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  • puish Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem music dropping out intermitently over bluetooth. Very, very annoying. Used to work perfectly on ios5.


    -iphone 4S ios6

    -Belkin bluetooth receiver


    If you have this problem please submit a post, I am sure Apple knows how to count

  • DaveBV Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem, since I upgraded the new iPad to iOS6, I experience music playback glitches.


    iPad iOS 6.0

    Bluetooth: JBL onbeat xtreme.


    I cannot use bluetooth playback anymore

  • ErikWTN Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list. I'm having the same problem with audio dropouts over bluetooth between a iphone 4s iOS 6 and a pioneer vsx-1020 reciever with an AS-BT100 bluetooth adapter. This is my first iphone that I just got last week and was pretty excited about being able to stream music to my stereo but the constant dropouts make it unusable.

  • michaelfromtoowoomba Level 1 Level 1


    iPad3 updated to iOS6, has trouble connecting to my NAD VISO1 Bluetooth speaker (have to turn iPad off, reboot, then re-pair with VISO1), then proceeds to drop out intermittently at least once every couple of minutes for a split second.

    Most annoying and really makes the bluetooth function unuseable at the moment.


    Let's hope Apple fixes this soon.

  • rahulrsawant Level 1 Level 1

    I use an iphone 4s with ios6 with a bose soundock 10. The music playback keeps cutting off in between like for a second or so when I stream a song. The problem appears 90% of time, but sometimes it just works fine, no cuttings at all. Also since my upgrade, sometimes there is trouble browsing over wifi, internet works fine on my blackberry and laptop but for some reason my iphone has issues opening pages, even though its in a proper wifi coverage.

  • MarkAlex2 Level 1 Level 1

    Try to disable WLAN when streaming music via Bluetooth.


    It seems this is at the moment the only solution for this problem (iOS 6.01)

  • Dennis_Bham Level 1 Level 1

    With iPad 3, IOS 6.0.1 and a Big Jambox, I have the same occasional 1/2 second dropouts when streaming music via WiFi from either Spotify  or TuneIn Radio.  I never have dropouts to the Big Jambox when playing music resident  on the iPad, only when streaming via WiFi.  No problems on iPhone 4 using IOS 5 or with an android cellphone on ICS using the same WiFi and Big Jambox.   This makes streaming via WiFi on IOS6 and sending it to a Bluetooth device useless.

  • Dennis_Bham Level 1 Level 1

    Wanted to add I can stream content via LTE and send to the Big Jambox with no dropouts whatsoever ... I only experience the dropouts on WiFi ...

  • StephenCPhotog Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem with Bluetooth and a logitech reciever plugged into my speaker system. I have upgraded to IOs 6.1 this mroning hoping that this would be solved. Not! Still get micto seconds drops while listening to music. Happens on my BT device as well as that of a mate. Other iPhones work fine. Mine is iPhone 4S.


    Come on Apple, give us a solution.

  • syaussi Level 1 Level 1

    I have a Bluetooth audio streaming problem too.  I've been putting up with it for months, and started looking into it today.  I saw a post about wifi searching interfering with the Bluetooth signal and tried dropping down to 4G on my iPhone 4S while continuing to stream my Sirius XM feed to my Bluetooth Headset.  No problems since doing this, and I was getting those 1/2 second lag outs at seemingly regular intervals while on the WIFI.  I don't understand why this would occur while you are connected to WIFI rather than while the handset is searching actively for a WIFI network to connect to.  I can't remember when this problem started...pretty sure it wasn't when I got the iPhone 4S, but was at some point (software update) after that.  Very frustrating, especially when I'm at home and have to use the WIFI network in order to talk to my apple TV and Pioneer receiver (although I don't use Bluetooth at home). Come on Apple, get this together.

  • Jswant Level 1 Level 1

    Apple has to know exactly what is going on, as an engineer myself working in technology development in wireless, I can assure you that this is more of a financial issue to them. My guess is that newer chipsets the wireless chipsets or WIFI/BT antenna are the issue, though perhaps a bandaid fix  through firmware or software might help to reduce the problem somewhat, lower level in wireless power setting or rescan timing. WIFI and Bluetooth can and do interfer with each other but good designs would not have allowed this to happen.


    I Also have the same streaming audio cut out issue there. I decided to do some testing to define this issue and find out what is actually going on.  As a Wireless engineer, I do have RF Test Equipment and also used it in tesing and have nailed down what I think is going on.


    It is an issue related to WIFI 2 Gig wireless. interference with Bluetooth which also operates at 2Gig wireless.


    Ipad 2 or newer have 2Gig and 5Gig WIFI

    Iphone 5 also has 2Gig and 5Gig WIFI


    Ipad 3 and Iphone 5 both impaced by audio dropouts when ONLY using 2 Gig WIFI streaming Bluetooth audio.

    Dropouts measured exactly every 2.03 min. and appears to correlate to Apple Ipad3 and Iphone 5 device WIFI rescan searching for new WIFI channels.


    Tests using WFI on 5Gig WIFO worked perfectly no problems were encounterd on Ipad 3 or Iphone 6


    No issues were found with Iphone 3GS or Iphone 4 even though these units only have 2Gig WIFI though they have have a different chipset.



    *** Tests using WFI on 5Gig WIFO worked perfectly no problems were encounterd.

    ***  2Gig WIFI and Bluetooth (also 2Gig) interference new chipsets impacted by RF Interference.


    Customers deserve better - Apple needs to do something to resolve this problem... suggest ALL contact and complain.  When I contacted APPLE got esculated to 3rd level manager, though all were polite, all were no at the technical level they need to be supporting the product.  None that I talked with had any idea or clue of what 5Gig WIFI was or even if the Ipad or Iphone had that capability. 2Gig or 5Gig WIFI they had no idea.


    Bluetooth device used for testing

    Logitec Bluetooh adapters (used 2)

    Generic Branded adapter (used 1)

    Paradigm Bluetooth adapter (used 1)


    My test devices were

    Asus RT66U / 2Gig & 5Gig WIFI bande both on air



    IOS6 Ipad 3 WIFI only using 2Gig and 5Gig bands

    IOS6 Iphone 5 / AT&T / WIFI using 2Gig and 5Gig bands

    IOS6 Iphong 4 /AT&T/ WIFI 2Gig

    IOS6 Iphone 3GS / AT&T / 2Gig Band


    Asus RT66U router using 2Gig & 5Gig radios tested with WPA2 / WPA / OPEN security settings

  • Jswant Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry for the typing errors...

    5Gig WIFI   (NOT 5Gig WIFO)  hate this netbook keypad

  • Travex Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone 4S streaming to Sena SMH-10R motorcycle bluetooth headset a complete disaster. Frequent, if not constant cutting out, skipping, and garbling. Pairing was perfect, operation is untenable.  In a word, useless.


    How many legitimate, quantifiable, and positive results do we ever see to "c'mon Apple"?   Not once in my experience.

    Bad on them. Worse on me because they have my money.

  • barbabali Level 1 Level 1

    This is not a solution when hearing music by Spotify ... coming from WLAN and sent to BT..... :-(

  • MarkAlex2 Level 1 Level 1

    I upgraded to IOS 7 and the streaming issues with Bluetooth (1 second dropouts while streaming under IOS 6) have disappeared.


    My configuration: Pioneer receiver with AS-BT200 bluetooth adapter.