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    You know the samsung drones posting here don't want to see that or any actual object facts...

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    modular747 wrote:


    No, your grotesque exaggerations, compulsive flaming  by by topic shifting, and your over-entitled view that anyone interfering with your agenda is a troll, defines you as a troll.




    Look whos talking

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,405 points)

    If you weren't so pathetic, I would try to explain the sarcasm, but it would be a complete waste of time.

  • Mr Extra Level 1 (0 points)

    modular747 wrote:


    If you weren't so pathetic, I would try to explain the sarcasm, but it would be a complete waste of time.


    Haha you're so angry

  • Russa Level 4 (1,315 points)

    Thnisis the same old epoxy glue drying issue. Apple will replace it after 14 days if you are not happy.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,405 points)

    Not angry. No need to be afraid. We're just laughing at you.

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    modular747 wrote:


    Not angry. No need to be afraid. We're just laughing at you.


    Simmer down, nerd

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    Hello to everybody.

    Just to add another iPhone 5 to the "yellow screen" list, I enclose my post.

    I was the happy user of an iPhone 4, bough on July 2010, then I gave it to my girlfriend for her birthday and yesterday I got the iPhone 5. With the iPhone 4 I have had a nice bright white screen since day one. With the iPhone 5 I have a yellow white, similar to the pages of a 40 years old book!

    Honestly I don't remember if the units on display at the Apple Store were as "yellow" as mine, but when I put it aside the iPhone 4 the difference is really big and also the sky and the clouds are yellow tinted. I don't think it will change over time, however I will wait a few days before returning it and I will keep you posted. Anyone returned it yet?

  • Esi Smith Level 1 (0 points)

    My brand new iPhone 5 is suffering from jaundice and I don't like it one bit. The so called great picture quality looks like a dated yellowing photograph.

  • JimmyJimmyYam Level 1 (5 points)

    I think there is merit in the view that the colour temp of the LCD screen changes over time, more so than the "it's the early batches / it's the resin drying" arguments. I also think that perception / getting used to it plays a big part also.


    When I moved from 3GS to 4 ~20 months ago (at which point the 4 had been out for several months), I found the screen noticeably yellower, now I find it quite blue-ish. Compared to my now road-worn 4, my new 5 again looks yellower, and I'm not worrying just yet.


    Equally, if I find myself thinking, "wow, that really IS yellow" in a few weeks time, I'll go back to the Apple store, and expect I'll find their customer service to be as good as ever (always buy direct!)


    I suggest enjoy your new gadget for a week or two and then worry about stuff like this.

  • Anthony Donnelly Level 2 (330 points)

    You make an interesting point about perception. I would be curious to know how many of the folks who feel that their iPhone 5 looks yellowish, have the black phone vs. those who have the white.


    The reason that I mention this, is that I own a white phone. When the phone is off, the body/bezel  looks quite white against the black screen.  But when I turn the phone on, the body/bezel looks somewhat creamier colored in comparison to the display, which I find somewhat blueish.


    The blueish tint would make sense following the findings of report/comparison I linked to in my previous post. They report the iPhone 5 display as "7461 degrees Kelvin, Somehwhat to Blue."  Which of course is not yellow-ish at all, except when compared to the 4S which is 7781 Kelvin, somehwat more blue than the iPhone 5. 321 Kelvin, when compared side by side is noticable.


    My Laptop, which I have set to change to a 6200 degrees Kelvin at night via the Flux utility, looks conciderably more yellow than my iPhone 5 at 7461 degrees Kelvin.  Playing with Flux, and going back and forth between 6500 Kelvin and 6200 Kelvin, i find that 6200 Kelvin looks significantly yellower.  But in actuallity, 62000 Kelvin is still fairly blue/white as well.  The color scale doesn't really begin to get yellow/white until about 5000 Kelvin.



    So I do have to wonder how much perception plays a role in the yellow appearance. 7461 Kelvin is actually a fairly blue/white.

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    I have a yellow tint to my iphone 5 as well. I've followed the advise of this thread and waited 1 week since I got my phone for the "glue" to dry but it's still there!


    So I took the phone to the Apple store and they agreed to change it for me not before they said they can't guarantee the new phone wont have a yellow tint. This was because it depends on the company that made the screen - really?! i'd thought they get made by one company to make things consistant and wont it be cheaper to make?


    Anyway, I exchanged it 3 times while i was in the store! On two occassion, there was blemishes on the phone and the other had a piece chipped off the antenna area. I asked the guy if these phones are new and he assured me they are and it's just the way they're made. Really?? - where has Apples quality control gone? Surely Steve Jobs wouldn't let his products leave his factory with imperfections like this. The guy at the store added that he can't guarantee the next box we open wouldn't have blemishes...i started laughing at the guy. What a joke.

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    I got my iphone 5 today, and it is YELLOW screen. I really dislike this phone as my iphone 4 is white and bright. On top of that my wifi is dead slow that it even cant load app store or in safari.


    got really bad piece!   I'm planning to return tomorrow if not satisfied with apple's answer.

  • joejoe7 Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPhone 5 screen is yellow compared to my iPhone 4 screen which seems to be blue (blueish). Then I compared iPhone 5 to my iPad 2 and my iPad 2 is even a little more yellow than my iPhone 5 screen.




    So for me it's not bad, and if you don't directly compare your device every day with your old iPhone 4 blue screen device it's hard to even notice... And don't do it, you get crazy and you end up spending months comparing comparing comparing... in the end the best thing is to forget about it and enjoy not knowing and not thinking :-)

    It's the same like in your home...if you start to look around and start notice stuff you normally forgot or normally don't notice you will get crazy   toooooo much information tooooo much detail and toooo much thinking is not good... you will end up looking for perfection but perfection is hard to reach and it will make you crazy :-)


    And actually I like the yellow screen because it's not that cold blue screen from iPhone 4.



    Btw: It also depends how you set up brightness on your device... just play around a bit, for me 80% brightness works best on iPhone 5.

  • Jimrod76 Level 1 (5 points)

    I think a big part of the problem for me (and my phone is definitely yellow tinted with proper measurements, not just in comparison) is that one of the "features" of the iPhone 5 was this amazing screen and 40% improved color depth. Well if the colors are all wrong then that means nothing and that "feature" isn't working as intended.


    Seems likely to me that it's models with the LG screen as my LG plasma displayed a similar tint until I calibrated it - sadly something I can't do with the phone. If the various manufacturers can't supply the same quality components then some people are getting short changed. I don't need to compare to other screens to see that whites are off and skin tones look sickly.

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