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  • DeepFriedSouth Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Is there two differen rattling noises here? I've got a rattling noise in the top of the phone, and I can here it buzzing in the earpiece when the volume is to loud on the phone. Need to get an appointment for replacement.  Lots of issues with these early iPhone 5's.

  • jfkfc5 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    does anyone know if they will/can fix a loose sleep/wake button?

  • prak93 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    BATTERY RATTLE/THUD FIX (without opening it) - Apply pressure with the bottom of your palm to the left hand side of the screen where the battery is, keep pressing against the screen up and down on the left side of it, this will press the battery into the adhesive and will stick and wont move!!! (worked for me, dont know if its a permenant fix but it works!!!)



  • RobWoodman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Update: Went to the Apple store today, they replaced the phone because of the sleep/wake button being loose. No more rattle...

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    Nice. I'm copying this thread and showing to "genius" when I go back. 3rd trip. It took my investigative capabilities to get justice, I hope it pans out- I deserve an iPhone that doesn't have an annoying, unnatural rattle/ping and apple smug, idiot "geniuses" need to be shown what needs to happen. Unfortunate, but true in this case. I've been very civil about this.

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    i took my phone in today becasue of a rattling noise inside my phone by the sleep button.  The aapple store is great and the service is alwasy been perfect. I've dealt with Iphone 4 issues in the past and now my Iphone 5 is fixed. These guys are the real deal in California.

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    Just back from the local Apple Store. Indeed my phone had a loose battery however they did not have the means to repair instore so I now have a new iPhone 5.

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    i had the same problem. it was a loose battery.


    i follow this instruction and fixed it (no more sound):


  • zormy007 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    I had this same problem on my iPhone 5 and noticed it on launch day.  I called Apple technical support, shook the phone so they could hear it, and they immediately told me that is not normal.  They had me try a few things like the vibration switch, etc... but it was clearly a loose battery inside the device.


    Let me be clear by saying that most iPhones have a slight rattle in the camera lens area.  A slight rattle meaning if you tap your finger on the back of the phone you will hear it.


    This issue is more of a loose item inside the phone that you can audibly hear by shaking the phone and also feel the impact of the item hitting around the inside of the device.  In my case, it was a loose battery.


    The shipped me a new iPhone 5 via mail and I received it in 2 business days.  It came flawless, no scratches or noises or anything.  I packed up my old defective unit and shipped it back.  I hope you all have the same results as I did - very happy with how this was handled.



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    Just wanted to let you know...Yes - had the same problem on my 32 black.  It is an issue with the battery adhesive in the iPhone 5.  I purchased at Best Buy, but returned to the Apple Store.  They swapped the phone right away and are aware of the issue.  I was the second person at the store who had the same issue.  BTW replacement supplies are still EXTREMELY limited.

  • 1st apple iphone ***** Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem. I asked my coworker if they had the same problem with their iPhone 4S. No loose screws or anything wrong with their iPhone. Took my to apple. They told me that it the motor of the vibrator and that pretty much half of the phone they had were like that. Wow if I new the iPhone 5 was this bad I would had bought a Samsung galaxy. I guess apple is too busy spending $$$$$ on sueing their competitors and forgot about taking care of their costumer and product.  Wow i waited to upgrade for a downfall. :(

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    well, at least they told the truth, as in, not ALL of the iPhone 5s are like that. Bottom line, the vibration motor IS louder when tapping the back than any previous iPhones, but only on some (perhaps half)...this, combined with a possible loose sleep/wake button provides for a subtle, yet annoying ping when you pick it up, set it down.


    It's a problem, not all of them do it, and Apple should find a way to fix these.


    I understand they can't possibly replace all of them, as I suppose millions may do this, but the geniuses should be told to realize the difference in audible ping level between good and bad, apologize and do something about it!!! There is nothing more infuriating than being blatantly lied to, made to seem like you are making it up, and sent on your merry way. 

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    mine is VERY faint but it is rattling...does anybody think it will become worse as time goes on or do you think that the apple store will replace it even if it's very faint?

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    I'm having the same small, annoying rattle issue. I originally took it to Verizon and the guy seemed to have never heard of the issue, which now seeing all of the rattling problems, I find hard to believe. He basically told me I could get a replacement if I wanted but it would be a big hassle since it was fine operationally and the rattle was more annoying than anything. I quickly realized he was not going to be of much help so I went to my nearest Apple store in Keystone mall in Indianapolis. The greeter I explained my problem to got his iPhone 5 out and tapped on the top back of the iPhone and there was the same annoying rattling. He said most likely it was the vibration motor and there was nothing that could really be done about it. I also brought in my cord because one side that plugs into my iPhone looked as if it was corroding (!) and would only charge if plugged in one way. There is absolutely no possibility of water damage--it's been plugged into the same power strip in my room since I got it so it's a mystery to me how it was corroded. He said there were no power cords and that I would need to come back in a week. Well, when I was talking to a different Apple employee a few minutes later while purchasing my Apple Care Plus, I explained both problems and he did agree that Apple used a new vibration motor in this iPhone and that was likely the cause, but when I told him about my cord he quickly went in the back and got me a brand new cord! Moral of the story is make sure and get more than one opinion.


    PS - I checked all the 5s on display and they all rattled the same way and maybe even a little more loudly (which I attribute to being handled all day long and probably dropped on the table more than a few times).

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    I have something rattling in my iphone 5. When I do a speedtest on the wifi it's really slow. Then I shake the phone and the wifi test seems to get better. Then eventually the speed is normal for awhile the it gets slow again. But as soon as I shake the phone again during the test it gets better.  Anyone else having this problem too?  I'm thinking my wifi antenna cable is loose.

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