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    But always remember: Apple doesn’t make market research to build a new product. They don’t ask the users. The Apple design team around Jony Ive and Bob Mansfield build what they think is the best.


    If Jony and Bob think, the yellow color tone is the best for the displays, you have to live with it ;-)

  • Jimrod76 Level 1 Level 1

    Sadly I don't think Jony or Bob want a yellow screen either - Jony in particular will want perfection and not some tint which people excuse as being "warmer" when in-fact it's just got too much green in relation to red, no way was it a choice. It's poor supplier control.


    There seem to be more issues with the iPhone 5 than any previous Apple phone in terms of QC (rather than design flaws like the antenna on the 4!). There is also no way Ive wanted the screen to sit proud as it does I'm sure - the thinner Izgo screens just didn't arrive in time so we were stuck with a screen that sticks out, when you look at the 5 from the side you can see they'd designed it to be flush with the edge bevels but couldn't do it. That's my opinion of course but I design hardware for a living and experience all the same issues...

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    Hi .. I bought a white iphone 5 from apple store Iowa for my wife to india in the last week of Dec.

    I bought a factory unlocked 16 gigs version.. It was just amazing ,perfect bright and crisp display. I was amazed with that and bought a same for myself from India !!! On start up i felt like something is wrong with the display or the brightness level it has. Dull and yellow display appeared on the new iphone 5 white which i bought for myself, i checked the settings and it was fine. To the worst i compared the same with my wife's iphone with the same settings and same wallpaper i was shocked to see the difference in both the products, they were way different in screen brightness and colour..

    I went to the apple service centre and got it replaced with a big difficulty and finally received a replacement for that.

    On receiving it i immediately switched it on with big positive hopes but find the same poor ,dull and yellow display.

    With no other options i sold it out and bought a new one from a different store and found a more pathetic yelllow display!!!

    I wanted a crisp ,bright apple display so i switched back to my iphone 4..



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    I was just comparing 2 iphone5, one16gb, the other 32gb. I realize the 32gbis yellower than the 16gb. Came online to check and stumble in this thread. I hope this is just a "glue" issue. The 16gb was bought in dec12, 32gbwas bought a few hours ago.

  • Jimrod76 Level 1 Level 1

    Ah well, I put up how to fix this but it's been moderated it seems. It's easy enough but I guess the support team don't like using certain methods to alter the UI, perhaps they can pass the message along to Apple to stop making yellow tinted screens for us then... Thanks.

  • icon707 Level 1 Level 1

    Jimrod76, I tested your advice and it worked perfectly. I made my iPod Touch 5G (Same display that the iPhone5 has) perfectly white! I set the color profile to a white level that is better than my white iPhone 4. Apple should just add color settings in the preferences. Then every user can set the iPhone/iPod to the desired (white) clear color. My yellowish iPod5 is now perfectly white!


    So the yellow cast is NOT a hardware related issue, you can easily change it with the correct settings.

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    hi Jimrod76,


    can you please give info on what tweak/app you used to correct for color / grayscale? I can provide my email if moderators won't allow such info.

  • Jimrod76 Level 1 Level 1

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  • freefallin Level 1 Level 1

    thanks Jimrod76,


    I found out that 'color profile' does 'band-aid' the problem, however, the over all value and richness are still sub-par compared to my iPhone 4...  on well, I just don't feel like going to the apple store and getting another one (refurbished one since it's 4 months old now) and getting another one in the same state if not worse.


    by the way, I used color profile on my iPad 3 as well as the iPhone 5 since it's colors and gray scale was also off.


    My iPhone 5 needed different adjustments than yours:


    1- iPhone 5 needed a different adjustment to the white level (Red &amp; Blue both needed to be reduced about 15% but green was left alone). I also needed to reduce the color temperature just a little bit.


    2- iPad 3 needed a completely different set of adjustments. Red down about 12%, blue down about 7%. once again green was left alone, and a slight decrease in color temp.


    I guess my point is that these displays are obviously all off by different amounts and the Apple's quality control is obviously not in control or just don't care.

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    ciao a tutti, conoscete una app per creare dei profili? mi spiego ho la necessità che in alcuni momenti il telefono deve suonare solo alla e-mail e messagi e solamente vibrare per le chiamate e altre volte il perfetto contrario, mi potete aiutare???

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    Where is this app "color profiles"? I don't see it anywhere on the App Store. I'd like to fix this blue screen tint issue I'm having with my iphone 5.

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    You make to read alittle more! Color profile is only in Cydia, which means you have to jailbreak first.

  • Fatal Animosity Level 1 Level 1

    Aha I missed that part of the reading. Thank you for replying :)

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    I am on my 4th one and the screen is HORRIBLE!!!!!! I took everyone so far to the apple store and compared it to the floor models and the floor models are perfect. Cool blue hue. My screen is so bright and yellow that it hurts my eyes. It has like a yellow haze. I am returning this one and reversing my upgrade until this is fixed and the quality control on these devices is terrible so I am contacting media to try and get some attention since Apple will not listen. Every single floor model in both white and black at the apple store has a gorgeous screen and every phone I have had is horrendous. I could never adjust to it.

  • LisaB40 Level 1 Level 1

    Also it is not a glue issue. That is a poor excuse, it is all in who manufacturers the parts because they use different suppliers. It is pick of the litter and it was the same issue with the 4S and you would think they would want to make customers happy and if they did quality control they would see this is a huge variation, not slight, that I can understand. The normal displays are gorgeous compared to the yellow hue displays, it is not a slight difference because if that was the case, I would deal with it.