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I have Mountain Lion Server and I bound the Mac server with Active Directory Windows server, but when I go to Users in Server app on Mac I can't see the AD users and so I can't edit it. On Lion I have seen it.

Nothing help, update to 10.8.1, 10.8.2 even the newest update of Server app to 2.1.


Has anybody any Idea how can I see the AD users in Server app? I need it to change the Home folder, and thats only goes in Server app.



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    If the user account resides (is created) on the AD and you did not expand the AD schema with MCX fields, I doubt you can.

    I suppose the only way is by using the Windows AD tooling.

    Of course you also could try to rebind the Mac server with AD.

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    I try it to rebind but nothing happens.

    In all manual is, when I see the users (to time I can't - probably Apple's bug), then I need to go top advance menu in Server app to change the home folder. But I try it in Lion (it should go too) and only a error was the answer. I try augment users, but nothing works like in the apple manuals ...


    Have you try to change the home folder for AD users?

    How can I expand the AD schema and what is it, how it's work?



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    First things first! In order to successfully bind your servers, first make sure:

    • 1) DNS is working properly, forward AND reverse. All servers and workstations should use the same DNS server for internal resolving.
    • 2) Network time is OK, all servers and workstations are using the same time server. Remember: kerberos,which relies on correct time, is involved in binding.
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    I have DNS on AD server and is OK ant the time is OK too.

    The clients can log on clients machines, but I have wrong home folders.

    And this I need to change on Mac server with access to services too.

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    Hello, I having the same problem, just wondering if you ever got this resolve and if you did how?



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    Hi, after 2.2 update I see the AD users but I still have problems to make golden triangle where I can change home folders for apple users, that they are on mac.

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    are you using profile manager with it are you able to push profiles to the active directory users?


    thnx for replying.

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    No I don't used it now and I haven't tested it.

    I would like if I can give home folder to the AD users who work on macs.

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    you can no longer do this on a mac server as augmented records like that no longer work , there are changes to AD that can now make this happen

    why get mac users to access different homes ,

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    I know that there isn't more support for augmented users ....

    I tested  that the home folders where on AD server but there where some problems with permissions and authorisations, but it works.

    I would like to do it while mac beter works with owns data and permissions.