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  • DetroitRobbie Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure if this helps anyone or not but I just spoke with AT&T (my provider) and it was apparent to me pretty quick that they seem mighty confused as to what they should be telling their customers with iPhone5 problems.  The lady I talked to told me they were getting information regularly throughout the day as to what to tell customers as far as if they should call the ATT E-Store where they would send you a new iPhone 5 (if it's within 30 days - post 30 days = refurbished iPhone 5) or if people should take them to the Apple Store.  Knowing I have another 3 weeks or so before my ATT warranty is up I just scheduled Apple Support to call me tonight so I could at least get their take on this.  Either way, it's becoming incredibly annoying and I wish Apple would say something about this.

  • mjriley Level 1 Level 1

    If you haven't already, go to and submit a bug report about the iPhone 5 wifi issues. Apple doesn't read these forums so giving feedback directly to them about this issue via the feedback form is important.

  • whimsicalbunny Level 1 Level 1

    Good call - i just submitted mine.

  • TWIZTD__ Level 1 Level 1

    But it is not affecting just the iPhone 5, it is also affecting the 4S and down. So, Apple or somebody with knowledge should look into after they get a ton of bug reports. Not to mention other issues besides the WiFi they need to see and read as well. Just thought I throw my $.02 ( 2 cents in). Thanks

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    i too am not convinced its hardware, from what ive experienced i would sugest software. based on the fact that 98% of the time it works well, and the 2% it doesnt reboots of phone or router, changing settings can get things moving again.

    at the minute im holding out for a while before going to an apple store., if as i believe it is software related then swapping wont help.

    clearly some people have had sucsess in swaping but i wonder for how long. my iphone was fine for a good few days before i had any signs of an issue.

    apple will never issue a statment unless this gets really big so everyone who is having any issues just need to make a fuss on any forum going and use the link above and report the bug to apple.

    the wifi issue had a bit of coverage a couple of days ago over the internet but seems to have died off now. the fire needs to be re_lit so to speak.

  • anand.california Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue on my iPhone 5. Turning WiFi off and on, gets the data downloaded for about 15 - 20 seconds and then gets stalled again. My partner's iPhone 4 with ios 6 exhibits the same problems.

  • MattyFizzle Level 1 Level 1

    Hey guys listen to what mjriley said. Submit a report to apple at


    Give them your feedback on this issue. Try to be as specific and detailed as you can without ranting because I'm sure they don't wanna hear that and after all we want them to figure this problem out right.

  • jpop55 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the link!!  based on what I am seeing its definitely not Hardware related as my iphone 4 worked great before the new OS. 

  • whole9yards Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue here... 32 GB white.  I am connected to home, work and bf's house wifi's and experiencing same issue at all 3 locations. It would connect without any problems for about 10 seconds. Then all data freezes. Speed would pick up and then drop off intermittently throughout. The odd thing is if i reset network settings, everything would return normal. However As soon as I am connecting to a new network, the se issue would come back again. Really frustrating, and infuriating actually considering how much these phones set you back!

  • beanr6 Level 1 Level 1

    I was having the same issues as the OP.  I could get the wifi functional by changing the security type on my router. I changed to WPA - TKIP and worked fine. The problem with this still remains if I go somewhere that their security is not set to this I have no wifi.


    So, I was able to get an exchange through AppleCare. Since replacing. I have switched back to WPA2 - AES security on my router. Other networks work as well. I think my issue was hardware.

  • jonban Level 1 Level 1

    I have been dealing with the same wifi issues. Dealing with a tier 2 rep for 3 days now (super nice guy). He finally let me know today, that yes there is a wifi issue, and it is being dealt with, although said couldn't give a time frame on update. Said he has been on these type of

    Calls nonstop since launch day. That there is 2 problems, phones that cannot connect at all, which would be a hardware issue, and phones that cannot keep consistent connection on wifi on wpa/wpa2 networks (my problem), which is software based. He also said that older devices running ios6 have been effected by this, other than the iPad 3. Which makes sense because my families iPhone 4 and 4s running ios6 are having wifi issues, yet my iPad 3 is totally fine, no problems. I'm glad to finally have a concrete answer regarding this issue and that it is getting addressed. Hope this helps, and hopefully we get this issue resolved soon!!!

  • SG13 Level 1 Level 1

    I also had the "slow connection" problem on home WPA2 network.  Went to Apple store and had a genius appointment.  They reset the phone completely and had me restore the phone on Itunes as a new device.  It was a pain as I had to manually reset my preferred settings for syncing and layout for apps (only lost a few photos that I had taken over the weekend), but the phone seems to be working better so far.  They also had me push the reset button on my browser (they also suggested changing the router name, but I did not do that).  Anyway, so far so good.

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    I thought I would post my latest and last update here. I originally had a problem with just wpa2...everything else worked fine, no security...blazing fast, wpa security...blazing fast, for about 10 minutes then no internet.


    I spent the better part of Monday on the phone with various levels of tech support. First none of them had heard of the issue, then lots of repetitive troubleshooting. Resetting the phone, changing dns settings, turning of cellular data, resetting network settings on the phone. They wanted me to make changes on my router, which I refused.


    I was left with "you should get a call back from engineering within 24 hours' well that never happened. Just on a whim I decided to make a genius appointment to replace the phone. They were able to replicate the problem "in the back" and they replaced my phone.


    So far the new phone is working with WPA2 encryption on my network. I've been messing around with it for the last few hours and no failures yet. This is much farther than I was able to get prior to replacing the phone.


    I wouldn't be surprised if Apple has more than one issue here. Hardware, software and the worst hardware/software interactions. I wouldn't be surprised if there are slight differences between phones that are the same color, capacity and carrier. They've been know (like all hardware manufacturers) to use multiple suppliers for parts. Perhaps there is a particular combination that works and all others suffer from one of the many problems outlined in this thread.


    Hopefully they will get this mess sorted out. This was the first and last pre-order I will do with them. Too much money for so much headache.


    Good luck guys

  • ayndrea Level 1 Level 1

    I am having similar problem with my iphone 5. My friends with an iphone 4S running on the iOS 6 will stay connected to the same network however my phone will go off the network after a mintue or two.

  • mbslink Level 1 Level 1

    just went into the apple store for my second replacement, before i got to a genius they said apple enginering is aware of this issue and will be having an update released in 1-2 weeks which will solve the problem, they have been specifically told not to replace anymore handsets per enginering. i asked why my 4s works fine and they said because its isolated to the iphone 5 only and that it's a software issue,


    don't hate the messenger, lol

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