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I'd like to start a discussion about the new iOS 6 Maps application.  Mainly I'd like to take comments from all Users about the quality of the App.  Since Apple doesn't have an App Store Page for Native apps where you can leave "feedback"  I'd like to make this tread the place.


This thread was spawnrf by the simple fact that the quality of this native App is extremely sub-par (in many user's opinions) and we need a place for the exect's at Apple to see how dissatisfied we really are.


In my opinion, this Maps App is at-best the quality of 2005 Google Maps.


Here are my big issues that Apple needs to quickly get (at the very least) up to par with Google Maps or Bing Maps:


  • Satallite imagry is horrible
  • 3d building outlines in "standard" mode
  • Needs "Street View"
  • Subway lines need to be overlaid on top of the map in any mode (currently they only show dots for the stations).  And plans of the stations and their exits need to show up (see Beijing in Google Maps for more detail)
  • Footprints of building that are up to my home city they still show the old baseball stadium and that was torn down over 3 years ago.
  • Include walking and transit directions.  Offering to integrate with a 3rd party App is a cop-out.


It seems like this App was design to be just used for Driving directions, which is the wrong idea when attempting your own maps application.


This is just a short list but my opinion of the most important things need to be updated.


Seriously Apple, you're compnay is worth over $100B.  Surely you can hire a small army to work on this and make it the best Maps App ever.


In the mean time, call this App a "Beta" and allow users to download the iOS 5 (and earlier) Maps App back on our phones.

This is truly a FAIL, and I think you know that now.


Thank you for you time.

iPhone 4, iOS 6
  • antkm1 Level 1 (10 points)

    You can see 400+ comments on's page for reference to how crazy the feedback has been in the interwebs... sers-around-the-world

  • William_Miller Level 1 (0 points)

    I second the request to bring back transit directions. Why not let give users the choice: the old Google Maps app, the new Apple Maps or both?

  • antkm1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Problem I have with using 3rd party apps in conjunction with the Maps App, usually Transit Apps are seperate from city to city, Walking directions has one app, Biking as another.  With so many apps for so many different purposes, that's just a worthless system.


    The Brilliance of Google Maps is that ALL the information is there.  You don't need any other App but one.  The one stop shop for Maps.  Why Apple strayed from this is beyond any logical thought.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,894 points)

    Read this extremely useful post by HuskieN, one of our fellow forum members:



    Apple is constantly working on improving their new Maps service, but until it reaches the level of finesse necessary to be usable, take a look at some alternatives.


    Bing Maps offers a very good maps service with Bird's Eye, a feature similar to Flyover. It's arguably better than Google Maps.


    You can use Google Maps by creating a shortcut to the Home Screen with help from the article below.


    MapQuest also has a very nice app available.


    Nokia Maps is another great service that you can add to your Home Screen via a web shortcut.


    Waze is another very well reviewed app.


    Here's an article detailing how to receive Public Transport directions.


    If you want a YouTube app, Google has made a very improved version available on the App Store.


    If you would like to send a suggestion to Apple, please go to or you can Report a Problem via the Maps app by tapping the bottom right.

  • Paul Herceg Level 1 (75 points)

    This is not the place to get "feedback" to Apple.  One must use the feedback link:

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    This may be the start of the end.  iOS 6 maps looks like something Microsoft would do.  It is slow, inaccurate, and missing critical features such as Streetview. Very, very bad.  Very arrogant of Apple to release this piece of crap.  Photo Stream is another disaster, in my opinion.  No control - just some halter shelter willy nilly distribution of photos.  And iPhoto for iOS is totally disconnected from iPhoto on the Mac.  What is it for?  Even Adobe coordinated their products.  The iPhone 5 may be slick, but I'm afraid Apple is toast.  Will take a while, like Microsoft, but all the signs of committee design, corporate bloat, and non support are there.  Sad.

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    I can't believe how unbelievably crazy it is to not be able to instantly see the transit directions the way I used to on Maps. 

    I resent being told to download a different app for something that used to be available at my fingertips.  The apps available don't even show the directions on a map!!

    Some people actually don't use cars to get around at all.  I RELY on the transit directions and I don't appreciate having to navigate through several more screens to get them.

    Please Change back to the old version!!

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    Are they trying KILL people with this app?   Inaccuracies aside, the UI is idiotic.   It's like they deliberately set out to make a UI that is distracting and disruptive for someone driving.   


    I need to see the next step of a route BEFORE the freaking phone decides its convienent but swiping to see the next direction step is idiotic and most of the time you end up swiping the map, sending it miles away from where you are. 


    And who chose the default zoom scaling?  It either zooms out and shows the whole city or zooms too close.   It's an absolute menance trying to zoom to a reasonable scale.


    And why is it so impossible for Apple to simply give us the option to see a LIST of the directions along a route?   Why do they think it's so cool to only show one step of a route at a time forcing us to swipe/tap through every freaking step just to see where we're going?   


    Here's a clue to Apple, fire the idiots who created this POS and look at how Google is doing it.  

  • antkm1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes I realized later there is a "Feedback" section.  I must be stupid because I couldn't find one for the life of me.  They hide that section pretty good.


    Well, I've done plenty of whining in the last 5 days about iOS 6 maps and I'm just about over with all but 3 key things at this point.


    • The geographical boundaries (water edges and lack of detail and accuracy) are hugely simplified (and sometimes non-existent) compared to Google Maps.  And in most cases even if you zoom in really close...somethings appear and some don't.  To me geographical data should be visible at all zoom levels.  And for god's-sake make the boundaries accurate.  They're using vector graphics for crying out loud, there's no excuse for simplifying these things.
    • The building outlines can only be viewed largely at a zoom levels that are unusable in most cases (it's better on the iPad but on the iPhone it's unusable).  Meaning you have to zoom in too far to actually see building outlines.  Not to mention the way it denotes types of zoning (i.e. hospital, University, governmental boundaries) are inaccurate as well.
    • Transit overlays on top of the maps.  It's great they they at least show transit stops on iOS 6 maps.  But not having the routes overlaid on the maps is a huge annoyance.  I could care less about Siri telling me which train route is the best and time tables.  Just give me the overlay transit system on the map and I can find my way.  In larger, more complex transit systems...showing the layouts of the stations and exit locations is also a huge advantage Google has over iOS Maps.  Check Beijing on Google Maps for a great example.


    Using 3rd Party Apps is totally counter intuitive to the Apple method of design (meaning the one-stop-shop).  If you want us to use 3rd party transit Apps, allow the Dev's to design "Plug-Ins" to the iOS Maps Apps, not the other way around.  If I have to switch to a separate App, It's a FAIL in my book and totally pointless.


    Being able to see multiple layers of information in a Mapping App is what made Google Maps so brilliant.


    Google had the vision to see maps as more than just for planning a trip from point A to B.  The ability to see all these layers of information allowed for an experience that was so much more than just navigation.  It became a tool for exploration and learning (in Google Earth there were Wikipedia links too).  With Street View you could quite literally tour the world (where available).  There are many more layers of information that made Google maps better (like names of buildings on College Campuses)...but you see my point.


    I'd have to say that is really the one reason why I hate iOS Maps.  And I guess I shouldn't really be surprised, because everything in this new App is typical Apple's MO.  Start Small and get better over time with generational improvements.


    That said though, I think the problem is that since Google has been at this for nearly 7+ years and is so flooded with data, people are used to that and we can't wait another 7 years for iOS Maps to catch up.  My guess is it won't take another 7 years...perhaps half that, but still that's a long time to wait for Apple to just get ON PAR with Google from now on.


    I understand that crowd-sourcing is a necessary evil to improve maps accuracy.  But if you look at my bullet-points above, most of I believe are THE KEY issues with iOS Maps are not something that necessarily needs crowd-sourcing to improve.  Just give me an accurate map with vital info.  Addresses and location accuracy will come.  We all agree even Google still has issues with that.


    Also solely relying on Yelp! for location services is a mistake.  They need multiple sources.  If I learned anything in school, it's that you need at least 3 sources for all information you present.  You need to cross-reference data for accuracy...triangulation of data if you will.  And Apple dropped the ball on that.  ****, all Apple had to do is go to the local visitor's center in any major city and get the free city map to see what the vital info is they need to show.


    Something needs to happen fast.  Or there will be a lot more articles about the deficiencies of this App.

  • antkm1 Level 1 (10 points)

    For all those who wonder, "What would Steve Jobs do?"....well, here it is.

  • IwantGoogleMapsBack Level 1 (0 points)

    I want to set google maps as default to my apps rather than Apple map because its map does not work in London. The train, tube, rail and bus stations do not show in a user friendly way. It has ruined many of my apps which need these sites to show accurate location, such as Rightmove, tube London, cycle hire etc. I need the option to use Google map as default. I was very surprised and then upset that Apple did not say before upgrading to IOS 6 that Google map would be replaced by one that only works in America.

  • antkm1 Level 1 (10 points)

    The only way to catch the ear of anyone at the company would be by two methods.


    1. Don't use iOS Maps and use either the crappy homescreen link to Google maps or some other mapping app that doesn't use iOS maps as it's underlay.
    2. Keep posting comments on threads and in the "Feedback" section of Apple's website.


    ITo recap, I personally think most people in the Pro-Apple press and frequently read blogs are missing the whole point of the Maps App, for several reasons.


    • Dispite they are vector-based graphics, the geographic information is sub par and too simplified.  They look pretty but are inaccurate and missing lots of key data, like paths/walks.
    • It appears they only designed the app for driving and dining purposes only.
    • Location names and places are sparce at many zoom views and are not logically selective.
    • For many, the lack of in-app transit overlays and views are inaccurate and transit lines are not present.  This should be a priority to get implemented, since a majority of people rely heavily on mass transit to navigate cities.
    • Google maps is now including Wikipedia links to key buildings and places and events in history, something every maps app should have.


    In all, Google maps are far more than just for navigation.  They are the ultimate form of the Apple MO of the interection of technology with the Liberal arts.  Google Maps is a learning tool as well as for navigation.  I've lost my self for hours just pouring over Google Maps, learning about places and building with Wikipedia Links, searching neighborhoods when I travel, etc.  And now that is all lost with this update.


    For a complany that has revolutionized the GUI, they sure have no clue when it comes to of the oldest forms of a Graphical User Interface, from a certain point of view.


    Additionally, I think it's pretty bad PR to NOT allow users to revert their OS's back to the previous version.  If we liked iOS 5 Maps better, we should be allowed to revert back to 5.1.1.


    If any hasn't seen what Google is doing with their maps currently, I strongly suggest you take a look to see what you're missing...if nothing more than to get Apple to realize how far behind they are with maps, search and just about any other service that relates to internet-base services.



    Apple made a huge mistake thinking they could out-Google Google with Maps and need constant reminders.  Sure I understand that some of the new Google Maps features were proportedly restricted from Apple in the API, but that's just between those the user (Apple's loyal customers) are the victims of a lover's quarrel, and we have to tell Apple we're sick of it.

  • antkm1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I forgot to add the most important link:

    This is what Apple doesn't get about Maps.  It's in the Mission statement of Google Maps.

  • siowmage Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Apple,


    I just want to share some of my thoughts.  I came from Malaysia and currently living in Singapore.  Maps is important for me and I'm familiar with places in both countries, well not all of them at least the one I knew I could tell the difference.


    For Singapore, residences names, block number or postal code helps us directly find the apartment we are looking for.  This is one important thing that is difference between Apple and Google Maps.  Appreciate if you could make that information available.


    For Malaysia, there are many new housing estate even Google did not record them.  Although Google runs a free contribution by user program, but often they reject what user contributed.  My cousin had a bad experience with them because they dont believe there is such road, he ended up taking photos with GPS coordinates and show Google team to prove there is such roads.


    Although Google map is not perfect, at least it allows to search anything like company name, office name, and etc not just exact road name.  Unlike Apple map only works with road name just like typical GPS devices.  These days many users recognize spot more than road names.


    So here is my idea.  Its ok if Apple maps is not complete or detail enough.  As long as you let me save my location everytime I go to an interesting place or at the spot I want to be located.  Then no matter where I go, I just select the point I'd saved to navigate, I would be able to go back to that place again.  Also very important that the location I saved must be able to share with my friends.  So that I can tell them where to find me or where to find those interesting places I've noted.


    I came from Malacca, Malaysia where the road sign system and road design is not that easy or friendly.  Also difficult for my Singaporean friends where they can't read malay road signs or road names.  So if I could share those location I identified and saved to them, they could find their ways to foods, restaurants, site seeing, hotels, homestay and etc. without my presence. 


    Also for user to travel within 2 countries or more, often our phones do not have data plan or full coverage.  It would be good also if our phone could cache up some maps on the surrounding of the spots we saved or our friends shared to us.  At least if we do not have internet and we are nearby to our destination spot, we could see some maps to tell exactly how near and how to get to the spot.  Sometimes if we could identified the road name or some building names, we can ask nearby peoples.  They would definately have better ideas than those afar.


    Apple could build up the details information on the map by all these saved and shared location in a pretty fast speed too.  Or another way is any search that can not be found with Apple Map software, at the backend, can Apple go to search Google Map and return some search results ? Make it seamless to Apple user, dont return with "No result found",  I would think Apple dont never come to Malaysia


    Hope Apple can improve on this especially on the share location for others to navigate.  I've seen many share location application but hasn't see I can make use of those shared location or saved them so far.  Maybe there is I dont know.


    Meanwhile, I'm thinking of downgrading my firmware to which I can still use Google Maps cause upgrading my iPhone 4 to iOS6 doesn't give me too much of benefits or difference anyway.  Most of the advance features is not available for me though.  Unlike iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 where iOS6 will benefits them better.

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