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  • Erich Wetzel Level 2 (320 points)

    Another possible solution for anyone still suffering with this:


    I figured that they fixed this with the 2.1.1 Server and so updated both OS and Server.  Same problem.  Messages would start but not permit connections.  Tried all of the suggestions above.  Then looked in /Library/Server/Messages and found a Jabberd folder that was updated at the time of the OS and Server update along with several previous versions that were time and date stamped in the folder name as follows : jabberd.previous.dateandtimelookingstuff


    Since I had nothing to lose, I shut off Messages, threw away Library/Server/Jabberd, authentication was required, renamed the most recent "jabberd.previous" folder to "jabberd", authentication was required again, and restarted Messages.  In this first case here no luck.  I then repeated the above steps with the next most recent "jabberd.previous" and was able to log in to Messages and am back running.


    I went back to a clone which had updated without my consent by App Store.  App Store for some reason installed the newest version on the clone rather than the boot disk after I had deleted and rebooted the boot disk as suggested above.  This odd and really inappropriate installation left me with no backwards step since my backup was now ruined by the problem upgrade.  Running the updated server on the backup led to Messages not working again.  So I tried the steps I outlined above and they worked for my backup as well.


    I did not try this but another solution if this one doesn't do it for you might be to delete /Library/Server/Messages outright and force to recreate when starting the service.


    Hope this helps.

  • Michael Lake Level 2 (190 points)

    Erich, your solution of replacing the 'jabberd' directory with a backup worked wonders!


    I installed v2.2.1 last night and the Messages service immediately stopped working. After inspecting differences in the directory it looks like some of the SessionManager configurations got mangled by the update. I swapped directories and I'm back up and running. Thanks!

  • Michael Lake Level 2 (190 points)


    Okay, so that actually didn't quite fix the issue like I thought it did. While replacing the jabberd directory did allow me to log in and chat with others, the Rooms part of the service started throwing a TON of errors in the Console. I think my issue had to do with the fact that I have several domains listed in my jabber config, and something about the 2.2.1 update caused that list to get out of sync.


    After halting Messages, I replaced the 2.2.1 version of the jabberd directory, then using the command line, I reset jabber's domain list to be only my server's hostname: serveradmin settings jabber:hostsCommaDelimitedString = "". I then re-ran the command, but with my entire domain list, including the hostname up front (e.g., ",,"). I restarted Messages and everything seems to be working normally. Chat is up and running and the log files are clean.

  • Erich Wetzel Level 2 (320 points)

    Glad you got there.



  • essandess Level 1 (20 points)

    I believe that I'm having similar issues -- I can't even get jabber to start after the v2.2.2 upgrade. Would you please post what your jabberd condifuration directory looks like? Here's what I see:


    cd /Library/Server/Messages/Config/jabberd ; ls -l *.xml

    -rw-------  1 _jabber  wheel  25293 Sep 19 22:10 c2s.xml

    -rw-------  1 _jabber  wheel   1683 Sep 22  2012 router-filter.xml

    -rw-------  1 _jabber  wheel    267 Sep 19 21:43 router-users.xml

    -rw-------  1 _jabber  wheel   8329 Sep 19 22:10 router.xml

    -rw-------  1 _jabber  wheel  12336 Sep 19 21:43 s2s.xml

    -rw-------  1 _jabber  wheel  32648 Sep 19 22:10 sm.xml


    Any ideas how to clear out the jabberd plist/database configuration to start from scratch and get jabberd working again? I've tried


    sudo rm /private/var/run/jabberd/*.pid /Library/Server/Messages/Data/sqlite/jabberd2.db /Library/Preferences/


    I also tried removing the entire directory /Library/Server/Messages, but only the ./Data subdirectory is recreated -- and the ./Config directory is not.

  • essandess Level 1 (20 points)

    A fix is posted here.

  • essandess Level 1 (20 points)

    For the solution to OS X Server's related authentication problem to virtual jabber domains, see this post.

  • Hugligan Level 1 (0 points)

    Solved it for me!


    I saw that all my services were running on my updated host name "" except for Messages which was still on Computer.local.

    So i figured it was something wrong with the domain. I used this and it worked perfectly!



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