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There doesn't seem to be any consistency for how Time Machine recovery works with apps.  With some apps, like mail, if you're in mail when you enter Time Machine, you actually see your old (backed-up) versions of mail from which you can simply recover an email message.  I just upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion and Notes and Reminders are now their own apps.  If I open Time Machine with either Notes or Reminders on the screen, TM opens with a Finder window.  Is there any way to recover individual Notes or Reminders (as in mail) through TM?  Or, is there a way to recover an entire Notes database from TM?




MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    I also would like to know of a way to recover notes from TM. I'm still on Lion, however.


    Even when I go into TM and navigate to the Mail program and click on it, I get the separate window that opens up, showing the Mail icon, and a button to "Open Mail" but nothing happens when I click on it.


    I'm desperate to find this note... I have no idea when it was deleted off my phone and unfortuantely, I've been syncing my iPhone every day (overwriting back up files for who knows how long). I also hadn't been doing my TM back ups for a while (shame on me) so I may not even have the most recent version of my note but I need to try and find it someway!


    Thanks in advance!


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    Has anyone figured this out?  Time Machine is great...unless you need to actually get some data from it!

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    First run Time Machine to make a current backup of all your files.

    Next, make a backup of your current notes by mailing them to yourself. 

    Then backup Reminders using

         Reminders > File > Export...


    To restore Notes and Reminders from Time Machine:

    - Login to iCloud.com.

    - Notes.

    - Mail each note to yourself as a backup.

    - Quit iCloud.

    - Reminders > File > Export...

    - Turn off wi-fi.

    - Quit Notes.

    - Option-Go > Library > Containers .

    - Enter Time Machine.

    - Select a date.

    - Restore com.apple.notes .

    - Restore com.apple.reminders .

    - Start Notes.

    - Start Reminders.

    - Turn on wi-fi.