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When I go to the App Store in iOS6 and do a SEARCH..there is no more LIST VIEW. One app takes up the whole screen and I have to swipe from right to left..which hurts my thumb... I feel the strain after 3 or 4 swipes.....and you have to swipe once per more scrolling up or down to scan the 200 found items.


Scrolling up and down was so much easier on the thumb.


This makes me NOT want to EVER search for apps.

  • intellectual1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    yes this is a new feature. Tim Cook decided that why we allow users to be able to search. Let's tell our customers what to get on appStore! I have owned every iphone and iOS 6 is the worst upgrade since the start.


    'Steve Jobs would have never allowed the release of stupid Apple Maps' But Tim Cook did.

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    If they want us to use certain apps..why have a result of 200?...because they know we will never swipe to the end?


    This tactic will not work. I will now try to find the app directly after I read about it. No more...searching for all weather apps..or searching for all whatever apps trying them out.


    The developers of apps must love this. NOT!

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    agree its not very user friendly now to be honest. swiping through tons of apps not a good thing. Is there any other external website for App store guide?

  • Indydrummer Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    you can get list view

    on the right side of screen look for the words "see all" and tap them

    this gives a list view of all

  • Indydrummer Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)

    that was in featured and charts, in search mode I can't find list mode yet

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    See all? Hmmmmm?


    Screen Shot 2012-09-21 at 2.03.50 PM.png

    I never browse in featured or charts. NEVER...Why would I? I search for what I want...not what other people think is popular. Most of what majority of people think is good is watered down or mediocre at best! Especially the music today. I still encode the best quality from CDs pre 2002 that have not been overcompressed or badly remixed.

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    Yes, quite frankly we were shocked to see ths change. Previously, an app #50 required an extra tap and a swipe to be found. Now it requires 49 swipes to be discovered. What chance does it have?

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    The search is broken, searching for "yelp" yields no results, the search seems to be case sensitive, e.g. "bitcoin" yields no results, "Bitcoin" does, search for "youtube" does not return any results either, its screwed up ;-(

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    Having the same problem on my iPad. Search doesn't work in iOS 6 from App Store

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    There is no list view in search in the iOS 6 AppStore. They need to fix this ASAP as not being able to view the search results in list format make searching for new apps slow, painful after so many swipes, and nearly impossible. Because after so many swipes it starts to lag and eventually crashes. But most of all it makes finding the apps you want extremely time consuming and hard as you have to swipe through apps that have nothing to do with what you are searching for. Here's an example...


    Say you want to find an app that can mark where oh park your car.


    On the iPhone using iOS 6. Go to the AppStore > Search (you know the little icon at the bottom that says search.) Now type in "Parking" and search for that.


    It brings up games... Ok this would be an issues except, you have to swipe through each game as opposed to looking at a list of apps and tapping on one that has a name that doesn't indicate it is a game. So now this causes you to end up swiping through 10 or 20 apps before finding even one app that has to do with what you are looking for.


    I'm telling Apple now. If I was a developer I would sue. This has made it very difficult and even discourages some people from searching for Apps. I personally gave up searching after shipping 200 times only to find 4 apps that had anything to do with what I actually was searching for. The old list view worked much better and was drastically more user-friendly. Now I don't even like to look for new Apps because I spend more time swiping through Apps that have nothing to do with what I want and less time reading about the ones I do. All because AppStore search menu doesn't have a List View.


    Fix this so it's more user friendly please and I can actually enjoy searching for new or random Apps in the search menu.

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    Exactly, it's driving me CRAZY!!!!!!


    Apple!!!! What's your problem? What are you thinking?

    It's too slow, too useless. I search because I know what I need. I don't need that stupid preview card.

  • KooLBLuE Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    This ios 6 update is just getting more pathetic by the minute. Apple there is a great phrase which you should know: "If it ain't broke then don't try to fix it"!


    What the **** were Apple thinking of with this ridiculous App Store redesign? I mean so many people use the App Store everyday and Search is a very important function, the list view was simple and perfect. Instead some idiots decide to make it a swipe from side to side design, making it so user unfriendly! Why? Along with the maps function, it kinda makes you wonder if secret Android fans were working to sabotage Apple's already great system.


    Apple I hope you are reading this. iOS6 has brought some terrible updates, the maps (I've changed my opinion on this, bring back Google Maps) and the App Store redesign is overshadowing any positives. Swallow your pride and give back the user experience which we loved and now miss!

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    The search should have the option to "View All" in list mode. This is definately broken. Apple, please fix this on your next release of IOS6.

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