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  • Thom_D Level 4 (1,120 points)

    We all need to submit this on the feedback page.  Otherwise the programmers will never hear about it.  I don't know how many of them actually watch the forums, but unless they get official requests via the feedback page I don't think they can do anything about this.  But if thousands of us feedback bomb them on a topic they should get the hint that the user's are not happy with the user experience.


  • cocoacoder Level 1 (0 points)

    I want the old list view back in the App Store search please. The new one makes it impossible to view many results in one screen. And all those fancy previews eat up data and makes search horribly slow!


    It really shows things aren't the same after Steves departure.


    Fix it apple! Shame on you apple!


    Shame on you!

  • rob38 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok how come since I installed ios6 my App Store ***** fix or we all go android .

  • anilsudhakaran Level 4 (1,465 points)

    Nice try!! Now crawl back to your hole.

  • anilsudhakaran Level 4 (1,465 points)

    Are you on Meth?

  • cocoacoder Level 1 (0 points)


    How about you? :-)

  • woodmeister50 Level 5 (5,170 points)

    What is even more annoying, is when you get a result

    that is say 25 apps, if you go to check the details on

    say app 13 in the list, when you return, your all the way

    back at the first app and have to swipe, swipe, swipe....

    to get back to where you were.


    In general, the develpers took a very simple, logical

    app and made it clumsy and clunky.  Getting to the

    catagories list is an adventure as well and what you get

    depends if you went through "featured" or "charts"?


    It seems almost like the App Store app update was given

    to high school or college freshmen as a term project.

  • Littlesea Level 1 (0 points)

    Have the same problem too. Searching a keyword to find an app the screen remain grey. Please fix it!!

  • alexeyndru Level 1 (0 points)

    Search function doesn't even work in my case. No matter what I am searching for. Everytime I search I see no list, only one big white screen. I tried restarting the phone, restarting the app. No results. I own a 4S.

  • Xoomtell Level 1 (0 points)


    I totally agree. IOS 6 has made my iPhone 4 sluggish and slow. Especially when using appstore wich appart from being slow misses the listview in search. The new view in search is not good at all - especially on the iPhone because text and pictures are so small it is hard to see and one does not get the nice listview to see results. I certainly use appstore less after this upgrade. Besides from that and the missing google maps (!!!) I think my iPhone is much slower and more sluggish and stuttering in safari, writing text etc. i think all this is part of a big plan: making all iPhone 3 & 4 owners to go buy a brand new bigger and faster iPhone 5 wasting a lot of $ and hurting the environment even more. I do not want a new phone - i just want a better IOS that works better on iPhone 4....




  • Littlesea Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem.

    I tried and restore differsnt backups.

    With the one saved in august it works again.    .?????

    Thank you.

  • ayendesigns Level 1 (0 points)

    I got to #515 out of #4500, and took took too long in my gesture (from an exhausted thumb) and selected the entry. When I clicked Search at the top, I was back to #1. At a minimum, the  ### of ### at the bottom of the screen should be selectable to choose a current position!!

  • blewvelvet Level 1 (0 points)

    Sigh. It's just a big search problem.


    I think I might need carpal tunnel surgery if I have a search again and get a result greater than 200 next time.

    Should I send my medical bill to Apple?


    What was this programmer thinking at this point?


    I think that programmer/decision maker should be made to swipe through 1000 screens as punishment. THEN See how his/her thumb feels. Wouldn't you as a programmer...say "Hey..let me try my NEW feature out"


    Wouldn't you also have plenty of people WANTING to TEST your product before you release it?


    I think a lot of people in the U.S. and Greece right now could use some extra cash now testing for Apple. I'll bet they could find a few million people who could use the money! This could create a whole new economy.

  • dvasa Level 1 (60 points)

    perhaps this is why they just fired the iOS guy!

  • Radeon888 Level 1 (5 points)

    Speechless.. the lack of list view goes against even the basics of usability. I have completely stopped using App Store search because I cant sit there and thumb through 460 listings. Whoever approved this at apple is a F@@@@ing R@tard.... FIX THIS clowns!!!!!!!