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    For mine, its the opposite. g/n works fine (2.4 band) but a/n (5Ghz) wont stay connected and when it is connected its terrible, and thats even with just WEP enabled, not WPA.


    Other iDevices I have work just fine on 5Ghz.

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    Going to the store tonight. I want a new one and i want them to set it up!


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    It's NOT Hardware.   It's an iOS6 issue.   The same thing is happening to my iPad and my wife's iPhone 4s.   The problem appeared when iOS6 was installed.

    Sean Lim wrote:


    I suspect the new iphone 5 have an advance chipset with didn't support the old hardware version of any wifi connection. It MUST BE THE HARDWARE ISSUE!!!!!

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    I disagree.

    I think it must be situational then.

    I tried to set up my 5 yesterday with no luck.

    I gave my husband my old 3gs with ios6 and it set up in a snap.

    No issues at all.

    Unless there is an issue with 4 and ios6.

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    I had an iPhone 5, 32g and never had any wifi issues at home or the office, it worked perfect.  Yesterday I traded up to an iPhone 5, 64g and been having wifi issues ever since.  I get no wifi signal of any kind at home, office even tried Starbucks.  It just continues to do a search and finds nothing.  When I try to manually set my wifi I get an error message saying  connection not found.  I have reset with Apple Support to no avail and even restored it...




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    Yes, agreed.


    Several times since I got my new iphone 5, i have lost wi-fi connection while my ipad and imac continue toi receive a strong signal and power away on my hi-speed fibre optic cable connection. Very poor for an alledgedly superior model to the last....which it isn't. When not losing connection, the one I have is very poor compared to iphone 4

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    Here is my situation...


    Running iOS6 on iPhone 5 and New iPad.

    Set up iPhone 5 on Friday at home and wifi worked great all weekend (airport extreme - 5GHz).

    Came into office on Monday and connected to my wifi here for the first time and all was fine (802.11n - 2.4 GHz).

    Went home Monday night and connected to home wifi, no problem.

    Came into office on Tuesday, connected to wifi but took forever to load anything.  My iPad worked fine with no issues.

    Spoke with Apple Care and ended up doing a Network Reset and then reconnected and it worked fine.

    Went home, had to reconnect to my home network since it was scrubbed during the Network Reset and it worked fine.

    Came back into the office this morning and again it connected but was terribly slow and would not load.  Did the Network Rest and it worked.

    Called Apple Care again and they are now suggesting I do a restore on the phone from scratch which I'm hesitant to do because of how I've got the phone and apps set up and from what I've read from others on in this string that it did not solve the problem.  Obviously, doing Network Resets is not the correct solution to the problem.


    Any ideas, or should I just go for the Restore and see what happens?

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    I am with you; my ipad and MacBook Pro are both wroking just fine and is every other wifi component in the house.  I am headed back to the Apple Store today and get it replaced!

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    Restore does not help. I am headed in for a replacement, as my previous reply stated Ive had two iPhone 5's.  The first a 32g and it worked fine with no issues.  I then decided to upgrade to a 64g and have had nothing but issues with this one.  So there is definatley issues...

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    Mine is a 64 too, maybe it is something with that piece???

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    i ma having iphone 5 16g connectio to wifi is ok with wep or wpa2 but cant get the download speed i have even restored and tried every possible thing till now only one time i geot the actual speed but else its not even near to 2g data speed

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    I too got my iP5 64G on Friday and have noticed it keeps disconnecting from my dual band (2.5&5ghz) home hub router. However when it is connected I use SPEEDTEST.NET iOS App and have noticed the data throughput is very much faster than my iP4. E.g averaging 33Mbp/s compared to 18Mbp/s with iP4.


    I would advise download this free app to confirm you are getting the higher 5Ghz bandwidth working on your iP5.


    I would agree the wifi disconnection issue is iOS6 and very, very unlikely to be hardware. Wait for iOS 6.0.1


    Equally annoying is the very VERY poor battery life.. Again this could be iOS 6 but as the hardware is different, it's very likely that will also have an impact. Not something easily fixed with a firmware upgrade!!


    I'm currently using my iP4 and unbelievably I feel more comfortable with it knowing I won't disconnect WiFi and that I won't be running out of power if I leave the house!

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    I have the 32 --

    Just got it yesterday

    this is a craps shoot

    i have an appt tonight to get a new one!

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    new ipad seems fine but my ip4 does not like the wi-fi at all.  very slow

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    I'm on my 2nd Iphone 5 64 Gig black and it's the same **** issue!  Fix it already!   It appears this problem is specific to the 64GB model.  Great...we pay the most and get the crappiest product.  Unacceptable Apple!

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