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Please consider releasing SoundDiver and other eMagic files as they once were available to dedicated users everywhere. Do you really need to be as bad as those other corporations? Erasing the past is not going to spur me to buy a new Apple computer. The decision to bury eMagic does nothing to help your sales and only tarnishes your image. Releasing the support files will show everyone where your spirit lies, and does nothing to interfere with the current market. I need the old files to support my old and irreplaceable sound equipment. You're just making yourselves look bad.

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    No one here but users.


    If you have a beef with a software company, best to send your comments directly to them or post on their web site.



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    The company I have a beef with is Apple. They buried eMagic and their software after buying them out and promising support and continuance which was never delivered. Logic still exists, for Mac only, but SoundDiver was given the deep six. There is no eMagic site still in existence. After Apple's betrayal, they quietly went out of business. The software was available on Apple's FTP server but Apple has taken that off line, probably after they found people were accessing it. I'm trying to appeal to anyone in the company who might still have a lick of sense. It isn't as if years-old software is going to compete with anything Apple is currently trying to sell. Since this site says "Apple Communities" with Apple's design and copyright all over it, I would assume someone from Apple does occasionally look the place over. If there are only users here, then this is not a support site, but merely a forum.

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    As the terms of use spells out - this is a user to user forum. Wether support happens or not is up to the users.


    Apple has repeatedly killed off  high profile software with a very large and vocal community of users. (eg Shake, Color, Final Cut Pro). The resulting hue and cry had no effect on Apple either.


    If you want to talk to Apple, send them emails directly.


    Good luck.