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Since i've upgraded my Iphone 4S to IOS 6, the bluetooth streaming music quality is much lower. It sounds fine, but 1 to 4-5 times the connection is lost in a song. It's just a break of 1 second or shorter, but it's really annoying and with IOS5 it worked fine.


I use the Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter to stream the music to my receiver.


When i stream with my MacBook Pro 13" 2012, i have the same problem. The qualtiy of the audio is really bad and when i place my hand on the right side of the MacBook the connection is completly gone. With other laptops the music sounds stable and with a much higher quality.


Is there anything i can do to fix this problem in on my Iphone and MacBook pro. As i said, the Wirless Speaker Adapter works fine with IOS5 and other laptops, so i don't think the problem is with the Speaker Adapter.



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    I have noticed that on my iPhone 4 with iOS6 that the Bluetooth streaming to my Ford Sync has many audio dropouts.  It is guaranteed to dropout if I try to do anything with the phone while streaming music.



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    Have the same problem with 4S and IOS 6

    Micro cuts on music every 1 or 2 minutes.

    The music receiver is a Belkin


    The quality of music is decrised after update.


    No hardware or software setup are possible. So the only way will be an IOS upgrade with bugs solutions.


    I opened a discussion here :

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    Same here i cant use my bluetooth normaly in ios6!!!

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    I can confirm this using iPad 3rd gen with Spotify and Nokia BT-610 bluetooth headphones. The issue for me is that the connection is not stable and seems to break for periods under 1/2 seconds. This does occur mostly when the spotify app is in the background or screen is turned off. It can usually be resolved with opening the Spotify app. The problem could be in the way IOS handles background audio playback through bluetooth?


    This issue didin't exist before updating to IOS 6.

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    After upgrading my iPhone 4 to iOS 6 my Sony Bluetooth headphones DP-BT216 are doing the same thing. Small cut outs 5 to 10 times a minute. There was not change to the phone or headphones other than the iOS 6 upgrade. Once the upgrade was completed the problem presented. For me it is so prevalent that it makes the wireless headphones totally unusable!

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    Ugh. It looks like I have this problem too. I hope there is a simple fix soon. The audio dropout is very distracting and makes the Bluetooth listening a non-option.

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    I posted in another thread that my iOS6 - upgraded iPhone4S had this problem streaming music to a Motorola S10-HD bluetooth headset.  1-2 times a minute there would be a 0.5-1sec dropout.  Very irritating. 


    Today, my iPhone5 arrived and I backed up the 4S and restored it to the iPhone5.  No dropouts.  music plays perfectly (as before).  Seems to be an upgrade issue as the iOS6 arrived on the iPhone5.


    My spouse is getting the 4S, but since she doesn't use it for music streaming, this won't be a problem.


    I hope Apple produces a fix soon for those of you with upgraded units.

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    I am having the same problem here with my 4s. Audio keeps dropping every minute or so.  I normally wouldn't make posts online but when it comes to music, I just have to say something. I hope others will post too and get this problem resolved ASAP.

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    same here, work on that, Apple. DID U HEAR ME, APPLE?

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    Just to remind people, you are not talking to Apple here since these are user to user forums.

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    Yes is true

    But please check the " I have this question too" near my question box. Maybe Apple people are not so  indifferent.


    @toodarkpark where we have to write, instead of phone, to Apple?

    Maybe we can all write there.

    Thank you

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    Similar with my iPhone 4 after upgrade to iOS 6. No audio drops but audio quality decreased significantly during BT streaming in my car. Interestingly for me it seems that especially the right channel seems to be slightly distorted, whereas the left channel still seems to be fine. I can remember similar problems from a very previous version of iOS but at least with iOS 5 everything was fine...

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    Same problem.  iPhone 4s, iOS6, Beats Wireless headphones.  It was pretty much invincible in iOS5, now it's crap.  Glad to hear it may not be a problem on iPhone 5.  As soon as Apple gives me permission to buy an iPhone 5 (starts selling unlocked in the US) maybe my problem will be solved.  Of course I'd be much happier if Apple fixed the problem instead of pretending it doesn't exist, which seems to be the norm.

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    I have the same issue: half a second drop every 60 to 120 seconds in music streaming via bluetooth since upgrading to IOS 6



    - iPhone 4S

    - Pioneer VSX-300 Receiver with AS-BT200 Bluetooth Adapter

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