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How do I delete my Apple ID. I do not want them to store my credit card number.

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    According to Apple, once you estabish an account, IT CANNOT BE CANCELLED. Funny, they don't tell you that when you sign up.



    Dear Phil,


    I understand that you want to cancel your iTunes Store Account. I can appreciate your desire to have this resolved. My name is China and I will be happy to look into your case.


    Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot cancel any accounts. I apologized for the inconvenience this will cause you. However, at this time Apple is taking strides forward in advancing out security measures on iTunes Accounts. We are striving for a better customer experience as well as better account security going forward.


    With that being said, we ask for your patience on this matter as it is expected that the issue will be resolved soon, and we will be able to enable your account.


    Thank you for your patience. Apple wants your iTunes experience to be as enjoyable as possible.





    iTunes Store Customer Support

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    Changing Account Information:


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    y cant we just delete it?

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    @HowDoIQuit (Ms.china) ok i have been trying to log into my facetime account and ive created 8 different apple accounts to try to get it to work. its just not working for some strange reason. i have  the new MacBook Air. no i dont have an iphone 1,2,3,4,4s,5,ipad 1,2,3, ipod touch neither in black or white. ive tried everything that their is. could u help me or somebody please help me with my account

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    I'm not sure. But do you know the email of an apple representative? Trying to do the same thing.

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    Dear Sir / Madam


    I Gautam from India, I m having bit of problem when I m trying to Download any Game from iTunes, it ask for Password, but when I entered the password after some time message box on screen comes -

    "Improve Apple ID Security" -Enter you[?] and password, then tap Security Info and answer the questions (Options) - Cancel | Continue, n if I press again its asking for Password, then I entered the password again n again n again, still nothing new jus asking for iTunes Password

    could u pleae help me what I have to do, one of my friend suggested me to create new applie ID, but in my old ID I had entered my Card details so that can be safe.


    One more thing, if I login in Applie ID using my PC I can login.


    Plase revert me what I can do now


    should I create my new ID for Apple iTunes

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    Is so **** stupid that if you do not

    Have a valid credit card it wount let

    You change it it gets on my nerves

    Not been able to do nothing cause

    Of my billing informasion that dont

    Match, is dumb i created it my apple

    Id with no credit card in the first

    Place & now i cant remove it :(

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    okay so, on my laptop which is a hp elitebook if it matters, and i went on my apple ID and i changed it on there and then on my ipod touch which is a 4g it was stil my old one and I NEED to change it. how do I change it?



    Pleas write back soon1

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    Thank you for the insightful explanation, but I am also looking to delete my account completely due to the following reasons:

    - I do remember my Apple ID AND my password
    - I want to purchase movies from the iTunes store

    - iTunes does not trust that my password, account balance, and Apple ID are enough; so it won't let me download anything without answering my security questions

    - But I do NOT remember the answers to my security questions
    - iTunes won't let me reset the questions by rescue email for some UNKNOWN reason

    - I have been locked out a MILLION times for 8 hours at a time due too many attempts to reset

    - I finally get to the point of reseting my questions, but iTunes won't let me do that without providing MY BIRTH DATE; I DO remember my birth date, but iTunes' records disagree!

    - I am locked out once again, with a $10 account balance that I have been unable to use, increase or donate to the poor for months now

    - Trying to contact Apple/iTunes or whatever support is as much fun as a trip to the dentist


    So this is my last attempt, not to fix the issue, but to eradicate it =)
    Thanks for any help


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    I am also looking to delete my account as somebody keeps resetting my account so I keep having to change ID almost everyday so what kind of security do you have.  I think it's garbage that we are not able to close our account as somebody seems to keep hacking into my account.  What kind of security do you have here at APPLE i HAVE RESET MY ACCOUNT SO MANY TIMES IN THE LAST 2 DAYS IT IS NOT FUNNY.