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With Logic Pro 9 on Mac OS 10.6 is was possible to work with the JazzFont (R. Sigler). Since I've updated my system on OS 10.7 (Lion), the noteheads and slants appeare on the wrong places.


In other applications (TextEdit) every character of any JazzFont appeares correctly.


I can't remember whether I've updated my Logic too, but I think, that the problem occured after the update of the OS.


However, my current system is: Mac OS 10.7.4, Logic Pro 9.1.7 and what I get looks like this



I would be very happy if there was a solution.
Best regards,

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Mcbook Pro i5 2.4 GHz
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    Don't have a solution, just a question or two... have you tried reinstalling the font and have you contacted the developer?

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    Run Logic in 32bit mode for printing?


    Jazz font.jpg




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    Hey CCTM,


    this looks good... but how do I do it??? - OK, I'll try to find out...


    Thank you!



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    OK, I started the computer holding down 3 and 2, then opened Logic - no change!


    I received an answer from r. sigler with a zip-file containing the latest jazz-fonts. I removed all "Jazz..." fonts from my system (library/fonts) and put these files in - no change!



    CCTM, how did you do it? Which version of logic and mac OS are you using?





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    papasonic wrote:


    OK, I started the computer holding down 3 and 2, then opened Logic - no change!


    This simply starts the OS in 32bit mode rather than 64: The OS can be in 64 bit mode. You need to start Logic in 32bit mode.


    In the Finder, select the Logic application and File:Get Info. Check the box to "Open in 32 bit mode".

    Restart Logic


    You should be good to go



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    Thank you CCTM,


    I opened the info-box an saw that the 32bit box has been checked all the time. When I leave it free I get notes without any heads (and no clefs...)


    Bildschirmfoto 2012-12-03 um 14.00.07.png


    this is how it looks like in 64bit-mode. When I switch back to 32bit, it's the same as before. When I create a new song its the same... Seems like some fonts are exchanged... When I choose a different notehead, all of the alternative noteheads work right - but not the normal ones - and not the breaks...


    begin is normal notehead                                   here it's alternative notehead...

    Bildschirmfoto 2012-12-03 um 14.12.09.png

                                  ...in the end it should be quarter break instead of the single notehead...


    Why does it run on you system? What's different?






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    Don't know what to tell you except that (with Logic 9.1.8, 32 bit mode) it works OK here on OSX.7.2, OSX.7.5, and OSX.8.2


    You might want to check your <User> Library for any Jazz fonts (remember that this Library is hidden by default, so use the Finder Go menu whilst holding down Option to get to the User Library), or try a different user account.




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    Hi CCTM,


    OK, where are the JAzz-Fonts supposed to be installed:


    in Startupdiisk/User/Library/Fonts

    or Startupdiisk/System/Library/Fonts

    or Startupdiisk/Library/Fonts


    I just realized I got the three of them...





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    OSX looks in all those places for fonts and such. The crucial thing is not to have duplicates, especially mixed versions. I suspect this is your problem.


    OSX looks (if I remember correctly) in this order:



    Startup Disk: Library

    System: Library


    One important difference is that the User Library is only accessible from that particular account.


    Just put your latest font version in Startup Disk:Library:Fonts, and make sure that there are no other copies in any of the other places.




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    Hello papasonic/CCTM,


    I am having the very same problem on my Mac Book Pro with latest Mountain Lion and latest Logic Pro 9 in 32-bit mode.

    I have made sure that fonts are in the folder specified by CCTM and that there are no duplicates anywhere - but to no avail. Still exactly the same problem as papasonic describes...

    @papasonic: have you managed to resolve the problem? I'd be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction if you've resolved it on your Mac,


    Many thanks for any hints.

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    Hello together,


    same as MMali with me: put all the fonts (The new ones I got from r.sigler) in startupdisk/library/fonts, no duplicates (except on the desktop where I placed the other versions), 32bit mode - same problem.


    I wiill now step through all of the versions of jazz font I can find... but as the problem started after the OS-update I don't think that this will change anything.


    A problem I have with some other fonts, too, is that the points of the german "Umlaute" are not shown in place on the screen - but they are correct on the printout an I have had this problem way before the jazzfont- problem occured.