page (day 1) or the inability to turn on/configure WIFI after updating to iOS 6.


    This is what i have discovered so far.


    You could be in the middle of surfing or using any app that makes data calls based on DNS (when you type that is translated in the background so your device knows where to go - summary only) and suddenly you can go no where or do nothing!


    Sometimes conectivity goes trouble free for long periods, other times it is repetitive "WIFI Lockout".


    Yea sure, you can restart the WIFI connection, but WHO wants to CONTINUALLY do that?


    Interestingly enought the device is still successfully connected to the internet via WIFI, but DNS request fail to pass successfully from the iOS 6 device.


    Apple (or any curious iOS 6 user that wants to see my point), when this happens "WIFI Lockout" open up a browser before you reset the WIFI  connection and type type (google) and then “go” (I tried both safari and chrome).  A google search page will come up and you will be able to execute a search (of course any link you click on will not work as it is dependant on DNS resolution).


    The above IP connection to google proves NON DNS traffic works, so the issue is not the WIFI connection to the access point that is the problem.  It is not an access point configuration/firmware or security protocol issue either because data does pass when the above steps are followed.



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    I too am having problems with wifi connections. Mine seems to be 2 problems or they might be related. I have to be within 15 feet of my router or I lose wifi connection. I also notice that download speed is less than half of what my other iOS devices can do (I have a 4s & new iPad).

    I'm not sure what to do. I had preordered it through AT&T. The closest Apple store is an hour & 1/2 away. I guess I will have to make a call to Apple support. I'm sure they'll give me the "we're not aware of any problems" speech. I'm tempted to just return it & stay with my 4s. :(

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    Whoever in charge of Apple quality control for iphone 5 shall reconsider his career. This is the most anticipated device since first iPhone yet most disappointing on day one. I had not just issue with wifi but also a dodgy lightening cable... So here is my story. Got the iphone yesterday, came back home and plugged in, the phone was neither picked up by itune nor recognised as a storage device, and it wasn't charging. Fine! Repeating another dozen times of plug/unplug finally got it appeared in itune and started charging. Just as I was thinking I might just be unlucky to pick up a unit packed with either a dodgy cable or port, the wifi issue surfaced. The phone could not connect to the WPA2 key authenticated wifi home network or drop out soon it connected while rest of devices working fine. Even dropping the authentication as some of members here suggested only managed to give me a very weak signal and slow up/downstream speed. Next second, I booked an appoinment with local apple store genius bar first thing in the morning.


    So paid the visit to genius bar and the guy there was very helpful. He played the device for couple of minutes and confirmed the issues with both wifi and cable and was kindly swapped my very first iphone 5 with a brand new unit. Guess what. Problem solved straight away. The phone now picks up many more networks and has very stable and fast speed once connected.


    My gut feeling is this wifi issue has something to do with one batch of bad communication chips as some users also reported a slow 3G connection compared to 4S side by side. Ayw, the new unit works fine so far and I will see how it behaves in another 24 months time:)

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    I was hoping I was getting the DNS lock as described on page 40 but to no avail.  For me what happens is I connect my iPhone 5 (white - 32 G) to my home network which is WPA2 AES encryption and it works just fine, downloading speeds that are close to what my Mac Book Pro gets.  When my phone locks for a few minutes and I turn it back on and try to surf there is no connectivity (even though my wifi indicator shows full bars).  The only way I can get it back is to turn the wifi off and back on again.  This issue sounds just like the DNS lock but I tested it when the packet loss was occuring by going to google via IP and it still failed.

    Below picture was taken after about 30 seconds of spinning.


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    I've looked into this situation a while back with my 4s and claims from Ape saying it can run on a "N" network but have never been successful running on my "N" router.  I did find a few articles that have seemed to help.  Here it goes.


    Switch your router to "B/G only," problem solved.  I'm using some form of WPA2 for security and I'm getting around 15mbps down and around 10mbps up.  Works just fine, but the second I try "N" only or "Mixed" I dip to half a meg down but get like 6-10 Mbps up.  Haha, weird stuff.  Give it a shot.  Worked for me.

  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,985 points)

    richsark wrote:


    Some more clues I found fascinating.  When the iPhone is waken up. I see it attached on my router under attracted devices. As soon as it goes to lock mode or I lock te phone it drops off the wire. When I press the top or bottom button on the phone ..... I see it on the router .


    Almost looks like it does not stay connected to wifi when the phone locks.


    Anyone can confrim this issue?


    When the phone is put to sleep or goes to sleep, it's supposed to drop off the network unless it's using Wi-Fi to do something else, like backup to iCloud.

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    I get that same thing.  Phone is locked, unlock it and I'm on LTE.  Let it sit for a quick sec after "waking it up" it connects.  My only concern is if it is actually connected to LTE or WiFi due to me being on a tiered data plan.... Although I'm sure it's not using that much data, if any at all, while locked, but every Mb counts now-a-days.

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    Staying connected to Apple Push Notification Service via WiFi consumes too much battery, so they fall back to cellular when the device is locked (unless a WiFi session is already open by some app).  It is a good decision and has a negligable billing impact, but you may completely eliminate the cost by switching off Cellular Data in Settings (which is not an option for most of the people interested in this thread right now


    Millions of users never think to use WiFi with their phone and they don't even have landline phone or home internet.  AT&T had to do a big marketing campaign to get people to learn how to use WiFi on their phone back when their network was having (worse) growing pains.  Others might use WiFi at work or school, but would simply revert back to LTE assuming the routers are having trouble and won't realize the problem is "on their end" for another few weeks.  Bottom line, this could be a really huge problem that goes unnoticed by the majority.

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    @Shapetable- I agree 100%! I've been saying that for days, we'll see in few weeks or so I guess. But I'd put money that there's A LOT more faulty phones out there, then there is people posting or viewing on this forum.

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    I'm beginning to grow increasingly frustrated with apples seemingly total ignorance to what is now a 41 page + forum! do they actually read these problem pages, it would be good customer care for them to at least acknowledge this post or a simple message to let us know they are looking in to this!


    I agree with numerous previous posts stating that anyone with a wifi issue contact apple immediately! the more complaints they receive, the less ignorant they can pretend to be.


    It also begs the question of how big this problem actually is, I wonder how many people who are not as tech savvy as some, wouldn't even realise there connection is as poor as it should be, especially if they are having no issues picking up their routers!


    The joys of becoming an isheep

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    @Shapetable just repeated your point there lol, i had the window open whilst typing this so didnt see you steal my rant thunder ! apologies

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