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  • peterpaulfromvenlo Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there folks! Have the same problem heer. Read about some Spotlight index thinner in the library folder to delete, but nothing helpen. I am  curious about what Apple had to say about this... And in what time

  • klickman Level 1 Level 1

    Same Problem with Time Machine...

    MBP late 2011, i7 2,5, 16GB RAM, Crucial M4 256GB.

  • X and ER Level 1 Level 1

    TimeMachine is extremely slow since updating OS X-Lion (10.7.5 (11G56) on a MacBook Pro) today (Sept. 22).

    Took 5 minutes tp prepare and then 15 minutes for the first GByte. Now stalling @1,5 GB since 5 minutes...

  • Doug Lockett Level 1 Level 1

    I can confirm what infinite vortex is saying about this issue. This is a problem with spotlight that is manifesting itself as a time machine issue.


    I was trying to create a fresh TM backup on a new external HD after a failure of my previous backup drive. I noticed that time machine was quoting several days to finish my new backup. This seemed very strange so I decided to invesitgate a bit on the forums here. I read in one thread that time machine and spotlight are related/reliant on one another. My spotlight appeared to be working just fine at that point, but I figured I would reindex spotlight to see if I could fix time machine. Now spotlight is quoting a 5 day estimation to complete the reindexing. yikes.


    So, something is clearly wrong with Spotlight in 10.7.5 and it's affecting or at least manifesting itself as a problem with Time Machine. I currently don't have a recent backup of my machine after my first backup failed, so I'm pretty dead in the water if something else goes wrong.... any workaround/fix for this slow spotlight/TM performance would be greatly appreciated. If I could somehow revert to 10.7.4 I would.... . Thoughts?

  • Michael Muench Level 1 Level 1

    This worked for me as well - I reverted to 10.7.4 via the original Lion installer to install 10.7 and then applying the 10.7.4 combo updater. Things appear to be back to normal, re-indexing Spotlight finished in the usual time and backups run as quickly as before updating to 10.7.5.

  • infinite vortex Level 7 Level 7

    If I could somehow revert to 10.7.4 I would.... . Thoughts?


    Unfortunately it really comes down to what you feel is the lesser of a number of evils. If 10.7.5 doesn't bring you anything inparticular on a bug fix, stability or other standpoint then the best option is really reverting back to 10.7.4. If you have a friend that has a 10.7.4, or earlier, installer then you might want to try sorting something out with them.


    Your other option is to go to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 but that isn't spectacular either and has its own issues.


    For those with a rMBP, 10.7.5 does come with bug fixes that stops you being constantly kicked out of your user directory and back to the login window. This is an important fix so I guess it's a choice between fixing that and dealing with a broken Spotlight and TM. As an owner if one I opted to go to 10.8.2 as I'm better able to deal with the problems there rather than a problematic WindowServer in 10.7.4 (special build for the rMBP) or a broken Spotlight/TM in 10.7.5.

  • ppithermo Level 1 Level 1

    The remark concerning spotlight aoursed my interest. I run now on a clone copy of my 10.7.5, I prepared using SuperDuper!. ( it is free to try but worth investing for the full version).

    decided to use spotless ( shareware) to simply stop the indexing altogether, rendering spotlight inactive.

    And I am making a totally new time machine backup.  I actually destroyed my timemachine backup thinking  I had a disk problem.


    Miracle.  The time machine seems to run at a normal speed.

    I got about 80GB of my  335GB in about 1.5 hours, on this macbook pro which is about 3 years of age, where I usually run an older system.  During the night a failry recent 13" indexed only 6GB overnight and was promising to complete the jobs in a few weeks....


    Let us hope that Apple fixes this sptolight issue shortly!!!

  • Larry Nolan Level 2 Level 2

    I've got a DVD with the 10.7.4 Installer on it and that's my fall back if the Spotlight/Time Machine issue isn't resolved in a reasonable time and way.  I started 10.7 at the 10.7.3 level and have the installer for that too in case the 10.7.4 installer isn't usable.


    Since Time Machine can't do backups right now for me, I have used Super Duper to create a backup of just the /User/ directory files onto a different external drive and will keep updating that till Time Machine is usable again or I revert to 10.7.4.  Crashplan has been running through all of this too, so I can't lose any user files.


    Right now Spotlight is saying that it needs 5 more hours to index my HD but it's been saying that for 3 hours.


    ppithermo ... let us know if your time machine backup compltes and you are able to restore a file from it.  Stoping Spotlight to get Time Machine to work could be a work around while Apple responds.

  • Tom Murray2 Level 4 Level 4
    Mac OS X

    Stuck on 72mb of 6g. Had to turn off TM.

  • Guy Mcmahan Level 1 Level 1

    Confirmed spotlight as problem. DL'd Spotless, completely disabled spotlight, deleted all index files, restarted and TM is flying through the backup. Will need only 2 hours for a 270gb backup..... via 2.0 USB! Apple needs to fix spotlight

  • ppithermo Level 1 Level 1


    I let a few time machine auto run

    then I restored my spotless down load nd kept bont files

    Works like a charm.

    this seem like a good temporary solution.


    my net step

    destroy all indexes and files generated py spotlight

    see if the indexing work, when starting from scratch.

    This will take a while cause Ia m busy at the moemtn and canot do it immediately

  • Tom Murray2 Level 4 Level 4
    Mac OS X

    Disabled Spotight, backed up 13.55 Gs in 10 minutes.

  • FatMac>MacPro Level 5 Level 5

    Tom Murray2 wrote:


    Disabled Spotight, backed up 13.55 Gs in 10 minutes.

    So what you're saying is that Spotlight isn't needed for Time Machine to work. Count me in on that. While I haven't tried TM on my test 10.7.5 partition, I turned if off in Snow Leopard, and have kept it off in Lion and Mountain Lion but TM still works quickly. EasyFind from the App Store is sufficient for all the searching I do and makes Spotlight irrelevant. Occasionally I will change a partition name to keep them all straight (there are eleven, not counting external drives), and forget to add it to Spotlight Privacy; the Mac will pretty much grind to a halt until I fix it.

  • beezedogg Level 1 Level 1

    Quick question. I have the same issue as described above with TM and spotlight. I've been putting off upgrading to Mountain Lion. Would that solve the issue also?

  • FatMac>MacPro Level 5 Level 5

    beezedogg wrote:


    Quick question. I have the same issue as described above with TM and spotlight. I've been putting off upgrading to Mountain Lion. Would that solve the issue also?

    On reflection, the Snow Leopard and Lion partitions are being Time Machined but the ML isn't so I can't say, and in any case, Spotlight would be turned off so I couldn't tell. But ML is a big jump with lots of features if you need them but if it was me, I wouldn't make the move just to fix the TM/Spotlight problem. I'd just turn off Spotlight and use something else for searching. Indeed, I have Automatic Backups turned off in TM; I know when I've made a change that needs backing up and then I run it manually. The whole point is to not have the Mac busy doing indexing or backing up or both when I'm trying to do something else. E.g., running a nested Virtual Machine is tough when the HD wants to index, too.

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